Tales of the Dead Haunted Trail Announced for Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail 2023

by Mark Massarone


The tragedy of Sir Henry is a story one will not soon forget. The great Showman and his band of freaks were once the most famous, beloved troupe of their day. Following the brutal murder of Sir Henry’s Bride, they fell from grace due to the rumors and hearsay.

Many moons have passed, and a new legend has emerged. It is said that on Halloween night in his abandoned mansion, the phantom Sir Henry and his misfits come back from the grave to hunt the bride’s killer.

Trick, or treat? Find out for yourself as you venture into Sir Henry’s former home. But beware…it’s best not to be caught with blood on your hands, even if it is part of your costume – they cannot tell the difference, and are mad with revenge.

Tickets on sale very soon! www.sirhenryshauntedtrail.com

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