Wicked Waters Announced for Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail 2023

by Mark Massarone


The manic witch Griselda haunts the desolate swamp on the outskirts of town. Desperate for more power, she is in search of the lost staff of Beatrice hidden in the depths of the swamp.

Legend has it that if found and a secret ritual performed, it would bring back from the dead the most powerful witch known, Beatrice. Griselda, armed with an ancient scroll, finds the staff and performs the dark ritual, which requires human sacrifice and her own blood.

Beatrice returns to her full strength and vows to terrorize those who entrapped her. She opens the whole swamp and raises all the dead bodies hidden underneath the bog. Ancient beings of death now roam the land, wreaking havoc on the town. But this is only the beginning, will you survive the witching season? www.sirhenryshauntedtrail.com

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