Guide to Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail 2023

by Mark Massarone

Welcome to our Guide to Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail 2023 in Plant City. This will provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy your night(s)!


Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail is an outdoor haunted attraction located in Plant City in the heart of Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Founded in 2014, the 501(c)3 operates as a Halloween haunt, as well as holding haunted mazes for fans to visit during the Christmas and Valentine’s Day seasons. The I4 Fear Park has celebrated a storied past, with many prior seasons covering many different stories, as well as having a book series based on their characters. View the in-depth haunted attraction history here

They feature multiple interactive horror trails, escape games, and laser tag and NEW for 2023 a haunted hayride. They also offer roaming scare actors, axe throwing, delicious food vendors, and diverse merchandise. They proudly served as a filming location for the WWE, South Ridge Films, and Black Dog Filmz.

All customers can enjoy free parking and a uniquely immersive experience with their hand-built haunted houses. For guests’ comfort, it’s recommended to wear closed toe shoes that you do not mind getting dirty, bug spray, and rain protection gear (umbrella, raincoat, or poncho).

They make numerous donations throughout the year to various causes and when you buy a ticket, your money is funneled back into creating new and amazing experiences, season after season. 


Located in Plant City, exit 22 of I-4 from either side! 

  • Coming from Orlando: a minimum of an hour long drive
  • Coming from Tampa: a minimum of 30 minutes’ drive
  • Please anticipate traffic, a line to park, and a line to check in for your ticket’s time slot to avoid missing out on the experiences we offer.

2837 South Frontage Road, Plant City, FL 335662

Free self-parking is available on site!


SH - 2023 Calendar

September Dates

  • Sept. 29–30

October Dates

  • Oct. 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29

November Dates

  • Nov. 3–4

Our 10th Season & Accessibility

Since it is sometimes difficult to see every bit of the trails due to limitations, Sir Henry’s wants to provide unique opportunities for differently abled guests:

  1. One out of three tractors for the haunted hayride that is wheelchair/mobility accessible for easy on/off loading.
  2. Accessibility night in September that will be less crowded and easier to accommodate physical or emotional special needs guests. It will allow a relaxed time period to enjoy the haunt at a heavily discounted price. The date of this event will be around the third full week of September 2023 and those who fill out the form will be given this information so that they can mark their calendars. CLICK HERE to apply to be part of this monumental event! Deadline to register: September 10th, 2023.
  3. A discount to our differently abled friends, if they cannot make it to our September accessibility night. CLICK HERE for more information! Deadline to register for a special discount: October 31st, 2023.

Tickets must be purchased online in advance for the 2023 season. No Refunds!

Cancellation Policy: An event can only be canceled by the venue and/or event organizer. If the venue or event organizer cancels an event, you will be refunded within 4 business days of the event date for your purchase.

Please note that you may not enter the gates until your time slot opens.

Multiple ticket type purchases are not necessary. Please only select one ‘type’ of ticket. (i.e. purchase either General or VIP not both)

The most cost-effective way to experience the hayride multiple times this season is with our Season Pass.

General Admission (Sep. 29-30, Oct. 8, 15):
$27.00 per person + $2.99 fee.
General Admission (Oct. 6-7, 13-14, 20-22, 27-29, Nov. 3-4):
$32.00 per person + $2.99 fee.

One admission to each of our haunted trails (3). Hayride is NOT INCLUDED with this ticket.

All Access Ticket (Sep. 29-30, Oct. 8, 15):
$42.00 per person + $2.99 fee.
All Access Ticket (Oct. 6-7, 13-14, 20-22, 27-29, Nov. 3-4):
$47.00 per person + $2.99 fee.

This ticket includes 1 admission to each haunted trail (3) and admission to the haunted hayride.

VIP Ticket (Sep. 29-30, Oct. 8, 15):
$57.00 per person + $2.99 fee.
VIP Ticket (Oct. 6-7, 13-14, 20-22, 27-29, Nov. 3-4):
$62.00 per person + $2.99 fee.

This ticket includes 1 front of the line entry to each attraction (3 haunted trails an haunted hayride). This ticket allows for unlimited entries into the general admission line for each haunted trail (3). Does NOT include unlimited entries for haunted hayride.

Season Pass (All Dates):
$125.00 per person + $3.99 fee.

The season pass let’s you attend up to every night of the event. It includes 1 front of the line access to each attraction (3 haunted trails and haunted hayride). This ticket allows for unlimited entries into the general admission line for each haunted trail (3). Does NOT include unlimited entries for haunted hayride. Enjoy a 10% off discount in our swag shop also! Customer must come to the ticket booth each night of attendance to verify I.D and to get nightly wristband.


3 Minute Escape Games:
$5/person. Tickets purchased on site in swag shop.

Axe Throwing:
$5/person for 9 throws. Tickets purchased on site in the swag shop.



Sir Henry's Moonlight Massacre 2023Deep in the heart of the forsaken town of Boggy Meadow, a creaky old house stands as a grim reminder of the horrors that unfolded within its walls. As the story goes, a sheep farmer named Thomas, had been driven to the brink of despair by three consecutive failed sheep markets. A mysterious figure named Beatrice, disguised as an old hag soon appeared and promised him endless fortune. Beatrice lured Thomas into a sinister pact, mentioning a dreaded “curse of the moon” in passing.

Initially, it seemed as though fortune smiled upon Thomas and his loved ones. But with the arrival of the first full moon, a malevolent transformation consumed Thomas—a primal beast, a wolf driven by insatiable rage. In a frenzy of bloodlust, Thomas unleashed unspeakable horrors upon his own family, staining the walls of their once-happy home with a crimson trail. As the cycles of the full moon persisted, the curse unleashed its wrath upon the unsuspecting town of Boggy Meadow. The residents, one by one, became victims of Thomas’s monstrous fury.

Has Beatrice at last destroyed the town of Boggy Meadow?


Sir Henry's Wicked Waters 2023The manic witch Griselda haunts the desolate swamp on the outskirts of town. Desperate for more power, she is in search of the lost staff of Beatrice hidden in the depths of the swamp.

Legend has it that if found and a secret ritual performed, it would bring back from the dead the most powerful witch known, Beatrice. Griselda, armed with an ancient scroll, finds the staff and performs the dark ritual, which requires human sacrifice and her own blood.

Beatrice returns to her full strength and vows to terrorize those who entrapped her. She opens the whole swamp and raises all the dead bodies hidden underneath the bog. Ancient beings of death now roam the land, wreaking havoc on the town. But this is only the beginning, will you survive the witching season?


Sir Henry's Tales of the Dead 2023The tragedy of Sir Henry is a story one will not soon forget. The great Showman and his band of freaks were once the most famous, beloved troupe of their day. Following the brutal murder of Sir Henry’s Bride, they fell from grace due to the rumors and hearsay.

Many moons have passed, and a new legend has emerged. It is said that on Halloween night in his abandoned mansion, the phantom Sir Henry and his misfits come back from the grave to hunt the bride’s killer.

Trick, or treat? Find out for yourself as you venture into Sir Henry’s former home. But beware…it’s best not to be caught with blood on your hands, even if it is part of your costume – they cannot tell the difference and are mad with revenge.



Sir Henry's Hayride 2023Take a ride deep into woods and discover the ancient legends of Halloween. But watch out for the evil witch Beatrice as she looks to curse any trespassers to her woods.


Here is our UNOFFICIAL map for Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail.

SH - Event Map 2023


Sir Henry's Haunted Tales Book


Based on the creations of Zach Glaros, the first installment of our book series details the backstories of our landmark characters, such as Sir Henry, Pyrum, Poppy, Vex, Kane, Darla, and more. Whether you are a long time fan, or this is your first visit, this book is a great guide to Boggy Meadow’s history and is a great novella to welcome you to this fictional universe. An easy read. Rated PG13 – Parental screening of the material suggested due to scary themes and violent image descriptions. – PURCHASE HERE


The sequel to our first book furthers the character development of our main personas of Sir Henry’s universe. Questions you may have had from the first book are detailed here, as well as new stories that will grab your attention and never let go. We are also introduced to the origin stories of common area favorites, such as Mister Peebles, Fred, the Elves, and the Storyteller! A longer read – Rated PG13 – Parental screening of the material suggested due to horror and violence. – PURCHASE HERE




  • Tickets must be purchased online prior to attending.

  • Closed toe shoes are highly recommended for walking the trail. The ground is very uneven, so please use caution when traveling the trails.

  • Strobe lights are in use.

  • The trails are designed to be frightening. Some material and scenes might not be appropriate for children under 12 years of age.

  • There are emergency exits if you get to scared and want to leave.

  • Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail is  not recommended for people with heart problems, pregnant women, people prone to seizures, or any other affliction made worse by fear, anxiety, or flashing lights.

  • We pulse all of our trails and send groups of 6 people or less through at a time 

  • Cell phone use, cell phone flashlights, and video recording is NOT permitted on the trail. Guests will be removed from trails if caught performing these actions.

  • The trails are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, however please be advised that because we are outdoors, the terrain is very rough to push a wheelchair through.

  • It is recommended you purchase an early in the evening ticket to be able to get the best experience and see all that we have to offer at the general admission price. We also recommend our front of the line pass, our season passes, or coming multiple nights in order to see all that we have to offer. We do not offer refunds or return tickets, should you not be able to complete all three trails and our common area offerings in the span of one evening.  

SH - 10th Anniversary Logo

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