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The HHN Legacy – Halloween Horror Nights has become more terrifying than ever imagined possible. No other Halloween Haunt presents so many immersive new environments and uniquely original characters, year after year. The sheer scope of the spectacle, combined with movie-quality settings, costumes and special effects, make Halloween Horror Nights the nation’s premier annual Halloween event. We invite you to discover it’s origins, explore the event’s growth over the years, and face the iconic images of the recent past.

ORIGINS: 1991-1995

Fright Nights emerged in 1991, a 3-night event. Like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, it was stitched together, born from Classic Tales of Terror, Known Nightmares and Legends of the Macabre. It’s power grew as it became more horrifying and was ultimately renamed Halloween Horror Nights in 1992. A growing legion of dedicated fans returned year after year, and by 1995 it had personality all its own.

Origins - Rat LadyOrigins - Monster RoamOrigins - Thunder DomeOrigins - RobosaurusOrigins - Bill & TedOrigins - A New NameOrigins - PsychoOrigins - Roaches EverywhereOrigins - Chainsaw Drill TeamOrigins - Scare-ActorsOrigins - BoneyardOrigins - Step Right Up

EARLY YEARS: 1996-2000

Early Years - Early Years

Halloween Horror Nights tested its limits in search of its true power and ability to terrify guests. Parades were launched, Haunted mazes emerged, Street shows were introduced.

Its twisted values were taking shape. Like a disturbed experiment gone horribly wrong, it searched for its identity and attempted several themes.

Then in 2000, the event uncovered its true identity – Jack the Clown.

Early Years - House of HorrorEarly Years - Hotel HellEarly Years - SS FrightanicEarly Years - 1st 3D HouseEarly Years - Jack AttacksEarly Years - Jack-In-A-BoxEarly Years - Jack's Home

EXPANSIONS: 2001-2005

Expansion - RUN

As Halloween Horror Nights evolved into the feared face of true terror, unique styles of haunted house design began emerging.

More detailed and cryptic creatures appeared. In 2002 found virgin soil at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and evolved further to span both parks in 2004.

It wasn’t long before 2005 welcomed the horror fest that culminated all of its elements in Terra Cruentas, a world of blood.

Expansion - Scary TalesExpansion - Grave New WorldExpansion - Population ExplosionExpansion - ThirteenExpansion - Psycho-ScarepyExpansion - Parade ReturnsExpansion - Castle VampyrExpansion - HHN WebsiteExpansion - One WorldExpansion - Terra QueenExpansion - Body Collectors

ICONIC YEARS: 2006-2010

Halloween Horror Nights matured and iconic images emerged.

The era began when characters became the face of the event. Jack, The Caretaker, The Storyteller and The Director came together to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen return to Universal Studios, And in 2009 Universal’s Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman were Ripped from the Silver Screen as The Usher greeted each guest.

Iconic Years - LagoonIconic Years - Horror Comes HomeIconic Years - ModelsIconic Years - ModelsIconic Years - Carnival of CarnageIconic Years - Terrible ThreesIconic Years - The ThingIconic Years - Sounds of HorrorIconic Years - Rocky HorrorIconic Years - Web PuzzlesIconic Years - More CharactersIconic Years - Reflections of Fear


Characters - Jack the Clown

Halloween Horror Nights is renowned for creating terrifying original creatures.

Where some clowns make you laugh, ours make you shriek. When most fairy tales are bedtime stories, ours keep you awake. Where the dead should rest in peace, ours linger and torment.

Those chainsaws you hear aren’t used to cut wood. You may tell yourself it’s only a nightmare…all of the screams are real.

Characters - CaretakerCharacters - The DirectorCharacters - The StorytellerCharacters - Main FourCharacters - The UsherCharacters - Freddy, Jason, LeatherfaceCharacters - JasonCharacters - FreddyCharacters - Jack the ClownCharacters -Characters -Characters -Characters - Scare-ActorsCharacters - Scary TalesCharacters - Scary TalesCharacters - KnightmareCharacters - The Projectionist


It seeps like a thick fog into the streets. It pours over the looming shadows. It’s presence lurks in the darkness…waiting. What appears to be an abandoned asylum is anything but abandoned. The owners of that decrepit mansion may be dead, but they most certainly haven’t left.

Step foot inside Halloween Horror Nights and you’ll see that reality has taken an unexpected turn. things here are not quite what they seem – they’re much worse.

Environments - Terra CruentusEnvironments - Harvest of the SoulsEnvironments - Harvest of the SoulsEnvironments - Scream HouseEnvironments - Scream HouseEnvironments - People Under the StairsEnvironments - Ghost TownEnvironments - Body CollectorsEnvironments - PsychoscarepyEnvironments - Texas ChainsawEnvironments - Elm Street
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