September 23, 2020

About Us

As a horror fan, I’ve enjoyed Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort since 2002. It wasn’t until 2006 that Horror Night Nightmares started to become a reality.

Being part of the Halloween Horror Nights community then known as HHNHQ, later becoming what we knew as HHNVault. An idea came up from a member known as Spendusworks.
His idea was to film at Halloween Horror Nights XVI: Sweet 16 and create a fan-based documentary containing interviews with Scare Actors and Staff that worked the event that year.

This was the inspiration that gave me an idea to take a camcorder, then just a standard definition miniDV and shoot some video and create a DVD. Not to compete and take away from what became a fantastic documentary about Halloween Horror Nights, we just wanted to capture the event from a point-of-view perspective, from the shows to the scarezones.

In July of 2007, the video that was shot was all edited and a DVD was created featuring all the shows and scare zones from 2006 along with a complete menu system. I needed a way to distribute the DVD rather than advertising on forums, thus Horror Night Nightmares was launched on July 10th, 2007.

Leading up to Halloween Horror Nights XVII: Carnival of Carnage, members were creating teaser trailers to the movie houses that were planned for 2007, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dead Silence. In August of 2007, Horror Night Nightmares became more of a website that contained information about all fan-created DVDs and Videos.

In May of 2008, Horror Night Nightmares continued to grow as we added photo gallery’s from Halloween Horror Nights XVI and XVII, streaming videos that were part of our 2006 DVD and videos shot in 2007 featuring the Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute.

It wasn’t until the end of October 2008 that Horror Night Nightmares officially launched the forums, running Invision Power Board 2.3.

In July of 2009 saw yet another transformation of growth. Horror Night Nightmares re-launched the website which now featured news about Halloween Horror Nights and contained a small history of Halloween Horror Nights XII (2002) thru XIX (2009). 2009 was also the year you were able to become a “fan” of Horror Night Nightmares on Facebook.

The website was taken down after about 6 months of operation as we wanted to solely concentrate on building the Horror Night Nightmares forums and build a member base. In January of 2010 Lazaro Gomez (Sinister) created the very first Horror Night Nightmares T-Shirt, the shirt went on sale in February 2010 and could be seen all around Halloween Horror Nights XX!

It wasn’t until December of 2010 that Horror Night Nightmares returned with the website that featured the complete history of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando, after the demise of HHNVault in April of 2010.

Horror Night Nightmares will continue to grow as we’re always coming up with new ways to Feed YOUR Fear!

To all the haunt fans and haunt sites that paved the way, from the staff at Horror Night Nightmares – Thank you for the continued support, and happy haunting!

Mark Massarone
Founder of Horror Night Nightmares
HHN: Orlando Attendee: 2002 – 2018  

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