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Urban Legend: Sasquatch 


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Urban Legend: Sasquatch 




Concept & Story by Joshua Malone



(The Read of the treatment is best enjoyed if read along with listening to these videos simultaneously) 





About an hour drive outside of Spokane, Washington there is an idyllic lodge located at the base of Laemmle Mountain. The lodge, known as Grand Cedar Lodge, sits next to a picturesque lake, and has acres of space where people flock to camp to “get away from it all.” Behind it sits the majestic Laemmle Mountain where there are miles of hiking trails (both clearly marked and some that wander a bit off the beaten path,) and incredible game that bring in hunters from all across the world. With its seasonal snow-capped peak, lush dense forests, and prized fish and game it’s easy to see why so many people have made this the number one destination for a retreat since it’s opening in 1955.


But for the last few years attendance to the lodge has been declining. In previous interviews the owners of the lodge, Samuel and Martha Buckner, have just chalked it up to “Well, that’s just the world we live in now. Nobody wants to go camping anymore. Nobody wants to “get away from it all.” They want to stay connected with their gadgets and technology.”

But the surrounding townsfolk know better. In the last three years over thirty people have gone missing, and last year all but put the proverbial nail in the coffin for the great lodge when five young college co-eds were found horribly mangled deep within the forest. A sixth member of the group had gone missing, and after a week of searching she eventually turned up.

Bethany Francis was found in a cave in the forest ten miles from the lodge. She was dehydrated, and had several server lacerations and broken bones she had managed to mend crudely which kept her alive just long enough for help to arrive. She was quickly medevac’d to the nearest hospital. The medical team reported that in the chopper she kept muttering a single word in her sleep: Sasquatch.


Since the first disappearance rumors had been circling about a large monster in the woods, but nothing had ever been confirmed. Nobody had ever seen anything. All there were to go off of was ancient Native American legend and the fact that late at night campers would report hearing something making horrific bellows deep within the forest. But after the latest incident there is no hiding it. Some kind of creature really was living in Laemmle Mountain and it was killing anybody who dared to venture there.


The Buckners weren’t entirely sure what this creature was but it needed to be taken care of. They honestly didn’t think it was really a “Big Foot” monster, but it was something. They could even hear the creature’s roars at night, and since there haven’t been guests in months it seems like whatever it was… it was getting more brazen and coming closer and closer to the lodge and not just hiding out in the forest.

After their last talk Washington Fish and Game, where they refused to help locate this creature, Martha Buckner had an idea- a reward for any hunter who was willing to track down this creature, whatever it was, and kill it. Not only would the hunter be able to get the prestige and the trophy of a lifetime, but the Buckner’s would offer a $50,000 reward upon its death.


Word of this spread like wildfire, and soon the lodge was packed with the most visitors it had had since this all began. Hunters from all over the world had come to locate, trap, and kill this blood thirsty creature. Some wanted the reward. Others just simply wanted their favorite get away resort back. There were even a good number of people who even made the trip just to watch, like this was some kind of “end all” sporting event. Little did they know… that’s exactly what this would be.

The first bloodcurdling screams of hunters came during the sunset on the first night of the “Laemmle Monster Hunt.” A group of hunters hadn’t even gone a mile in to the forest, and they were never seen again. All that was found was blood soaked trees and a camping site that looked like a pack of bears had torn through it. But everybody knew this wasn’t bears after they found a single footprint in the mud. A large footprint that looked like it had been left by something half man and half beast.

This monsters territory had indeed grown because of the lack of visitors, and it was not about to retreat back in to hiding now. Especially not when there was so much east prey around…




You and your friends have traveled to Laemmle Mountain to spectate this great hunt! You’ve packed your camping gear, your drinks, and are ready enjoy the scenery and be on the front end of what will surely be one of the greatest hunts in American history.

Your group ran a little behind schedule in leaving, and you’re already a day behind when you finally arrive and the sun has set and night is quickly invading. But as you come over the hill and see the lodge nestled between the lake and the forest with the great mysterious mountain looming behind it you can’t help but be in awe at the beauty. This will surely be a trip to remember. And you’ve never believed there was a monster anyway. In all likelihood it’s probably a bear, or maybe a family of bears just trying to live their life in the mountainside forest and dumb tourists have always managed to invade their space by wandering too close. You and your friends don’t plan on getting that close to the action, and even so you’ve all prepared. You’ve made your plans, and have proper safety gear. You’re smarter than those people who have gone missing. There’s no such thing as “Big Foot” and this is just going to be an entertaining weekend.

As soon as you drive up to the lodge though, you know something is wrong. You can’t see anybody, and it’s unnervingly quiet except for the sound of the water of the lake, the trees creaking.

As you walk towards the lodge more and more warning alarms start going off in your head. A truck’s windshield has been smashed in. A small tree has seemingly been snapped in half recently.

Suddenly from deep within the woods you hear somebody scream followed by a rifle shot. Then something lets out an unholy roar. THAT… was no bear. You and your friends race towards the lodge for cover, realizing this was not going to be the amazing camping trip you had imagined after all.





Wood/Cedar (throughout)

Pine (throughout)

Burned wood/fire (campsites, Lodge)

Monkey fur and/or Wet Dog (Sasquatch encounters)

Gunpowder (Hunter Camp)

Rotting meat (Lair)




You  see the rustic beautiful structure of the lodge with a darkened forest behind it and the great silhouette of Laemmle Mountain just beyond the trees.  A truck has run into a tree and a hunter is screaming for help. Gunshots are heard in the distance as a creature roars. Just outside the entrance of the building there is a GIANT footprint.



A roaring fire provides false warmth an comfort before MARTHA BUCKNER reaches in through a busted window, all bloodied and screaming for help. Through the shades of another window on another wall you see a large figure, stalking



A random CAMPER lies mangled on a tree stump, and SAM BUCKNER comes running out with an AX screaming to “get out of here. It’s HIS land now!” A defining roar sounds close by and you see a large shadow just beyond the trees.


4.)    EXT. WOODS

You follow a path leading into the woods. You hear the echos of hunters whispering cautioned words to each other, and twigs snapping. A hunter comes out suddenly and warns that “It’s COMING” just before, on the opposite side, a large SASQUATCH creature reaches out from between the trees with one of it’s large clawed arms and roars at you.


5.)    EXT. CREEK

You come across a creek bed with a small bridge that goes over it. A camper lays sprawled out, face down. Half their body in the water half on the bank. Their guts have been torn from their body. What sounds like heavy footsteps and a tree crashing comes from behind you as you make your way over the bridge, only to be met with another camper who’s face has been half slashed off/eaten.



There is a small fire and a mangled tent.  We see a couple of giant footprints. A bloodied camper crawls out and dies by the fireside choking on their blood. From the opposite side the great SASQUATCH lunges from the forest again after you, giving a deafening roar with saliva slapping your face. 



You round a corner in the forest to be met with a blaring horn of an RV. A hunter comes out of the RV screaming “THERE IT IS!” and fires their gun into the forest. You see the silhouette of *a creature* in the forest. Just before you get out of the camp a giant BEAR stalks forward and slashes at you.


8.)    EXT. WOODS

You’re lost in a dense misty forest with screaming, gunshots and roars all around you. A bloodied hunter reaches out from between the trees begging for help, before something violently jerks them backward into the darkness of the forest. A SASQUATCH head snaps at you through the trees on the opposite side



You’ve found the lair of the beast but and see the glowing eyes of the creature inside just moments before it charges at you in full glory, roaring and reaching out it’s terrifying claws, just before a lone hunter starts firing his weapon at the beast as you quickly make your way towards the end.



You quickly make your way towards freedom, thinking you can hear the pained dying cries of the beast behind you. That is until you hear a second sound coming from up ahead, just before a SECOND SASQUATCH lunges out trying to rip you to shreds before you can escape.



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On 5/11/2019 at 7:52 AM, themazethinker said:

holy shit, you've done something i've never seen a haunt idea do, tension. the way everything was build up was incredible, this will make a amazing maze if it happened (and based of rumors, it might)

Wow, thanks! I really appreciate that. I think some of the best houses are ones that have a build up (I.E like AWiL, Scarecrow, Frank: Creation of the Damned, etc.) When I write and design it's def one of the most important things to me. 

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