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Through the eyes of a Zombie


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( The Following review is based on the houses and scare-zones were trying to give me as a experience. All the actors this year did the best they could do with the situations they were given. No that no madder what was said or the score. You handle your part.)

The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven - I'm only going to review this house solely on this year and not based on the previous one. Based upon Season 3 of the Walking Dead. We travel through from the town of Woodbury to the prison. Walkers are of plenty inside the house. Now this might be one of my few complaints. Only 2 humans inside. It is a shame considering the show had quite a lot. I get the idea to be more Walkers more scarier though it does not bring any emotion or hope. if I do not feel like someone out there is fighting for us. That aside I enjoyed the journey. Love the details such as the interactive phone, a severed leg in the prison. The fence courtyard as I call it. Always had me on my toes as I never knew when and where the scare was coming from.

7/10 Skulls

Resident Evil Escape From Raccoon City - It's the popular video game turn into house. Now this house seems to be the biggest talk besides the Wolf's. The fans love it and do not understand the hate. The gp mostly dislikes it and the fans can not understand that. It is simple I fall in the middle of this. I'm a fan of the other games in which this is based on. Though I truly did not hate the house but I did think it was average. The sets were the best and as for the worst I can not put my finger on it. Maybe it was to bright, maybe some of the creatures were poorly done. If your going to hype a scene, it had better meet the hype. I had wish the "Pause" room could have been used in some other way. This game into house tradition will hopefully find a new pathway soon.

RE you get 5/10 Stars

Evil Dead - A queue line inside of a SS. Wait that is new. I believe this is the first house I've seen that has had so many facades (3 that I count) From what I learn on my tour was that were kind of playing the role of David coming into the cabin and seeing the terror that awaits. This house was a big marvel. The transitions from scene to scene were wonderful. The different Mia's were creative from the talking ones to the demon/abomination ones. The only negative points I could make was that the end from the "Raining Blood" scene to the ending of the house. Seemed quite out of place. We walk into Mia vs Abomination. Yet only to walk back into the cabin for what? a last after the house scare that I never got. Was not a fan of the (remake) movie but was a fan of the house.

8/10 Demons

The Cabin in the Woods - I never understood the story of what were post to be going through until after my tour. Were sent out to fix the hidden cameras that's located in the cabin. We can call this the baskin robins of monsters/houses. Starting at the cabin and ending at the compound. Through out there's so much going on it might be hard to notice the smaller details and nods to the movie and to HHN history. My one complaint about the house was the cube scenes were a bit empty. Instead of sticking static props a real actor could have been used.

8/10 Skulls

An American Werewolf in London - F******! Top notch. A sure example of what every other house should be based off of for now on. Sets!, Scares! and the Effects! Are quite beyond anything I've seen at HHN before. I'm saying the same thing the world has said about this house.

10/10 Skulls.

Urban Legends La Llorona - Yeah yeah Hollywood had it. Now we have it. Now that part is out of the way. This house was quite freaky. Take out all the actors and it would still creep me out. I love the use of Llorona in every corner they could. Impressive detail & scares but what could go wrong? Not much really, A few of the mask were a bit on the silly looking side and the story of being drugged down into the water was not a clear understanding to me in the transition in the house scenes. Until I was told by my UTH tour guide. Sure enough would love for this to return but until then this one get's a solid

7/10 Skulls.

Havoc Derailed - It seems those DOW's never die. Returning to HHN after being in the shadows for a few years. The first house was in the middle for me. Being that it stood along next to Catacombs and Hallow'd Past. Did not help it out much. That situation came full circle once again. In a year when we have 6/8 stellar houses. I guess I should not have been expecting greatness. Before I step foot inside the house. The cast change that I saw was about the only factor that was scary about this house. The cast was cast spot on, in the shape and size. I would not dare cross these dogs. Now onto the house, it's a train. No really the idea is that were on a train. I guess I'll throw a pun in here. Sure was a train wreck….. The house was loud for the sake of being loud. The effects were the weakest of all houses this year. The one scene were the train is on it's side is one of the only reasons why it is getting a

2/10 Skulls.

After Life Death's Vengeance - This is the love story of Bobby meeting Ole' Sparky. It ended horrible but that can go both ways. I'll talk about that part later. In tradition of the "new" Horror Nights. We have yet another 3D house. Once I heard the words of close to The In-Between. I got really excited and yet that was not a far off description. Upon my first time through I had a blast all the way through. I had no clue of what was going on. Random scene to scene. Then suddenly the fun ended. As in the house, just kind of had that build up only to end with a tunnel. Now the next few times I went through the house tend to lose a little of the spark. The house had some cool 3D effects. Though the scare-factor was average. It might be time to rest of the craft of 3D for a little while.

5/10 Skulls

The Walking Dead: The Undead Streets - The whole streets are Walking Dead? hmm I wonder how this could end up. Not terrible but not that great as well.

Fall of Atlanta - Truly a shinning example of using the WD theme in the right way. From the tank, the smell, the zombies and the survivors. If you stayed in the zone long enough. You would witness a survivor being attacked. This made the area feel alive and gave me a experience I haven not had in the streets before.

Woodlands - This zone just seems to suffer. No madder what it is. It's always the same looking. Way to dark to ever see the zombies. The deer scene at first was terribly placed but soon moved.

Survivor's Camp - Nice set pieces but nothing really exciting going on here. The projection in the tent was the coolest thing here.

The Farm - Awesome looking from a far. A few zombies inside. That about sums it up. O and a static well zombie out back…..yawn.

Clear - It's almost as if they watched the episode and got attached to just the idea of the walker pinned to the trap. What a lifeless zone (sorry for the pun) While the set pieces are neat to look at. There's nothing else here. It's great to see that they tried to fix it a little bit by adding more zombies in here. but still Why no gun shots, why no actors. They could have dressed it up a bit more.

San Fran - About the same as last year. Different color and two added cars....yawn.

Chainsaw gang - Nothing really to say but I'd wish for them to be in riot gear.

Walker Bomb - I just did not understand why the zombies were not attacking the guards. I had previous thought that the truck just release the zombies and then left. Anyway anything added could only help the streets.

Halloween Horror Nights 23 seemed to get the houses spot on for the most part. Now if they could keep that craftsmanship going and kick up the streets a bit. They could truly take things to a level it's never been. A nod for the social aspect being more than just ticket info. For Legendary Truth becoming more and more a community than what it was. UTH doing more than just 3 houses. I'm already excited to see where next year goes. Bravo!!!

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