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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all. Working on a special project for someone....cant say what just yet, but believe me when I tell you it will be epic, and should be widely seen. What i need is for any of your vids of HHN from 17. You will be credited in this little project, and again, it should be seen. I'll let you know when Midnight approaches
  2. Hi everyone, I hope this is the appropriate section in the forums to post this. Can anyone please help me remember a special effect that was done in 2007 in a house? I'm almost positive it was in the Curse of Mary Shaw house where you were walking, and all of a sudden you were on a cat walk like structure. Then when you looked down it seemed like you were very high in the air? I was trying to describe how this was done to a friend of mine but my memory sucks anymore. Any help, clarification would be appreciated! Thanks! Mike
  3. Post as to what you thought of HHN 17
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