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  1. that guy is immense. We all call him Thor.

    Yeah...that guy's a fucking monster of a man. I was so taken aback at his size I didn't even notice he had blond hair.

    Also, I don't know who the got to play Cindy, but she's fantastic. I came walking through the scarezone at half past one, most of the guest are already heading for the exit (I was starting to feel pretty damned-fatigued myself), and there I see Cindy, bolting from guest to guest like a squirrel that's been free-basing caffeine pills. That's impressie.

  2. I was a little disappointed to see them go with the carnival of carnage version of jack but seeing Mary shaw mad it all better :)

    I actually like Jack's ringmaster suit more than the jumpsuit. He just looks spiffy.

    On a somewhat related note, I really dug some of the references to way back when that they included, like having the Crypt-keeper hanging out in a directors get up. I haven't even been going to HHN that long, and I get a kick outta stuff like that.

  3. Total Nights: 1


    Hades: The Gates of Ruin - 1

    Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past - 2

    The Orfanage: Ashes to Ashes - 1

    Havoc: Dogs of War - 2

    Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate - 2

    Catacombs: Black Death Rising - 2

    Zombiegeddon - 1

    PyschoScareapy: Echoes of Shadybrook - 1



    HHN: 20 Years of Fear: 4

    Fear Revealed: 4

    Zombie Gras: 3

    Esqueleto Muerte: 3

    Saws 'n Steam: 1/2

    The Coven: 1



    B&T: 1

    BB: Menace: 0

    BB: Malice: 0

  4. To be honest, there's really nothing I can rant about. This was probably one of my favorites out of the five years I've attended. All I have are very minor complaints. Several people already voiced their opinions on Fear, and I tend to agree that he should have been more involved. I even had trouble getting a damn picture with him; I guess he can't hear so well up there. The actors who portrayed some of the icons were a letdown, too. Don't get me wrong: the people they got to play The Usher, The Storyteller, and especially Cindy were all pretty much spot-on. The Director and the Caretaker just kind of hung around, though. Hell, most of the time The Caretaker wasn't even in the scarezone; he was hanging out over by Mel's, looking like he was hoping no one would come up to him. Jack just plain wasn't there when I went through. I even came back about an hour later and I still couldn't find him.

    But these petty squabbles aside, it was a pretty great events. None of the houses were duds, most of the actors were busting their asses to get scares, and even the security staff were all polite and courteous.

  5. Based on my experience last Saturday, the line-pulsing works pretty well. The longest I had to wait for a house was maybe 45 minuets when I did a run of The Orphanage, which I think is pretty incredible since the last couple years I can remember having to wait over an hour for some of the houses, even when they did conga-lines. All in all, I was able to go through all the houses at least once, did Havok, Catacombs, Hallowed Past and Legendary Truth twice, saw the Bill and Ted Show, went on The Mummy and Men and Black, and visited all the scarezones except for Saws and Steam. I even got pictures with all the icons, except for Jack, whom I couldn't find for some reason.

  6. I never noticed a photo booth, though I suppose that would explain why I couldn't find him in Fear Revealed. In any case, I think it's a neat thing. Jack is a character with a lot of personality, and getting your picture taken with him provides you with the opportunity to interact with him more than you would be able to in a haunted house.

    Besides, all the other icons are available for photo-ops, so what's the difference?

  7. WHAT DO THEY DO???????????????

    I've only seen the red button in Psychoscarapy. It's next to a grate that looks into a darkened room. When you hit it, the lights in the hallway go out, and a light effect inside the dark room turns on, revealing Jack strapped into a straitjacket at the far end of the room. There were also some sound effects, but i can't remember what they were.

  8. So, I've gone to every event since 2006, and of those five events, this year is probably my favorite. Aside from Fear being generally undeveloped, everything was pretty well-done all around. It seems like every year I've been before there were a few houses that just weren't very good. This year though, even the weaker houses were pretty solid.

  9. I really love Dr. Phibes house idea! I'd love to use it! And it's could be considered the dark humor house aswell.

    Thanks. I'm sorry I haven't delivered on the black magic concept. I was trying to think of an original angle to take with it, plus I've been planning a video project which has a deadline, so I had to check my priorities. Hopefully, though, I can deliver in a timely manner.

  10. I wouldn't read too much into the facebook pages, considering that all the icons, including Eddie and Cindy have had myspace pages run by fans for years now. Given that Jack's page consists of copy-pasta with poor grammar, and the fact that some aspects of his profile are kept private, I'm certain it's just a fan-page. The same is almost definitely true for the Cindy Page.

  11. That is a really good idea. But who shall conjure them up? Some may say the Storyteller, but a new icon would be so much better and more probable.

    Not necessarily someone new. In 2006, they we summoned by Darkness, the villain from the movie Legend, who made no further appearances besides The Arrival.

  12. The following post contains radical and possibly demented speculations which most likely represent my having too much imagination and time on my hands, but perhaps these will turn out to be so crazy that they are true?

    When I read the following quote from our friend Anton, something popped out at me, I have emphasized the phrases in question:

    This suddenly reminded me how A&D have been tying all houses at events together with little throw away easter eggs. Remember how every house in 2003 had the number 13 hidden in it somewhere? How every house in 2005 contained the Terra Cruentus symbol?

    Or more to the point, how Bloody Mary made a little cameo appearance in most of the houses in 2008?

    Reading about Icons making cameo appearances gave me a really weird and twisted idea, suppose that all of the houses this year are all new? But that each house contains a surprise cameo appearance by an HHN character from the past? In other words one room in each house will contain a scene totally unrelated to the rest of the house! A "shadow of the past" as it were.

    Then, we could see Jason in SS 22, Freddy in Jaws, Mad Hatter in Parade, but the rest of the house would have nothing to do with them!

    Just an insane and completely unlikely idea from my over heated brain.

    A fascinating idea. Allow me to take it a step further, by suggesting that perhaps while each house may appear to be brand new, but on a more subtle level relates to, is similar to, or is perhaps even a continuation of stories we already know. Hence, the cameos of familiar characters would be the little "stinger", as it were.

  13. Ha Ha your right maybe my choice of words sucked there. How about place in the moonlight. You know what I meant though I hope she is focused on. If she isn't the icon I hope she is featured prominently in the park. I wouldn't mind seeing Eddie either.

    Don't mind me, I'm just making jokes.

  14. I'm inclined to believe that past HHN characters will be playing a larger role than a mere "Best of" House and/or scarezone. Since 2006 I've been expecting them to do something similat to Sweet Sixteen in 2010. Based on the fact that they went through the trouble of hiding their faces in the lantern, and on some of the remarks Dr. Jimmy made, I do think that they will be taking a more active role in the event and story than just appearing as cameos. Particularly since I haven't seen any information pointing towards a new master of ceremonies.

  15. In my experience a drunken asshole is usually also an asshole when sober, they are merely less inhibited when drinking.

    If you're a decent enough person, alcohol probably won't turn you into a raging prick. But if you are a prick to begin with, well...that's how props end up stolen, exit signs kicked in, etc.

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