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  1. I had thought about making one from the artwork of the house via Zazzle or Cafe Press but wasn't sure if I could get in trouble for doing so (with Uni...I don't know how much they care about that sort of thing) so I didn't. I wasn't going to sell them. Just make one for myself because I loved the house and to show support for the awesome cast.

    I'm almost certain I've seen people wearing personalized HHN shirts, so if you just make one for yourself, and maybe a couple of others for friends/family, I can't imagine you getting in trouble. Assuming Uni actually noticed it (unlikely) the worst they might do is send you a letter asking you to stop. Though to even do that seems unlikely.

  2. Would have loved to see this house, but I went last night and was soaked in minutes, so going through a house that's supposed to be so cold that you can see your breath was out of the question. Means I had to skip out on The Things also.... :angry: Hopefully I can find some footage on Youtube.

    See your breath? I only went through once, but I don't remember it being anywhere near that cold.

  3. In order to see the Red Death, you must look up...

    Beg to differ. I've never had a problem seeing him. In fact, he usually seems to come right to me. It's a very convenient arrangement. And I never even noticed that there was no ceiling where one would normally be.

  4. I thought it was strange that the Hollywood house is actually named The Thing: Assimilation. Also, if you notice, on the back of one of this year's shirts it actually lists Assimilation as well. Maybe they were going to go with that name originally, but remembered at the last minute that they'd already used it.

    On an unrelated note: am I the only one who thinks that this version of the thing (creature) looks a lot like the tingler?

  5. I personally think he would have made an amazing Icon, but, I could see people complain about being funny, but Jack is a funny icon too, I think arranging his story to fit the entire event he could have carried the event like you put it, yeah, he would have been more interesting than Luck, I Just LOVE him lol, This is one Queue video I love watching, i just love his personality, funny and friendly, very friendly, but twisted and sick, I love it lol

    Hey, if anyone were to complain about him being a funny guy, they can just eat my teets.

  6. I love H.R. Bloodengutz Easily the best Queue video in a long while, I really Love watching the video, and watching him talk, he is so freaking awesome,

    the actor inside the house is pretty awesome too, He is one of the funniest and most interesting characters in HHN, he is actually a lot better than Lady Luck lol,

    I know he couldn't be the Icon, but he entertains me a lot more, he has more presence is what i mean

    You know, with a little bit of effort, I think he could easily ave carried the event. He's a Hell of a lot more interesting than luck.

  7. 1 hour of sleep stinks.. laid in bed from 10:30 til 1.. wide awake.. got up for 2 hours.. laid back down.. fell asleep around 5.. got up at 6.. UGH! Time to get some extra strong coffee

    That's me about two days every week.

    Inn't no fun...

  8. I feel bad for the ghouls who work in here. When I was standing in line for one of the houses (Either Forsaken or In between, I can't remember which) I saw the cast leaving for a shift change. A few of them looked pretty disoriented, and the cast member escorting them specifically told a couple of guests trying to get a photo op to leave them alone, as they were having a hard enough time seeing as it was.

  9. Simple solution: Bring the ladies down from their perches, have them act friendly towards male patrons, then while they're preoccupied, let the girls' masked counterparts do their thing. The diversion could also net some annoyed spouses and lady friends.

  10. I can say this house is terrible because I get no scares in it. The only scare I've ever gotten in it was the finale while one actor distracted me. Also, I feel like some rooms in this house don't work, at all. When I get more scares in HR, which is supposed to be the fun house this year, something isn't right.

    I don't know, I got a couple of good ones in there. Though admittedly, much of my positive opinion of this house is derived from it's sheer coolness factor.

  11. I was just talking about the normal chainsaw gang that's there year after year. You're not missing anything, there isn't one this year.

    Okay...I'd have been a little worried if I had gone on two separate evenings and managed to not notice a pack of roving chainsaws.

  12. It's a Spanish inquisitor holding Poe's severed head. It's basically in the same room as The Pit and The Pendulum. (The room right after the Tell-Tale heart is The Raven hallway.

    Ah, I never actually noticed what the actor who popped out of there was wearing, on account of me being face-to-face with a severed Poe head.

  13. I played the free demo of the game and the monsters in the demo are exactly the same as the ones in the house. I'm assuming the movie will be the same. Perhaps it sufferers the curse of having to portray exactly what is in the movie. I agree that the guy with the crawling monster attached to his face in thew house is one or two too many...

    Game? You mean the one that was released back in 2002?

  14. The videos on the TV throughout the house are just the snippets from the queue video that they have make fuzzy and added the "Please Stand By" screen to. I know the queue video is on YouTube as I have seen it.

    The queue video is actually what I was referring to, though now that you mention it, the videos that appears inside the house before a given room seem to differ from the queue video, seem to give a more detailed description of whatever movie we're supposed to be in, and don't feature HR Puffinstuff torturing his producer.

  15. Confirmed yes they have black chainsaws. Which doesn't make too much since.

    Eh. Makes about as much sense as the popper sticks they used to have.

    I seem to keep ending up in line behind people with HNN t-shirts. I keep wanting to say hi but then never do.

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