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  1. Always love getting to read the comparison reviews from someone who actually attended both! Overall, which coast do you think had the better year?
  2. Purging season is upon us...

  3. At HHN... everyone can hear you scream. MUAHAHAHAHHA!

  4. What program are you using to make these?
  5. Perfect! Using it. Ah crap! I forgot Evil Dead. Maybe later haha
  6. Oh, I forgot about this! Could ya make me one with Ghostface, Resident Evil (zombie, Nemesis or Licker), Sam from TrT, Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, remake Leatherface and Chucky all in one?!
  7. Jooooiiiin usss..... joooooiiiiiin ussssss

  8. Haha, I pretend to be scared sometimes too. I don't wanna discourage any of the scareactors. I mostly just yell out "oh shit!" because I naturally don't jump when scared. Anywho, I can't think of any stories at the moment. I think the thread should be about bad guest behavior in general, kids and adults alike, because I can think of plenty of those stories.
  9. Yes... it tis ME! Muahahahahahhaha

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