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  1. 19 hours ago, XD005 said:

    Dang, good job everyone. Looks like I'm the only one that didn't get in this year.
    Does anybody know if they are allowing re-auditions this year and if your availability really plays that much into whether your in or not?
    I might re-audition during the mid-event pickups if thats the case. 


    You can audition again but the Casting Directors will not let you pass since you already auditioned this year and as for availability, I thought it didn't matter if the availability was low because last year I saw a lot of empty Scare Actor roles and not enough people got cast in pool.

  2. 9 hours ago, Barbie06 said:


    *Photo from ush.hacker Instagram


    I noticed some videos didn't show her either. When I went through she popped out twice, once from the shower curtain and once in room 237. Got lucky I guess haha 

    Wow! That picture is scary just like it scared me when I saw the movie. This picture is my first time seeing what the scare actor looked like wearing the costume.

  3. 6 hours ago, dereksdominance said:

    After going for a 2nd visit last night, my friend received a survey of our experience by email, but I never did. Are these surveys randomly given out? Can I request one? Have any of you guys gotten one emailed to you? 

    I got a survey by email and I don't know how I got it. Maybe I got it because this was my first time ordering a ticket myself and before, someone else would always be ordering a ticket for me. Either that or it could be possible it's just random.

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  4. On 9/14/2017 at 1:50 PM, DTH316 said:

    ... why didn't you just like... step aside and let the people behind you go ahead? haha

    Stepping aside would not make a difference because the next guest would push me and there was no back in the line inside the maze.

  5. I went to the event during employee preview night and I will write my experience in order on what mazes and scare zones I went in first.



    I was there for Opening Ceremony. I couldn't see what was going on up front and then I see scare actors walking by with chainsaws and stilt walkers. Those were the scare actors from Hell-O-Ween scare zones.


    Terror Tram was the first I went in since it closes at 10:00pm and I wanted to get that out of the way rather than having to check the time so many times to make sure I don't miss it. There was no line to get on the tram and I easily got in. Riding on the tram it shows a video of Chucky talking and then after, the tram stops to drop off the guests. Up front I saw a couple of Chucky's holding chainsaws. I'm scared of chainsaws and I was hiding behind someone and then a Chucky goes up to the person in front of me and I backed up against a fence. A Chucky saw me and waved at me. After, I walk up ahead and I see Jason's with victims. The Jason section was really short and then after, I walk past the Bates Motel  and I see Freddy's wearing different outfits scaring the guests. I walk further and see some scare actors hiding behind a fence. I didn't get a good look at who the characters were but I believe they were from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I walk through a shed and I see Leatherface with a victim. Walking out of the shed were scare actors just jumping out in front of you. I have heard of Terror Tram having long line and a lot of stalling but every time when I go to Halloween Horror Nights, Terror Tram is always the first I check out and I never had any problems with a crowd of people in my way  or a long line.


    The First maze I went in was Blumhouse of Horrors which is on the upper lot. There was no line and I just walked in the maze with no wait time. First I see is Purge Election Year which was not all that interesting. After, I see Purge Anarchy and the scare actors I liked. After Purge Anarchy is Happy Death Day. I actually liked Happy Death Day. The facade was decent and the happy death day scare actors had good timing when I was walking through. Afterwards is Sinister and I was disappointed on that section. Only part I liked in Sinister were the victims nailed down on a platform which was unfamiliar for me.


    Second maze I went in was Titans of Terror and the line was only 1 minute. The section I walked through was Freddy's Nightmare I'm assuming. I just see Freddy's popping out of boo holes and the Freddy snake looked like it was coming up from the ground with a child doll in it's mouth screaming. Next section I see was Friday 13 with Jason's popping out of boo holes and the Jason section was short. After Jason is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Some of the scenes reminded me from last year Texas Chainsaw maze but then again, I liked the way how the scare actors looked.


    I walk down to the lower lot and walk straight to the Toxic Tunnel. I was the only person who was walking through the tunnel and a scare actor caught me by surprise by laughing so loud in my ear behind me which made me jump. Other scare actors in the tunnel walk up to me just one by one and they were so close to me to the point where I can feel their costumes brushing against me and their faces are so close to my face lol.


    To get to the back lot, I had to walk through Urban Inferno scare zone. I was the only person who was about to walk through and I didn't want to go in alone so I saw 2 tall boys walk past me and I walked behind them. I really liked the costumes the scare actors were wearing and they were walking up so close to me and again, I could feel their costumes brushing against me. I continue walking behind tall boys and a scare actor on stilts just walks between the tall boys and just goes after me.


    I noticed AHS only had a 15 min long wait. I went in line for Ash vs Evil Dead and I noticed it was 35 min long. I got out of the line for Ash vs Evil Dead and walked to AHS since the line was shorter. By the time I got in line for AHS, it turned out the wait time was only 1 minute. The maze for AHS was boring and it was always the same scare from Pigman which was not scary and the facade was boring. I was really expecting to see a variety of characters for this maze but AHS did not have it.


    Fourth maze I went in was Ash vs Evil Dead and this was the longest line I waited and the wait time for Ash vs Evil Dead was 30 min. I have to say, the facade was decent and was my favorite facade for this year. I saw a giant prop monster in this maze which looked really interesting and I couldn't stop staring at it. The scares from the deadites were weak and near the exit, I was thinking this maze was not scary and right after I was thinking that, an Ash Williams pops out and scared me which I was not expecting this.


    Fifth maze I went in was Saw and this was the second maze with the longest wait times which was around 15min. I hated this maze. I was trying to check out the facade but the technicians in the Saw technical room were pumping really bad smells in this maze to the point where all the guests in the maze were pushing each other trying to get out of the maze. The traps I saw, I was only able to get a 1 second glimpse and really hard to see what was going on with all the guests pushing each other out of the maze. I hated this maze because of all the pushing that was going on.


    Sixth maze I went in was The Shining and I waited only 5 minutes. In the beginning, I knew this line was going to have a long wait time so I decided to have this maze be one of the last I go in. Most of the scare actors in this maze were wearing Jack Nicholson masks. I saw hotel hallways and it had a couple of holograms you would see from the movie. During half way through the maze, technicians were pumping a really bad smell just like from Saw. The guests started pushing each other wanting to get out of the maze to the point where the walkthrough was really rushed for me. This maze looked like it was supposed to be like a 2 min walkthrough and it turned out to be a 30 second walkthrough due to the bad smell in this maze. The only part I liked in this maze was the "Here's Johnny" and the timing was so perfect for me and I laughed at that part because I was at that part for only a second. Afterwards was the hedge and Jack Nicholson scare actors pop out.


    Last maze I went in was Insidious. I waited in line for around 10 min. This maze had scare actors from the first, second, third, and fourth movie. Most of the scenes were from the fourth movie which I heard will get released on year 2018. This maze was really dark for me and it seemed like this maze didn't have that many scare actors or unless the scare actors just didn't want to come out.



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  6. I went to Employee Preview and most of the scares were weak. Only good scares I got were from Toxic Tunnel, Urban Inferno, Ash VS Evil Dead, and Terror Tram. I hated, hated, hated Saw. That maze smelled so badly in there to the point where the guests behind me were pushing me and then I pushed them back.

  7. I have been to a maze that had a trap for the guests. It was scary and the trap was a cage coming down and locked the guests inside. All the guests in my group were screaming and we thought we were actually going to be prisoners. The guests and I were in the cage for like 20 seconds and the cage opened letting the guests go out. Saw is the only maze I can think of that has an appropriate setting for this but I know Universal Studios would not be able to pull this off.

  8. I applied for a maze host and I easily got hired. I feel like as if it was my scareacting experience that got me hired because my friend also applied for a maze host but she did not get hired and she has never worked for Universal Studios. I know that maze hosts don't scare the guests and last year I saw a lot of scareactors who had roles where they were just standing or lying down. I was one of the few scareactors who had a role where I was not supposed to scare the guests. If I was to be a scareactor this year, I'm pretty sure I would get a role where I'm not supposed to scare the guests so honestly, scareacting and being a maze host makes no difference to me. The only thing that matters is that I get to be a part of the event again this year.

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  9. Watching this trailer and I can already tell this maze is going to have quite a few blackouts making the blood come out of the elevator and a typewriter moving by itself. I have been a blackout in past events and I know all the secrets to how this is going to work. 

  10. 25 minutes ago, YokedSlayer said:

    Got placed in pool, im a bit confused on why becasue im 6'2 and at orientation scott said he is still looking for 6'0 and above scareactors. Was it just random placement? Also anyone have experience in pool? what its all about and such 

    Scare actors dropout fast and not many tall people audition. When the tall scare actors dropout, the tall scare actors from pool will take their role and then more scare actors will get hired in pool. 

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