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  1. Got there for S&S on Friday. Rained out which sucked, left at 9:00pm only having done 1 house.


    Took a long nap on Saturday and arrived at around 8:00pm and stuck around until 1:30am. Much better night.


    Notes: Some scarezones seem a little, empty? Might just be precautions for covid. That said, if you haven't bought tickets, do so asap. They're clearly limiting capacity. Saturday was "sold out" by 9am but houses were in the range of 35-70 minutes all night, and attractions were all 5-20 minutes. It was actually really nice and I hope they keep capacity limited. Not only for covid precautions, but because it was nice to have some breathing room and not have to stand in line for 2 hours for most houses without an express pass.


    A team member told me they were at capacity and were not limiting tickets at all, but I've seen truly sold out nights in the past 19 years and this was definitely not one of them.

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  2. 58 minutes ago, DraculaTeeth said:

    DraculaTeeth: D (but I'm not a big drinker)

    Will definitely be attending with family 

    Will definitely be in attendance this Sunday 10/1 & every Thursday of the event (besides this coming Thursday 10/5) and there's about an 80-90% chance I'll be at every other night (besides Friday & Saturday


    If anyone wants to meet up let me know, I hope everyone going tonight has a great time!


    I've put you in for the rest of the nights this year except Fridays, Saturdays, and this coming Thursday (10/5). Let me know if it needs any corrections!


    I'll be out there a little later tonight, around 9ish. Hanging out with some ex-coworkers for a going-away thing at a bar down the street beforehand. I'll have on an AV input shirt and a Cowboy Bebop hat. Say what's up if you see me :) If anyone wants to meet up let me know.

  3. 5 hours ago, mz_ said:

    Would anyone like to see the photo contest come back this year?  We didn't do one last year.   Not sure what the best way to do it would be, seems we don;t have the support forum wise much anymore to do one!


    Facebook could be another option, and easier for people to post?  Poll options may be limited though.


    I don't see why not. I'm not on Facebook, so if it's done that way somebody would have to enter for me which is fine.

  4. 21 hours ago, zombieman said:

    I asked this in my formal event review, but I'm not sure if it will get an answer there, so help me out if you've seen the show.


    1) During Death's "Dance with the Reaper" song, WHO was the guy in the black and orange suit supposed to be?  I'm thinking some Asian viral video guy, but I'm drawing a blank.

    2) When the 20 year old McDonald's dipping sauce was mentioned, WHO was the guy with the Statue of Liberty crown who came out and disappeared into the porta-pottie supposed to be?

    The audience went wild when both of these guys appeared, but I got nothing...

    I had a #3, but figured out they parodied the Backback dancer (who I only learned about from the Google search).



    OH, also, I was listening to a podcast review from opening weekend and they were raving about R2D2 from Bill & Ted.  I went on the second weekend and saw no R2D2.  What was that all about?


    I don't remember the asian guy, but the guy with the "statue of liberty crown" was Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.



  5. 3 hours ago, hunnylvr said:

    I would probably murder someone for a Scarecrow shirt.  I so wish we could get shirts based off the most awesome originals.  I realize it's a pipe dream.  Still wishing and waiting for an HHN luggage tag.

    It would be cool if they did a limited run of house shirts for each of the original houses. Sometime like 50 of each size, sold at the gift shop nearest the house, limited to 1 per guest. If I really liked a house (like Dead Waters or Scarecrow this year) I'd likely shell out 25-30 for one.

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  6. I said this in my full review of the event, but I feel like this year was lacking severely. Not compared to other years, but for being a "farewell tour." I feel like they should've gone way harder. Tons of actors. More stunts. More explosions. Really make it a grand spectacle. But, it felt just like every other year. Which is alright, just, not as big as I was hoping for.

  7. I thought it had to be flash but I figured flickr would pick up the external remote. My SB-600 died a couple years back, and was wondering if I should pick up a new one. Maybe it's time. I'd likely keep it mounted to avoid purchasing additional hardware, but keeping it low power with my lightsphere might be good enough to just to give it a quick dab of light if I stay back far enough (shooting 50mm and 85mm on a crop sensor). Obviously you get the freedom of directional lighting by keeping it remote, but it might be better than nothing.


    And then there's the whole thing of bothering the actors. Being in low light like that for such a long time and then having my ass walk through with a lightsphere going off every few seconds, I can't imagine they'd like that too much.


    We'll see I suppose. Maybe I'll flirt with the idea if I can find a good deal on a decent one, but eh.

  8. Incredible shots Pandry. I really need to work on my settings and play in LR more. I haven't picked up the DSLR in almost a year, so I'm certainly a little rusty. I've been shooting most of the time at 1/125, 1600 ISO, f/1.4-f/2.8 but I can't seem to get the lighting right. I really, really hate how much they flood red across the Hollywood zone which makes it very difficult for me to balance it out.


    I'm surprised at how crisp some of those shots are at 1/80, and how much light you got at f/2.8 with 400 ISO. Will make adjustments this week and report back :)

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  9. 2 hours ago, duh1011 said:

    On a thursday night? Damn


    Yeah last night was pretty busy in general.


    I still love this zone. It's fun if you want to get away from the louder stuff for a while and chill out.

  10. 26 minutes ago, hunnylvr said:

    I don't really care about the alcohol because I'm old and drinking makes me tired.  Ok, I'm not that old - and I will have drinks occasionally.. but not at HHN.  I"m one of those "I want to be fully aware and remember every single minute" people.  I'm not hating on those who want to cut loose thought.  Just don't get violent, don't throw up on me, don't roll over my f-ing foot with your wheelchair (yes this actually happened to my best friend), etc, etc.  


    What I'm pissed about is I couldn't find the damn LOADED FRIES!!  What happened to them?!!! Why are there no actual food tents lined up in front of Fallon?  What is going on?  Pizza fries?? Seriously.. gross!   There was not a lot of edible food last weekend.  At least, not for me.    I still have a weakness for the giant pink donuts tho.


    Let me give a quick summary of our opening weekend.. I don't want to do a full on review because I consider opening weekend to be a "tester" weekend.  


    Anyone who doesn't go this year will regret it to their dying day because they will have missed Trick R Treat and Scarecrow.. two of the best things HHN has ever done.  


    My wife and I literally started crying when we walked into the TRT scarezone.  We talked to one of the staff in there and asked about the pumpkins.  He told us, they took ALL of it down before the hurricane and had to put it all back up.  He also said not all of it was back in there yet.  I was blown away.  It was beautiful.  I can't wait to get back there and see it again.  Only one week to wait..


    Scarecrow was outstanding in every way.  The facade with the corn was simply brilliant.  When we walked up to it, it gave me chills.   The house is full of good scares, and that great tight feel we all got from Tomb last year.  The sets are wicked as well.  It's one of the most perfect houses I've done in the 13 years I've been going.


    Side Note:  As a complete Stephen King nerd since I was about 11, I have to say, I'm kinda bummed about The Shining.  It didn't do it for me.  Maybe it's me.  Maybe I expected too much.  I dunno.  I will try again, but for now, I will just be sad.  Oh, and Blumhouse sucks.


    I get pretty tanked at least one night a week at this event, but I'm still respectful to all of the actors and coordinators and make it a point to tell the ops personnel to have a good night on my way out of a house or through a scare zone. But, I'm also a grown ass man who was raised by good parents, lol. It sucks that the alcohol limiting also affects those of us who know how to control ourselves, I just need a little bit to help with my social anxiety in busy environments like this.


    I haven't seen the loaded fries, but the pizza fries are goddamn fantastic I've heard. The doughnuts in Springfield are always great, but I need at least 2 other people to help me finish them. It's like a cake.


    Agreed on TRT and Scarecrow. Those are the 2 biggest standouts for me this year. This last weekend though, everything seemed much better in general than opening weekend.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, clash said:

    This zone is basically a metalhead's wildest dream come true. This zone is just basically an iron maiden album cover come to life. The props, the skulls, the horns, the fire, the red light, the music... even the demon girls  dancing on poles. Literally Metalhead heaven. 


    I notice only one cast has the skull icon guy. And that same cast has 4 girls dancing. 

    The other cast only has 2 girls dancing. 


    The big set piece was out. 



    So. Walking over there now. 

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