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  1. 5 hours ago, hunnylvr said:

    That would make sense as those dates would follow the same pattern as the last few years.  The bummer for me, though, is I was told for the longest time that when they extend to November like that - those last couple nights are "dead" and that's when we should go.  Well, holy god, last year was a MOB scene.  It was the worst weekend out of all the ones we went (we went three other weekends).  The massive crowds were just awful.   So, now I have no idea how to plan my travel.


    2 hours ago, OhHaiInternet95 said:

    Oh my god, November 3 was AWFUL in terms of crowds! So it's not normally like that?


    Well, it's looking like it could be like that almost every night this year with the IPs they're (probably) bringing.


    I think that some of it was because of that marketing lol. It should be dead, hence everyone shows up expecting the dead-ness. 


    I went on Oct 4, and Nov 4, this year and it was ten times more packed in Nov than in Oct.  

  2. I'm the odd one out here, but I look forward to the Purge coming each year. 

    IT would be awesome to see.

    AVP was one of the first houses I went to,  I'd love for somehow to get it back. My fiance and I both love alien horror.



    -Alien Theme (Don't care about the franchise or if it's an original)


    -Halloween (enjoyed the 2014 version)

    -Freddy (Loved the FvJ)

    -Original with the same vibes as The Fallen

    -Original with the same vibes as Giggles and Gore


    -Original with the same vibes as Body Collectors

    -Original with the same vibes as Dollhouse


    Scarezones : 


    -Something like Scary Tales


    -Something that ties in with the event

  3. 5 hours ago, hunnylvr said:

    When you have power restored, maybe a thread where people can let us know they are safe?  Thinking of you all and sending all my love and good thoughts.


    4 hours ago, ScottEdmondson41 said:

    I'm fine, my house never even lost power and no damage done to the house. Not too bad at all for us really. Hope everybody else here is safe and doing well too! 

    We're good over here, not much damage other than a few shingles flying from a neighbor and some limbs. Power was only out for about 4 hours last night. Water was off for a little longer. Hope everyone else is as well off!

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  4. 1 hour ago, Oysterhead00 said:

    Not a "ride" but a live action experience.  I automatically assumed TWD, but that's not a UNIVERSAL Franchise.  Probably Despicable Me...doubt Bourne (that would have to be an outdoor stunt show, right?) and they don't own Bond at this point.  The wording is definitely interesting.


    Feel bad for starting this conversation here, but ass-u-me'd it meant The Walking Dead until re-read and saw the key "Universal Franchise" part.  Maybe, just maybe, it's a Mummy or Universal Monster / Dark Universe (or whatever they're calling it) show?  That could be interesting.  The Mummy only made $80M in North America, but over $400M world wide and should make a killing on VoD/Streaming/Blu/4K/DVD/Rental/etc.  



    Man I knew that too (the ride thing) sorry! But they already have Despicable Me Minion Mayhem right down the way from T2. 

    And they already have the Mummy ride, would they really do another Mummy theme?

    1 hour ago, ForeverEvil1 said:


    Bourne has been speculated, possibly James Bond if Uni gets the rights to the next film.

    How would they do that? (I've only seen the latest Bourne).

  5. 1 hour ago, Oysterhead00 said:

    Not really related to HHN27 so mods feel free to move or delete....but since it was part of the speculation thread before, T2: 3D is officially closing October 8th.


    Terminator 2: 3-D at Universal Studios Florida will run its last shows on Sunday, Oct. 8 to make way for an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise. It will open in 2019. This is one of many exciting new experiences coming to Universal Orlando Resort as we continue our epic growth.




    Is there any spec for this ride (I understand this isn't actually the thread for it, remove/move to the right location if needed)  as in which "high-energy" Universal franchise?

  6. 43 minutes ago, Badge said:

    I will never understand why they attempt to set up the stage every single year only to break it all down.  Just the other day in a TimTracker video, they were setting up the whole video wall with all the small screens. Like...why? Sure it's getting tested, but taking it all apart just to set it all back up a few days later defeats the point since it will all have to be retested when you put it up again. Also, I'm sure AoV has been using the stage at night to rehearse, but did they really need the video wall up? Couldn't they have done without most of the stage and just taped off areas where stage elements would be? Just seems like such a big waste of time every year. 


    Also, I'm a little upset that the Purge zone is getting the EXACT same setup for the auction as we had in 24. Storage containers on both sides, the school bus and then the stage above the bus. Like, they couldn't have come up with anything different? Heck, the signs they are putting up are still saying it's the 24th annual purge. Besides the new smaller stage by the ice cream place, this zone is looking like an exact copy of 24. I just hope that they include a lot of the new characters from Election Year because those light up masks look pretty awesome! I am also hoping (but I doubt it will happen) to see the Christmas light car from Election Year.

    I agree with this, the setup/breakdown/setup seems a bit extra. and I'm getting the same feeling from purge, even though that was my first year and I really enjoyed it.

  7. 5 hours ago, ForeverEvil1 said:

    Original House Names per Legacy:


    "The Hive" - Vampires - "Hive"

    "The Fallen" - Angels / Demons - "Crater"

    "Dead Waters" - Voodoo Bayou - "Paddle"

    "Scarecrows - Dustbowl" - Scarecrows Dustbowl - "Brains"


    He did say specifics were hard so he could be on point or wildly off.


    Nothing confirmed until officially announced. Not that I care about the names, that statement is towards others.

    Thank you! But I feel that Scarecrows-Dustbowl is probably the laziest name for a house, imho. I'm kinda hoping he's wrong about that.

    5 hours ago, ThNdIzNiR said:

    I'm looking forward to the Dustbowl house, but I really hope that isn't the proper name for it. I know that names don't really matter, but c'mon, Scarecrows - Dustbowl??? That just sounds sorta cheesy. 

    I agree.

    5 hours ago, Jediwhit82 said:

    Not that I believe these house names, but if I did, I love all but scarecrow, you don't need a subtitle on an original house. I love the commercial, although I found it odd that Ash or a Deadite wasn't somewhere in it. Lastly, if you plan on having a first drink anywhere, I'd make it trader sam's grog grotto at Disney.

    I thought the same thing, about the commercial. I wonder why. 


    I probably won't make it there for my "first (legal) drink", but it's on my bucketlist. What would you suggest from there?

  8. Just now, ForeverEvil1 said:


    100%. I have an account over there so I'll just copy paste as soon as it pops up. B)


    And in response to that tweet....



    Thank you! 


    And I thought so too, on my fifth time watching it I kept looking and was like I recognize that guy(voodoo) and I bet I know where these guys go(the other originals).

    1 minute ago, StupidStupidDan said:

    Nice...except for the Voodoo guy is off. He's from AHS Coven

    Really? I thought he looked an awfully lot like the Bayou of Blood scarezone guy. I don't watch AHS though.

  9. 1 hour ago, hunnylvr said:



    Welcome back, sweetie!  I can't believe you took the time to read all 148 pages of this.  OMG.  


    As for your drink question - I don't often drink at the event because I want to be stone-cold sober and remember every detail.  However, we usually buy one of the themed drinks in order to get the blinky cup.  So far, I haven't been disappointed.  The red one last year tasted like watermelon Jolly Rancher.  That did NOT piss me off.


    Thanks for the compliment, btw. :)



    I got that a lot over the last three days. LOL. Anytime! And watermelon Jolly Rancher sounds delicious. 




    And I totally think that lady is hinting towards at least a mascot, she goes very well with a lot of the graphics on the website and such.

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