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  1. France gives us other possible characters as well. Catacombs took place in France. I completely missed the fact that the first pic said pt 1, wouldn't pt 2 have already been created?
  2. A return of zombie George? I can't focus on things at the moment. (The challenges of being a mom). What about a SZ as well? Just something to pop into my head.
  3. I know! It's hard to say. It fits. Mad King George is thought to have had porphyria. A treatment for porphyria is blood letting. Blood letting implies Nightingales as well. And why mention "the shot hear round the world" if it's not linked to The Revolutionary War. The Nightingale backstory says all wars. I'm thinking this may mean they will have a different look. Instead of the recognizable nurse outfit, we'll see more era accurate costuming.
  4. Realized a small issue with Revolutionary War: Florence Nightingale wasn't born until 1820. She created modern nursing. Hmmm... Edit: Facebook friends are awesome: http://historyofmassachusetts.org/the-roles-of-women-in-the-revolutionary-war/ Thanks for link, Gina! That link explains Revolutionary War nurses, and gives a rather plausible reason for the Nightingales to be able to have found a way in.
  5. Mad King George = George III The shot heard around the world is referencing Lexington/Concord. I'd say Revolutionary War not Civil War. The redcoats are coming?
  6. Provided to me by a source. I have no idea how legitimate. At least it's something to solve: EDIT: In my excitement I forgot to add. Clue 1 pt 1
  7. I'm gonna to step away from queue spec for a moment. This popped up on my FB feed. Didn't we have a video game rumor a while back? http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/04/25/how-scary-is-alien-isolation?utm_campaign=fbposts&utm_source=facebook
  8. While this is a joint Legendary/Universal movie, it's being released on August 15th, and it's not a sequel to a popular franchise. That means it's popularity is untested. I'm not sure Universal would lock in an untested IP (house builds should start in the next two months) especially when the event wouldn't be promoting the IP. Also, I'd prefer a Catacombs sequel before venturing back into the underworld of Paris through an IP. On a more random note: As above, so below is a phrase used in Hermeticism.
  9. Very good points. I wonder which would be cheaper, building new puppets or retrofitting the wolves? I'm not mechanically inclined, does anyone know? I hadn't heard about the Kreacher rumor! Will he be an animatronic or a shadow effect like in The Three Broomsticks? A shadow effect could be turned off. The final one is the best point. Keeping guest safe and the puppets safe from guests and weather are big questions.
  10. Part of the nerve is knowing I love and enjoy paranormal horror, but I know I'd spend the whole movie ranting about the Warrens. The Warrens are connected to The Haunting in Connecticut and The Amityville Horror as well. They were sued by members of the family involved in the Haunting in Connecticut for inaccurate portrayal of events (and profiting off of the family). The Warrens maintain that the Amityville events are accurate even though the event was proven to be, and outed by an individual involved, as a hoax. They are a sore spot amongst the scientifically minded members of the paranormal research community. (Sorry, I know this is kinda off topic, but since Lorraine seems to be pushing for more of their "true stories" to become movies, I can see future Warren rants from me.) As for AWIL scare zone spec, I believe it is as follows: A - We have the puppets from the house. B - The London waterfront should be open this year. C - The waterfront was designed with minimal Potter elements outside of the actual Diagon Alley area (Knight Bus being the only Potter element, I believe). It's one of those a + b + c = potential for D. I would really enjoy and an AWIL SZ too!!!
  11. I loathe the Warrens. Haven't even watched the movie yet, because I despise the Warrens. I almost dislocated my eyes from rolling them so hard during the commercials. Can't stand anything that glorifies the Warrens. (I've never forgiven them for the taint they caused the paranormal research community.) Yes, Doc! Cryptic comments please!
  12. Ok! Spec: At least one property (possibly two) shared with Hollywood. Trick R Treat or Alien or Poltergeist or The Purge (blech) or The Conjuring (double blech). Trick R Treat and Alien will be houses! (No, I will not abandoned my Alien spec) Trick R Treat is not as concrete spec wise, but it feels right. At least one original. No TWD (cautious optimism based on tweet) AHS because Eraser got erased last year and they may give it another go. I'm unsure on other houses. A&D can we haz code names? We promise we won't figure them out in less than 10 minutes! Promise. Will be good and wait a few weeks! EDIT: Possible Urban Legend house. Hollywood transplant probably Insidious which isn't as blech as Purge/Conjuring but kinda blech.
  13. It's difficult to extend the MPAA rating system to a horror event. The MPAA rating system, itself, is a guide that is difficult to apply to horror. The rating system relies upon specific guidelines. Language, sexual content/theme, nudity, drug use, and violence are what affects the rating of a movie. There has definitely been a trend away from more gore/violence induced horror in recent years, this would lower the ratings of haunts based on violence. Live nudity has never been used at HHN (there was a nude mannequin in a Saw house at HHNH, I believe.) Sexual content/theme is completely unnecessary unless it applies to the story. (The one scene in Bloodbath comes to mind as "applying" to the story.) Drug use would again need to apply to the story. Language is difficult to apply. The f word is what usually bumps a movie from PG-13 to R, and coarse language isn't often heard (or encouraged) from employees at theme parks. There is usually plenty of coarse language from guests though. CITW and ED last year would receive at least a PG-13 rating due to the amount of blood and gore. The question then becomes: How are you applying the ratings system? If you're basing ratings purely on a "scare" factor, it's completely subjective. I don't find gore frightening. The last movie to truly frighten me was The Ring, and that was due to one scene. (The girl crawling out of the tv). I found the unnatural movements to trigger a more visceral fright. This is also one of the reasons I hope for an Alien house. The movements and image of the Alien is alien. This produces a more instinctual fright in me. Then one must considered that continued exposure to haunts (familiarity) will lessen the impact of scares. So, how are we creating ratings for haunts? By the MPAA guidelines, or by how frightening we find the experience?
  14. Those comments need to occur soon! Until then, I shall be annoying people with Murdy tweets that may not apply to us.
  15. Scarezone! Mix the look of some of Grown Evil's birdies with the Skeksis. Put it in NY or on Hollywood Blvd. You could get a fantasy/sci fi feel mixed with The Birds. (This works amazingly well in my head. Actually doing it probably wouldn't turn out so well.) EDIT: I now want this to be what the crows were referencing.
  16. Sorry for double post! Blame Murdy for late night tweets. (I'm mobile could someone put the tweets in quotes for me?) @HorrorNights: Here's some insight into the production process for HHN...1 of the toughest things is trying to figure out if we can pull off a property... @HorrorNights: ... I've already said that this year we have a lot of very complicated mazes, which makes the process even harder to "guesstimate"... @HorrorNights: What makes it tricky is we have to commit to a property before we know if we can afford it. Like buying a house before you know the price... @HorrorNights: ...To truly know the cost of something you have to have everything fully designed and bid and that usually happens months later... @HorrorNights: ... So over the years Chris and I have gotten really good at doing WAGs, which stands for "wild ass guess." We had to do that for maze #3... @HorrorNights: ...The good news is we got some key numbers back today and we were spot on with our WAG. We can do everything we wanted to do in the maze! @HorrorNights: ...that's good news for you because this maze is going to blow your mind! If I wasn't psyched before now I'm super psyched! I can has Alien spec back now?
  17. Yes! Krull is fantasy with some horror type imagery (The widow of the web scene was frightening, but I dislike spiders so that may be me). Similar to The Dark Crystal being fantasy with some frightening imagery. (The Skeksis still freak me out!) But Krull is fantasy not horror.
  18. I have no idea if Atari 2600 is going to relate to Orlando, but since others were discussing it in this thread, I decided to list games that I associate certain sounds with (my first game system was the Atari 2600). I just want something to figure out! As for crows, did they specifically refer to them as crows? Or could the be ravens? Things that come to mind from crows: A Song of Ice and Fire - members of the Night's Watch are called craws. The Night's Watch fights against the wildings, wights (reanimated corpses/voodoo style zombiis), and White Walkers (the Others). A murder of crows = a flock of crows In The Crow, a crow carries the spirit/soul of the deceased.
  19. But we aren't looking for music. We are looking for a sound effect. Here's the hint: @HorrorNights: Hint #2, you're looking for a signature sound effect associated with this title Not even sure if it was in the Atari game version... So... Qix - the sound of the fuse Qbert - the sound made when he moves from cube to cube Pitfall - the sound you hear when you swing on the vine. So, I'm trying to think of sounds I would associate with a specific game. I played Atari while growing up. I just haven't played any of the games in about 18 yrs. I wonder if I still have the games and console...
  20. Because I'm bored and I want something to solve. Here's a list of Atari 2600 games that have signature sounds (at least a list of ones I remember sounds from) Pitfall Qix Q-bert Adventure Pong Breakout Yar's Revenge I'll update this as I remember portions of my childhood.
  21. The question about Alien was in regards to code name Atari 2600. Atari 2600 is not the "fan freak out" maze. Maze#3 Beauty is only Skin Deep is the "fan freak out" maze. I'm also going to point out that Murdy loves to play with words from what I've seen Of course the sets to Alien would be "astronomical" to reproduce. They take place in a spaceship. Murdy is a carny. No one has guessed Alien for maze#3 which is the maze people are speculating on. I suggest someone ask about that maze and see what the response is.
  22. The risky property was/is a potential property that was mentioned after Beauty is skin deep. Tweets regarding risky property: @HorrorNights: Finishing the treatment for maze #4 today, was just about the lock down the rest of the maze deals when something unexpected happened... @HorrorNights: This would definitely be a 1st for HHN...something so insane no one would ever attempt it...risky as hell...probably will get me fired! LOL These were tweeted on 4/11/14. Maze#3 was first tweeted about on 3/14/14. 3/18/14: @HorrorNights: Starting work today on maze #3, the one I said fans would freak over. 2 weeks to take this one from concept to full treatment. Tick tick... 3/19/14: @HorrorNights: "Maze #3. What can it be? Something our fans will sure want to see! They think they know but I don't agree, What in the world is Maze #3?" 3/21/14: @HorrorNights: Freaking myself out over maze #3. Need to figure out the concept by the end today so I can write it/pitch it next week. It's complicated! 3/24/14: @HorrorNights: Chris & I just finished the concept for maze #3, this is definitely going to be one of the most challenging mazes we've ever attempted! 3/25/14: @HorrorNights: Finally writing the treatment for maze #3 today. Damn, this one's ambitious. Took a long time just to figure out how to approach it! 3/26/14: @HorrorNights: Made good progress writing the treatment for maze #3 today, have to finish it tomorrow because were probably going to pitch it on Friday @HorrorNights: Maze #3 is the one I said fans would "freak out" over. I know I am. We're crazy to even attempt this but each year we try to push it further 3/28/14: @HorrorNights: Almost finished with the treatment for maze #3, two scenes left to write. I have to pitch this maze at a studio later today...No pressure. @HorrorNights: Just finished the treatment for maze #3. This one came in a surprisingly sparse 57 pages. Have already written over 200 pages for HHN 2014! Code name for maze#3 was given on 3/30/14. I don't think Beauty is skin deep is the risky concept. EDIT: I realized I used a whole bunch of tweets to put forth a simple thought. I started to copy paste them and got carried away because many of the tweets seemed to show how significant this property is to Mr. Murdy. Both Murdy and Aiello have expressed apprehension regarding getting a(this?) property done properly.
  23. I refuse to give in to "Beauty is skin Deep" = Resident Evil. Murdy is the only one who is giving clues to the a fan freak out property! If I give in, then I can't speculate (solve riddles and clues) about what property Aiello was referring to in his tweets about an OMG property. If HHNH's maze #3 is Resident Evil, then it can't be the one Mike referred to. Mike's tweets just don't seem to point to RE. *wedges herself firmly into her own world* They are the same property! I have something to solve!! *repeats ad infintum*
  24. If Beauty is Skin Deep is the same OMG property Aiello tweeted about, RE doesn't seem to fit. We had RE last year.
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