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  1. 2 hours ago, Brandon_Voorhees said:

    This one is way out there, but I thought it was great when the Black Sabbath house was done. For music, the Misfits are working on a new album and tour. For those who aren't familiar, the Misfits are a punk band who's entire look and sound revolves around horror movies. I realize this is a stretch, but would be awesome. Horror Punk house!


    not famous enough. 

    as far as metal and popularity goes I think they should do a house based on Slipknot. Slipknot is probably one of the biggest metal bands of the last decade, everyone knows who they are or at least recognizes their masks. their music is played on mainstream radio and their concerts are very big. I can't think of any other recent band that would be as big and that would have the theatrics for a house (besides maybe Rob Zombie) 

    Im not even saying that as a slipknot fan or im not hoping they do a house on them because i love them or anything, I haven't really liked their last 2 cds and i dont listen to them often.

    But their masks and their music videos and their theatrics would translate very easily for a house. visually they already resemble characters from a haunted attraction and the sets would be easy to do just following their music videos. I think Universal could have a popular house if they tried to get the rights for ahouse. (they could even sell the masks at the stores and make money that way as well)  

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  2. On 11/9/2016 at 5:17 PM, Jediwhit82 said:

    IPs I want before I die.


    The Thing


    WWE insipred













    the Thing has been done twice already. 


    WWE house was done in 2000 i think, the Undertaker house. 


    Alien will never be a house because of the rights 

  3. On 11/9/2016 at 10:08 PM, TheUsherette said:

    Having finally caught up on this year's B&T, I gotta say that I too was quite disappointed.

    I understand and appreciate the purpose of having a Bill and Ted style show at haunt events. It's good to relieve some tension of constantly being scared and get off your feet for a while. I'm not opposed to the concept of the show, but this year was lackluster at best. That being said, I'm positively baffled about the fanbase for this show. I just don't understand how of all the things at Horror Nights, there are people who come year after year just to see this show.

    That actress playing Hillary is trying her best to save it, and I quite enjoyed the Kylo Ren stuff, but the boat is still sinking. I would love to see some new talent be put on these scripts. Half of the references were out of the zeitgesit by the time opening night of HHN rolled around!


    yeah it also sometimes baffles me of how big of a following it has regardless of quality. Some years the show is pretty good but lately is has been pretty bad. I wish the fans asked universal to get a better show or something. The show is also very long so a bad show can really be a pain to watch. I would love to be a fan of the show but it just keeps getting bad in quality. 

    7 hours ago, Jediwhit82 said:

    Maybe it's because I'm a "millennial" but I don't understand how something as un noteworthy as Chebacca mom can show up multiple times and yet there was not one mention of Harambe.


    What i found interesting is that watching Knott's Scary Farm  The Hanging show on youtube I realized they used a lot of the same jokes Bill and Ted used. I realized that even the set ups were a little bit similar. both shows seemed to have a lot in common. the Chewbacca mom, the ghostbusters stuff, the suicide squad, trump... they seem to share a lot this year. I wonder if there was a guideline on what to make fun of this year or something 

  4. 5 hours ago, Cupcakes said:

    At this point, I wouldn't mind if they stopped doing B&T altogether. This year's show was just horrendous - worst I've ever seen (and as someone that's been going since '98, that's saying a lot). If they don't want to hire writers that actually know the basic elements of comedy for the show, then I think the budget for it is better off going into the houses and scarezones instead.


    The hardcore fanbase would probably get very angry and complain strongly.

    The show might have the worst script ever created and fans will still love it. 

    I do wish they tried something else, a different show  but i dont think bill and ted are going anywhere. 


    My only hope is that they could incorporate a different element to the show. I wish they made something like "bill and ted meets" other characters. The show needs a new element to save it. 

  5. really good 2 last nights. Friday was completely dead. every house was 5 minutes. Texas chainsaw was 0 minutes, you would just walk right in. (the workers actually set up a line for people to take pictures in the Facade and that line was longer than the one to enter the house lol, there were like 13 people in line waiting for pictures.  really cool friday night. got to do all houses by 9 and repeat some of them from 9 to 9:30. There were some actors missing from the houses but not too many. (AHS was at 25 min) 

    It rained around 10 so it was really really dead.
    Saturday was a little more crowded but lines stayed at 20-30 minutes. AHS was at 40. still not too many people. last AOV was pretty cool. 

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  6. On 10/31/2016 at 2:48 PM, SeventyOne said:




    The problem is as crowds increase, the natural inclination seems to be up the number of houses with long queues to keep people off the streets. I know the fanbois would love a 12-house event across two parks, but I fear we'd get 4 good houses, 8 mediocre at best. You can already see it in the scare-zones; all the effort went into Vamp and Dead Man's Wharf, leaving 3 or 4 cheerleaders and geishas to walk around a completely undecorated street. (The roaming hordes that don't roam and aren't very populous.)


    Ultimately it means Universal needs to find a better way to handle crowds, the #1 complaint about the event for decades. Need to jack up the criminally low prices of their multi-day tickets, maybe phase those out all together. Raise the 1-day price, too, and cap attendance like MNSSHP. More outside shows, too. I think they've stretched content as far as they can. But ultimately I'd rather pay more for 6 good houses that I can actually see in a night than the cluster the event has been allowed to devolve into.





    That subject comes up every single year and every single year the same question gets asked or pointed out by someone (which is why im saying it now lol) 
    the busiest day is Saturdays and neither multi day tickets allow you on saturday (Besides the NEW ticket this year) how can you explain that the busiest day is the same day that Does NOT allow Frequent fear? sure limit or phase out those all together, the busiest day will still be the day that didn't allow either of those tickets (I dont really know how many people bought the new ticket that allows you Saturdays but im not sure it was that many people) 

    I mean, really. And if you say "saturdays were busy because of the new Frequent fear pass" then what about last year, and the year before that? and the year before that? Saturdays are always the busiest and there was no FFP for that.... i mean, really this conversation has happened every year lol. Plus because of work and stuff not a lot of people can go every day. the weekdays are not that crowded. you would think Wed and Thurs would be the busiest days of the event and yet they arent. the days of the FFP are not even the busiest..... the busiest is always the weekend. how do you explain that? 




    4 hours ago, blueoktober said:

    You might not have liked it, I did, but the point is they at least tried something new.  I went in by myself and loved what they attempted to do.  There was thought behind it and maybe next year the sets and design will be better.

    Scream A Geddon near Tampa is also new and very good.  The point I was making is that there are others out there that are hungry and really want to scare you.  I am so tired of walking through houses at HHN and picking out sets from past years more than I am being scared.  The recorded audio is simply stupid.  More people laughed in the Exorcist than screamed.  It was embarrassing.  The last room with the "take me!  take me!" and that deformed, laughably bad Regan doll with curled up polio legs was just pitiful.  

    I don't even care about crowds because I genuinely look forward to what is in the house.  People loved Ghost Town's sets.  Why?  Why should I get excited about a set when the content of the house sucks?  I honestly have no idea why people like this year's house.  The original was good and that's where it should have stayed.

    IPs are great and all, but they limit creativity.  We all know what to expect when going into an IP house. It's like a walking museum.  Original houses have things we have never seen, and are therefor much better at scaring us.  I used to leave HHN full of awesome ideas that I wanted to implement at home.  After the Hallow a few years ago, I decorated my entire yard based on that house.  This year I left each night wishing I could feel that way again.  It's not that hard ya know.  They could stop this shoving IP down the throat crap, put some atmosphere into the parks again, make it immersive instead of it being nothing but walkways to soundstages so we can marvel at the Facades.  

    I know people will get shitty about this, but it's the truth.  There is nothing about "missing the old days" because we are old timers.  What made us fans to begin with?  What made me go for so many years and save up for months so I could buy every single piece of merch?  It sure as hell wasnt 5 years of the Walking Dead.





    the funny thing is that some people say that the event is "Too scary" lol. I agree that I wish it was scarier or more creative but it could be worse. they could make less houses or get rid of the scaerzones or get rid of the shows. 
    specially after the drama from last year with abusive guests hurting the actors and the stuff that was blogged about. imagine if there are no zones anymore (One of the surveys this year that I got asked if the scarezones were good or not, why are they good or something like that) 
    there are things about HHN I dont like and there are houses I hated. as well as zones i didnt like. but I dont think the event is as bad as some of you guys are putting it. 

    They could always take the budget and instead of making 9 houses they could make 5 really really really GOOD houses, but then everyone would freak out that there arent enough houses. the general public would throw a fit and demand a refund. 
    sure only 5 houses out of 9 are really good, but those other 4 houses help with variety and those houses have their fans. Even Lunatics has fans now. Universal makes enough houses to have a lot of variety 
    I personally have had problems with the quality of some houses but I cant deny that I am glad we have 9 houses instead of 6... that would kind of suck 

  7. 16 hours ago, OrangeRyan said:


    Are you referring to  the school teacher who says, "I said back off!"? If so, I love that scareactor!

    No lol, not the teacher 

    it is in that scene, but to the right side of the teacher yelling Back off.  it is in the right boo hole where usually  a cowboy in a leather trenchcoat  and hat comes out shooting at you ( the cowboy starts shooting and then the lady with the shotgun yells "Back Off") 

    That's usually a guy in the trenchcoat but I've noticed a girl with long hair and the cowboy hat. they change from cast to cast (or maybe the cowgirl is just fire crew or something) 

    I really like seeing the cowgirl shooting at you. but yeah it is not the teacher lol 

  8. one thing i have noticed is that the audience are making this show into pretty much a party. people  kind of start to dance to the music before the show begins and when the show starts the crowd starts to jump around and sing the lyrics and cheer. I think this show's reception got better and now it's like people are having their own party in the crowd (at least for what I can see) 

    a lot of energy and a lot of excitement. the energy of the show seems to catch up with the crowd 

  9. 6 hours ago, Jediwhit82 said:

    How was Run a disappointment? I agree with Purge, and I have been told 2013 AWIL was better(although having only been through 2015, I thought it was pretty good) one of my biggest disappointments from last year was 25 years.


    the rooms were kinda lame. the scenes didnt flow too well. it was clunky. the location has never been great either. 

    this year besides Lunatics none of the houses feel like that. none of the houses feel lame or awkward. i dont know, run was just disappointing 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, hunnylvr said:

    Speaking of having to put up with shitty people..  Did you guys hear that the latest thing these assholes are doing is sneaking in fish hooks to attack the scareactors?  What the actual fuck?  Sorry for the language, but I just don't understand this!  I mean, what kind of person actively seeks to hurt someone for no apparent reason?  


    fish hooks were put in a house in 2009, and 2011 i think, maybe  it is the same crazy person that came back. (Someone poured deer pee in a house as well in 2012 i think?) 


    what did you hear about this year? how are they hurting the actors? 

  11. 17 hours ago, criticalanalysis said:


    Very much agree. Nothing really "stood out" this year. Felt like an all-around average event. They tried to tick the same standard HHN boxes but it feels largely without inspiration. Even with TotA , their "crown jewel", it seemed it had way less passion than Body Collectors did from last year.  2011 was a fantastic year for houses, all amazingly creative in their own ways or largely passionate in their creation.


    Know what it seems it comes down to? Hollywood big budget action movie feels "formulaic, standard, meh" even though it has explosions, guns, CGI, etc but feels bland. Low budget action film that relies on creativity, passion, and effort comes out way ahead.


    14 hours ago, SeventyOne said:


    If you put a gun to my head and made me pick, I'd probably choose 2011 as my favorite HHN ever. But I also thought HHN XX underwhelmed--not bad, just not as good as it should've been. A better example might be 2012--I think everyone agrees a bad year, but seemingly worse for having to follow up 2011. I guess what I'm saying is had we had this line-up in 2013, it may have been slightly better received. But maybe not.



    2012, 2013 and 2014 were years that had some really really bad houses and some really bad streets. 
    This year is above and beyond in quality compared to those 3. I always thing of those 3 as the dark years of the "New Era of Darkness"  the parade came and took out the full scarezones, we got weird experiments of scarezones after the parade started. so that was weird. Then after 2011 was when they went Walking dead crazy and when the event started to be much closer to Hollywood. 
    I honestly thing 2012-2014 was not a great time for HHN, it was still enjoyable and some of the houses were still really great, but overall those 3 years felt much more disappointing than now. 

    I still dont understand the hate that the zones are getting this year when in 2012 we didn't even had proper zones, in 2013 we had walking dead everywhere and in 2014 we had very small zones (didn't we have like only 4 zones? 

    I think the reason some people might feel that this is an average year is just because of how strong hhn 25 was. it was one of the strongest years ever for both Scarezones and houses . 
    maybe the best  recent year for scarezones. the scarezones last year were pretty incredible. Plus Jack show was very awesome and the clown hordes were a lot of fun to watch. 


    but if you asked me to compare this year to '12, '13 or '14, this year definitely wins against all 3 in overall quality. Those 3 years have some of my favorite houses dont get me wrong. 
    But Overall they were not as strong because they were still trying to find a way to do scarezones properly while dealing with the parade and they were dealing with the Influence that Hollywood brought to Orlando 

    I do honestly really think that this year in people's minds is not as good or amazing only because last year was just SO good. the entire park was awesome. the zones were awesome. 
    The 3D house last year was better. 


  12. On 10/16/2016 at 0:37 PM, criticalanalysis said:

    Notice the lack of discussion means meh enthusiasm for this year.


    there's a bunch of people that didn't post this year. Might or might not have to do with the event itself... While the forum here is lacking in discussion, the facebook groups and twitter are having posts non stop. so I dont know. 

    Previous years that were kinda sucky (like 2012 or 2013 with walking dead taking over) had less enthusiasm but more conversation. Maybe discussion has just moved to facebook in general. those groups just keep growing and growing. 

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  13. 16 hours ago, OrangeRyan said:


    Our tour guide said that on the UMTH tour with TimTracker the first weekend, someone's phone started taking random pictures of the tour guide in blurry form.


    this is the reason i asked lol, because of Tim Tracker's video


    but I wonder if any of the actors have had any weird things happening. or any spooky stories. 

  14. 6 hours ago, killswitch22 said:

    I really don't see it as her being a bad icon. I see it as her being incredibly underutilized and overshadowed. We have all these major, expensive IPs now, something we didn't have with the original 4 icons. I'm sure this house had a limited budget judging by the quality of other sets. In the queue video there is an attempt at a story. I wish they went more into that and the house doesn't translate it  very well. Overall it isn't a terrible house, for the year it may be one of the weaker ones as well as if we are comparing it to icon houses. But it doesn't crack my bottom 10 or 15 of all the ones I've been through .

    I Disagree. Chance one lines are being blasted all over the speakers and she reminds me of Angelica from Rugrats (Which is not scary at all) it comes off as annoying. her presence is not as cool.
    Then you get to the zone and it's not as cool as it could be. Chance is okay but the jokes dont really land and she can't do much in her stage. (At least the icons last year had mini shows in their stages) and the zone doesn't feel like it has enough actors. 
    So even before you reach her house there are two kind of disappointing things regarding her as an icon. then you reach the house and it kind of completes the trinity of disappointment lol.

    not only does the house have any sets at all (feels like it is mostly just hallways painted with colors, at least Penn and Teller had full sets, this doesn't) but there's no variety in the house at all. they should have made it look more like a real house (still being 3D) instead of just painted hallways. I understand budget was short and they had to work with what they had but i dont understand why this was so minimal when the other houses got so much more 
    (I would have rather have American Horror story be a couple of rooms shorter and give Chance's house a little more detail) I dont know, I love all the other houses and maybe budget wise there was nothing they could do, but for an icon house it definitely is not good (not is a good 3D house) 

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  15. On 10/6/2016 at 2:32 PM, YourPallbearer said:

    The crawl tunnel was the only thing worth remembering.


    There is a house in Atlanta called Netherworld. I've been twice, if you think Tomb is claustrophobic you should try the aforementioned Atlanta haunt. At least three rooms where you have to literally squeeze yourself through to get out of. Meanwhile skeleton arms are brushing by your feet. Amazing. 

    ---------- back to Tombs -------

    Anybody know why they blocked the left pathway with vines? Was it obstructing the scareactor from opening his double doors? The path was obstructed October 2nd.

    i think because no one was using a side of the path, most people would choose one side and the conga line would follow that side. 

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