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  1. 9 hours ago, Cody said:

    If what you say is true about The Fallen, I'm incredibly disappointed. Angels vs. demons is a rarely seen concept for live horror like haunts, and Universal has the budget to pull it off spectacularly. It sounds like a panicked decision at the last minute has completely neutered A&D.


    Besides they could have just let the angels win at the end or something. 

    They could have made it "good wins over evil"  

    That could have even pleased people to see instead of being offended 

  2. 7 hours ago, Grime said:


    They would've had to pull off some incredible perspective manipulation to really get the feel for this house. I know I was treading on glass getting hype for this one, but I knew what I was getting myself into. Houses at this event are always better for more aggressive scares than going for "ambiance" simply because the lack of space makes everything in your face whether you like it or not. It doesn't really play well for a more slow, methodical psychological thriller like The Shining.


    And with that thought, maybe it's better we're not getting an Alien house on board the Nostromo. It just sucks because the more slow, edge of your seat horror movies are more my thing than in your face aggressive stuff.


    I strongly disagree with an alien house. 

    AVP had perfect sets for an alien house. 

    If u add a birth scene at the beginning the house would be perfect. 


    Just because the alien doesnt show up as much in the movie it doesnt mean it has to be that way in the house.


    The werewolf barely shows up in american werwolf in london movie. 

    Yet the house had him almost in every room.


    Why wouldnt alien work that way?

  3. 14 hours ago, magilla guerilla said:

    I've been to a lot of haunts. Many are good, well-budgeted attractions. I've been to many in NYC, Philadelphia, etc. Are the Orlando haunts that much better than a good haunt elsewhere? Is it worth it for someone who has some pretty good Halloween attractions in their area to fly down to Florida, rent a hotel, etc.?


    depends on what you like, or what you expect from a haunt. Universal gets big budgets and they do big elaborate sets with a lot of attention to detail. sometimes it almost looks like you are in a movie set. Also the costumes are always pretty detail and really nice to see. Sometimes they use really cool props and some animatronics but not all the time. 


    Scares wise it tends to be your typical common "Boo hole" kind of scares. it is not that advanced or anything like that. just your regular haunted house scares. I still love the event but if you are hoping for NETHERWORLD type of animatronics or scares then it wont be like that at all. HHN sometimes is more like doing a tour of a Museum or a movie set with actors scaring you. You go for the great attention to detail and work on the environments 

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  4. 3 hours ago, OhHaiInternet95 said:

    I would say that no one would be sad if Blumhouse got scrapped, but I'm concerned about them finding somewhere else for the actors hired for it if it does. Hey, Legacy did say that the houses this year would especially rely on cast, so Blumhouse scrapped = more actors/house? Trying to find a silver lining to Irma.


    one less house means longer lines... come on lol 

  5. On 9/2/2017 at 11:54 AM, dkrfla said:

    If you were to chose a movie to watch based on the description of this house what would it be?


    well, nothing will ever fit this house, but movies with demons and angels, you could watch constantine, spawn, . The Prophecy,  

  6. On 8/31/2017 at 6:38 PM, faceleg said:

    This is the year of pretending things didn't happen. With them saying the Altars zone is the first time they've had maze characters in a sz to this being "one of the first times, in recent memory" that a sz has become a house. The Saws and Steam house wasn't that long ago. Hell, technically even The Purge went from sz to house but I understand that's not the exact same predicament. 


    sounds like a marketing tactic, how many people even remember saws and steam really?(I had already forgotten about that house) sounds like it is being said that way to make it sound cooler 

  7. 6 hours ago, mystiquephreeq said:


    You'd think that, but The Conjuring has shown that rights' issues can crop up at any moment. 


    Everyone assumed that the lawsuit would be considered frivolous and be easily dismissed. They assumed it would go away. It hasn't. 


    When dealing with intellectual properties, rights' issues are always a possibility. 


    what was the problem with Conjuring? why did they have trouble? 

  8. 12 hours ago, ScottEdmondson41 said:

    Agreed. I'm pretty disappointed that it's not other stuff we haven't seen before. Sinister' great inclusion, but don't wanna see Purge or Insidious in there really. Would've loved Ouija 2, Happy Death Day, Hush, maybe even Get Out or Split. 


    11 hours ago, Drummanmatt said:

    If they wanted to stick with the supernatural theme maybe Annabelle would've worked instead of Ouija? The Annabelle Creation film was pretty good and well received. Unless that's on the list for next year instead?

    OR.... Or they could have, just, you know... have used this little movie of theirs called OCULUS <_<




  9. On 8/28/2017 at 9:40 AM, mikekilpatrick said:

    To respond to the first part of this thread, I have often read people will go to the event, stand in line for a couple hours, hit one or two houses, then come back the next night or next week to hit other houses.  Basically stretch out the event over 4-6 weeks.  Good social activities and Universal I am sure loves the revenue from drinks, food, parking, etc. 



    you never answered my questions but i will reply to this either way, 

    For anyone that hates on the locals having month passes, Last year was the perfect example on how that doesn't affect the event as much as people think in two ways:

    The hurricane hitting Orlando meant that the friday of that week, only locals were able to go (when Universal announced they would be Opening HHN that weekend) and those days were extremely empty. they had very very low attendance. (AND YES the people that went were mostly locals)

    And then you had the Added Nov 4 and 5, Which again, was mostly visited by locals with their month passes, and what happened? the park was near empty those two days. every house had lines of 10-20 minutes at most. Later in the night, houses never reached above 30 minutes. If the locals were sooo bad, you would think that weekend in November would have been packed, yet it was barely busy. 

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  10. 14 hours ago, mikekilpatrick said:

    I still feel like Universal doesnt know it has grown up.  They are a direct competitor to Disney now, but SO many of their decisions make them look like they are a secondary park.  They close at like 6 or 7 PM in the off season?   Last year I went to get dinner at I think 10 pm and could not find but one place that was serving, granted it was a Tuesday or Wed night, but still, it was during HHN week.  I held a season pass for almost 20 years, and I live in NJ.  Had the Premier pass with my picture on it until last year since many of the benefits we USED to have such as free Valet parking durning HHN and other items were removed with barely any notice.  Moved down to the Medium level pass last year since they finally moved back to a plastic pass over the paper ones they did for so long. 


    As far as HHN goes, Universal just hasn't done anything in my opinion to step up their game.  They should be escalating innovation to include Holograms, making the houses have things that no one else does, start including extreme houses to escalate the experience (like they did last year, their extreme house was a great innovation), and they need to go back to the model where you pay by the night, not the month.  Yes, I realize many people like the monthly pass model, and if you are local, it is great.  But when you have tens of thousands of people in the parks now, you just have TOO many people in these events which detracts from the whole thing in my opinion.  And Yes, I realize Universal makes a crud load more money on booze and food purchases than the ticket purchases which is why they moved over to the weekly, and monthly pass model.  


    Yearly events should be standardized to be release on a certain day, they should follow a standardized model and the release of the information should be done at a single POC so everytone is in the know.   Then market it with reliable dates of release.  


    Won't be going this year, and only the second time in like 20 years I cant/wont be attending.  

    How many times do you think locals  with month passes go? in the month? im curious to see your answer. I want to reply more, but I am curious as to what you think locals do in the event. 

    in your opinion, what do you think the regular visitors for a regular day are? as far as locals and non locals (And as far as month pass holders and single day visitors) 

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  11. On 8/25/2017 at 3:36 PM, QueenoftheBunnies said:

    This this 100% all of this. 

    Also, there are so many negative comments on here good lord people. Use your energy for something better than endless bitching on a forum for a Halloween event. 




    yeah, everyone should use their energy to instead speculate endlessly and blindly praise  a company on a forum for a halloween event lol,, only positive opinions allowed lol :lol:

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    18 hours ago, lespectre said:

    UJhSYCLmT-mLQL0VOetWig.png 2owhvtDcT1aRYh_E-D3GOA.png




    am i just seeing clues where there aren't any?? is this just a character for the commercial?? or could she be something more? she definitely fits in with the soul collectors aesthetic that we've seen thusfar


    she would have made an amazing icon. seems like a lost opportunity. who understands marketing LOL. they seem crazy lol

  13. 16 hours ago, Oysterhead00 said:


    Do they open?  Can a scaractor stand behind them?  Can a "plant" walking through go up and mess with a door and have a scareactor open it, grab them, and pull them through?  


    I understand the doors in a traditional trick or treat house since as a kid that's all you care about, every door you can knock on to get candy.  But there has to be something for scares.


    I think this could have worked a lot better as a house. I am glad about this zone because we get to see Sam, but This would have worked much better as a house. 
    Even some of the sets from Halloween could have been reused basically. the doors are a little awkward in the zone. Hopefully they bring this as a house next year because there is so much potential for an amazing house. 

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  14. On 8/17/2017 at 11:23 AM, ForeverEvil1 said:

    The natural sequel to Vamp 55. Hopefully, and it sounds like they are, they do play up the comedy and gags for this one.


    Just not too cheesy, hopefully no gray bighead aliens.


    Big headed grey aliens was one of the things i was hoping for the most lol. 

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