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  1. 15 hours ago, Grime said:

    Didn't go last year, so I haven't seen the show. I don't even know what it is. Dancing? Magic? Stunts? Anyway, I like keeping it a mystery, but hopefully they get the stage situation resolved.


    Dancing, magic, stunts, it has all 3 lol

    Plus has AMAZING shadow theater ( really awesome shadow tricks) had drumming, Great video performances. 

    Last year i did it every night. It was  so great it felt so awesome night after night. 

    It was my all time favorite show ever done at hhn. 

    Im pretty sad the stage is not up yet. 

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  2. This zone is basically a metalhead's wildest dream come true. This zone is just basically an iron maiden album cover come to life. The props, the skulls, the horns, the fire, the red light, the music... even the demon girls  dancing on poles. Literally Metalhead heaven. 


    I notice only one cast has the skull icon guy. And that same cast has 4 girls dancing. 

    The other cast only has 2 girls dancing. 


    The big set piece was out. 


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  3. 23 hours ago, Pandry said:


    Has anyone noticed a marked reduction in the amount of gore shown in the houses? Not just this year but now going back multiple years.  I watched HHNH's Saw house walk through and wondered why Orlando's couldn't be like that.  Or is it just me?


    I think it depends on the subject of the house. 

    There has been a reduction over the years, but the fallen is the goriest house this year. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Oysterhead00 said:


    I've seen 3 fights since HHN14.  One was at Bill & Ted (MIGHT have been the Bushwood Magic Show or RHPS, was definitely a show and like a decade ago) where a guy stood up an started punching a guy sitting behind him.  Not 100% sure what happened, but the puncher's girlfriend/wife stood up and basically poured beer out of her purse when they were being ushered out and her shirt was soaking wet.  I think the punchee spilled a whole beer on her and her purse.  Second time was some schmuck trying to start something with a group of guys who just ignored him for a while.  Then he flipped off a guy's hat and started to take off and crashed into someone and the guy came and punched him in the face twice....and then just walked back to his group of friends like nothing even happened.  You could argue neither were really fights as they were one sided and, to an extent, justified.  Lastly, saw a couple 18ish year olds fighting outside the SF restrooms by Bill and Ted's...both throwing punches but not landing much.  Then one of the guys either fell off the sidewalk, or tripped on the step up to the curb and went down and the other guy split.  I've seen more fights at at every individual sporting event and large concert I've been to than I've seen at all the HHN's combined.


    Last year (or maybe the year before) I saw security carrying a passed out girl and recently saw a guy on the ground handcuffed yelling and screaming about something.  Also, last year (according to an event coordinator on a podcast) some 22 year old punks got wasted, somehow stole potatoes from Twisted Taters, and were throwing them at scareactors in SanFran.  Saw someone else getting cuffed at the "old" security with the officer holding a bag full of minibar bottles of liquor.  And, hilariously, some kid who looked waaaay underage had tried to sneak a huge bottle of Jack Daniels stuffed in his shorts and when security called him on it, he took it out and then just bolted into the crowd between old security and ticket swipe.  Not sure if they got him or not.


    That's about it.  That's pretty amazing given the atmosphere and (previous) overabundance of easily accessible alcohol.  And, as my second paragraph of stories illustrate, the worst drunks that cause the few problems that there are will just try to sneak in their liquor anyway.



    People on fb are losing their freaking crap over the alcohol and organizing mass calling to complain to uni and figuring out new ways to sneak liquor like hiding bags on their boots or on their underwear lol. 

    ( some are threatening to cancel their vacation or even their annual pass LOL)

    I understand drinking is is fun but some people are acting like if they found out that their car was stolen or something... like if they lost all their savings or something  :lol:



    Some people were truly fully panicking,  very funny to see really.


    I never knew some many went to hhn with alcohol being their biggest motivator for going, 


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  5. 3 hours ago, Cody said:

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The very first corpse in the house is wearing chain mail, is holding a sword, and has long blonde hair. There's nobody else it could be.


    There's also some later bodies that have noticeably been set up to look like their wings were ripped off.


    Theres a body with very long straight hair being tortured that i remember,  it was obvious thats an angel

    13 minutes ago, BenjaminNicholas said:

    Devil's advocate or not, the celebration of a Halloween event like this should be enough to keep most bible bangers away.  Aren't these the same folks who refuse to celebrate this kind of thing anyway?  


    Don't sanitize my horror.  Don't play politics with my houses.  If it's frightening, LEAVE IT BE.


    I'm a liberal, but this is some serious snowflake bullshit.  Go to The Holy Land Experience if you want that.  Let us have HHN.


    But do we need to see angels dismembered? Lol

    Like i said, the corpses are still there, the mutilation is still there.

    Theres absolutely no " sanitation" whatsoever. 

    U still get a hellraiser style house with a lot of scary demons torturing and cutting up humans. 

    There really is not any sanitation at all. 

    Even the ending has all these dead bodies, like an altar of death. 

    If u want blood, u get it. Simple as that 

  6. 44 minutes ago, Tman875 said:

    The tall scientists in the white dresses have limited mobility and movement range do to their footwear/costumes.


    Because of their dresses i heard people calling them the "alien brides" lol

  7. 4 hours ago, scaredbenny said:

    Agree, not to mention the location makes me think they WANT people to not go to the house.  Its just so out of the way for a so so house.


    Specially with that darn gate.... i cant see myself going that way too often 

  8. 28 minutes ago, QueenoftheBunnies said:

     But if they're freaked out about carnage, why go to a Halloween event known for it's horror and gore?? I mean, the event has had a Carnival of CARNAGE. If you can't stand the blood, get out of the butcher shop. 


    It is a little more complicated than that. Im going to play devil's advocate here because i dont care if the angels were ripped appart,

    And It is difficult to explain to non religious people,

    angels might be seen as fairy tales, as children's bedtime stories. 

    But some people actually legitimately pray to angels. Some people fully believe in them. Angels are something that is sacred to some people. 

    You wouldnt have a house with a hurt jesus or Buddha or something.

    I can see why someone at uni got cold feet. People might not care about regular gore. Its complicated. 


    Im actually surprised universal had the balls to create a house with fully satanic creatures. I remember years ago ( in the vault) when people suggested a satan based house people said it was a bad idea. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Cody said:

    Things that occurred last night:


    * Aliens playing with the horn on an ECV and turning into an impromptu dance in the middle of the zone.


    * My friend (and fellow scareactor) Michelle being forced to dance at gunpoint and having to explain all the items in her purse to the aliens, including at one point them accidentally finding a nude sketch in her notebook and being absolutely mortified.


    * An alien taking Michelle's purse and doing a runway walk.


    * Michelle being "killed" by a raygun.


    * A soldier doing the "ALIENS" meme as a scare, complete with the hands.


    * A soldier sprinting full tilt into the former Earthquake/Disaster photo studio, screaming the whole way.


    * Michelle nearly making out with an alien until I cockblocked her.


    So this zone is amazing ONLY if u personally know the cast lol. :D


    Whats the "aliens" meme 



    1 hour ago, OhHaiInternet95 said:

    ^Man, this zone sounds awesome! Don't see why it's getting bad reviews.


    I liked the zone. It is funny and charming. The aliens are funny. The music is funny too. 


    I think the problem is that the actors are not really scaring people but they are acting like confused curious scientists. Analyzing and studying everything around them. 

    I didnt see the actors really being aggresive. 


    While i love the zone and i love the actors. The zone doesnt have a lot of energy. Doesnt have any aggression. I think people expecyed this zone to be more aggresive than it is. 

  10. They definitely messed up with this zone. What a mess. Those skull signs remind me of a local  state fair lol. 

    The actors are doing a good job, really good job.

    The actors might save the zone. Pig guy is going really well. Statue of liberty girl is super fast. 

    They are NOT stopping for pics. 

    Super hard to take a pic. I didnt try, but i notice people being disappointed when no one stopped lol

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  11. This house is nothing but hallways :lol:

    Two hallways in sinister, more hallways in purge, more hallways in insidious..... the HALLWAYS of BLUMHOUSE lol!

    What a strange messy house. Nothing flows well, sinister was a big waste. They could have done so much more with it. Purge is over indulgence.  The ending of the house is just more strange green hallways lol

  12. Having seen the house, 

    I think some mutilated  corpses were meant to be angels. The hair gave it away.

    This wasnt a battle, it was a slaughter. I cant see how any of the rooms would have had the angels winning in any way. 

     This house was set up for the demons to torture the angels i think.


    I could see some people being freaked out by the carnage

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  13. 5 hours ago, Alice said:

    Skipped out on the event last night after a short time at Volcano Bay (the moratorium on TMs and comps was finally lifted!) but I heard it was fairly light on crowds. I'm wondering if certain tactics like having QS restaurants open to suck up crowds reduced the waits. I'll be very curious to see the attendance patterns over the next few weeks. 


    Also, Pizza Fries are gross. Sue me. 


    Yesterday  Hive was like 10 minutes up to 8:30, at 9:30 it was like 30 the most.

    None of the houses got past 45 min. Very easy going weekend.



    Some people i know were surprised it started already, they thought it started next weekend. 


    Other people are still dealing with no power and broken branches and stuff. Dealing with clean up. 

  14. that definitely works
    the house basically felt like a HELLRAISER house for me, the closest we will get to hellraiser for now, so having angels might have ruined it for me. some of the demon designs and some of the rooms looked like they belonged in hellraiser. or something like that, the house also reminded me a little bit of the Silent Hill games, specially 3, and the creepy satanic otherworld creatures and sets from the game. 
    so yeah, I cant say i missed the angels, this works as a semi silent hill for me. It is funny that some of these creatures and rooms looked much better than the Silent Hill house did 

  15. 4 hours ago, Midnight Detective said:

    So they removed the angels from The Fallen and the rumor is that they opted to make the event "as dry as possible" and have made alcohol hard to access. Does anyone know what's going on and what's up with these changes?


    3 hours ago, Cody said:

    I've only heard secondhand, but supposedly the removal of the angels was due to a last minute panic about offending Christian guests by showing violence against them.


    I honestly don't mind drying out HHN. As much money as alcohol sales make, I've been to several other theme park Halloween events and many independent haunts (from small neighborhood houses to large "scare parks") and HHN Orlando has possibly the most violent crowd out of all of them, much of it alcohol-fueled.


    i did the house and did not miss the angels to be honest. the house feels horrific with nothing but demons, I don't know. maybe they had some really cool fights planned or some variety
    But I have to say, this house is super scary with nothing but demons and ghouls. the angels were just not missed (I know we never saw the original intended house, I understand) but looking at how the house is set up, it just didnt feel the need to add some winged good guys or something. 
    It felt pretty perfect as it is. I also thought that the angels could win, but the way the house is set up and they way the rooms look, it wouldn't work to have the angels win. the house is very creepy and demonic looking. I dont know, we will never know how the angels would have worked out, but for me personally the house was perfect exactly how it is now 

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