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  1. 5 hours ago, kablue said:

    What would you consider the "proper area"? I'm going in early October and will only have two nights. If I take the time to see this instead of going through a house or people watching in the zones I would like to know how to best experience it.


    The show is very amazing. Better than anything any park has ever done (as far as water shows) it takes your breath away

    If you could arrive 20 minutes early you could find a good spot. Just try to be at the center and to the front of the standing area 

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  2. 10 hours ago, ultimateforce said:

    Did you have on super bring pink eye shadow and was on the left side of the gates on opening night?


    Anyway, Killer Klowns might have been the biggest missed opportunity of any house I've seen so far. Let me preface by saying I really enjoyed this house, but let me explain. The buzz about the Klowns was really huge this year. People were lining up to take photos with them outside the house, and the middle-aged guy behind me in line talked about how much he enjoyed the movie having recently seen it for the first time.  I listened to the Killer Klowns song by the Dickies twice on the way to HHN, I was pumped.




    The opening scene was spot on. We are outside in the city with the projection of Shorty and the "knock your block off" scene in shadow. The moving trash cans with with no Klown as a good scare and it looked realistic. The next couple gags were quick hits from the movie, with the puppet sheriff being particularly good. None of them were scary or surprising. Just lots of "hey I remember that part from the movie, pretty cool" then on to the next one. Once we got in the ship I think it just felt like they ran out of time. I thought the plywood floors and walls were true to how the real movie sets were made but a lot of scares involved the actors stomping on plywood floors to make noise. Compared to Graveyard Games this wasn't even on the same level. The Klowns aren't scary they are funny in my opinion and the hallway with the GATs should have been the whole rest of the house. The ending scene with all the Klowns in a twisting line was fun but went by so fast. Why the hell didn't the song loop properly? It just cuts off in the middle of a verse and repeats!


    If they iron out some of these bugs and do some changes I think this house could be fantastic it just didn't work for me without my nostalgia and desire to enjoy it. I was talking to a couple in line behind me and they thought it was supposed to be based on IT!


    The house spends too much time inside the ship. It sucks. Most of the house feels like it is all in the ship besides the beginning rooms 

  3. 2 hours ago, zombieman said:

    Sadly what you are joking about is what we have in Hollywood.  For real.


    We had go-go dancers since they restarted in 2006.  It was really cool, too, as they usually had demon prosthetics on their faces.  This was a video I made at the time.  Then around the time they cut Bill & Ted, the dancers were gone - but their dance platforms remained.  All season long.   A platform with guard rails around it that served no purpose other than to create an obstacle.


    Then in all subsequent years the same platforms appeared, but with static skeletons standing on them.  I guess they are supposed to pay some sort of homage to the go go dancers?  



    I wonder why orlando risk it. Im sure Rib Zombie might have asked but im surprised they have them. 

  4. 11 hours ago, Tman875 said:


    A large number of the scares in T R T are blind scares. We were supposed to go out every 4-6 seconds regardless if there was anyone in our scene or not. So, generally, if you got a great scare it was by sheer accident. Another difficult thing about the sheet scare was that the lollypop frequently got caught in the sheets, causing them to look strange and ruining the moment.


    The Vampire kid in Cast B was played by a female. The only males in Cast B were the 3 Kreeg's, both Wilkins and the occasional Firecrew/ABU. I think that Cast A had no Vampire Wilkins in October, and they had a male Vampire kid.


    how many seconds are between scares in a regular house? like lets say scary tales or stranger things or Slaugther sinema? 

    whats the average time? 

  5. 13 hours ago, SATX said:



    Well good news everyone, looks like my brother and I are getting a second chance at getting the full Halloween Horror Nights experience tomorrow night! How busy is it generally on Wednesdays though? Since my brother and I already did the Stranger Things and Poltergeist houses we're definitely going to hit up Halloween 4, Trick 'r Treat, and the Blumhouse houses first in that order most likely. Oh, and we're also going to arrive earlier than 8 last time. Unfortunately though, we couldn't afford express passes so what would everyone recommend to do first so we get the full experience? Also I know on the website it says to arrive before five but what would you guys recommend? Is the opening scaremonies worth staying to see?


    Sorry for all the noobish questions but we're definitely trying to have a much better experience this time around.

    I would recommend doing Carvinal graveyard and scarytales first, then do blumhouse and then sinema and dead exposure then seeds and trick r treat and then halloween 

    Because Seeds and trick or treat will have short lines until around 7:30 or 8 pm, but Carnival and scary tales can get long since everyone goes that way. 

    Or you could do carnival and scary tales and then do halloween and then trick r treat and seeds and then dead exposure and sinema and leave blumhouse last, 

    But either way, the houses that will get the longer lines (Besides stranger things and Polter which you already did) are carnival and scary tales. Halloween also can get longer but thats later on. 

    Sinema and dead exposure get longer lines before trick or treat or seeds, the houses with the lowest lines tend to be those two. 

    1 minute ago, TheShape1031 said:

    Without Express it will be a grind, but if you can get there when it opens I would recommend going to the back of the park first as most people will head to Stranger Things, Halloween and Poltergeist first. if you do that, you should be able to get on the mazes in the back fairly quickly and work your way back towards Halloween. 

    the back of the park stays kind of empty until 7:30 

    I always leave the ones at the back for last because they never get a long line. if SATX wants to do carnival and scary tales, those should be first with halloween because the lines for those will be longer later in the night 

    Sinema will not get long until later. 

  6. 15 hours ago, HHN Pro said:

    This house isn't... Bad per se. It's just okay.


    The HDD part is hands-down the best part of the house since it follows the movie very well, and of course you have Babyface everywhere. I also love the surprise Babyface in the transition from HDD to TFP (also, they should have a surprise Babyface at the end of the house rather than the purger).


    Then... Ya got The First Purge. Let me just say this right off the bat: This section sucks. Even thought it's literally built to be Purge, it still feels tacked on and like it replaced a different property. The scares are out-in-the-open rather than cleverly hidden like in HDD, and... It's Purge. It feels exactly like Scream The Purge from 2015. And I've already said it before, but: The Purge, no matter what, doesn't make a good house. It's not meant to be a house. It lends itself to be a scare zone more, and the two we've had were both some of the best scare zones HHN has ever had.


    I really don't get why this couldn't have just been "The Horrors of Blumhouse: Happy Death Day" or just "Happy Death Day". HDD lends itself to be a house, and it makes a great half-house in here, but then it has to end and become more Purge. Like, is there some sort of contract that requires them to have the house involving Purge or something?


    But anyway, this house is just okay. If it were all HDD, it'd probably be a good, maybe even great house. But nope, TFP has to ruin everything.


    If THoBH returns next year (which, unfortunately it probably will), I'd like to see them do Happy Death Day 2 U, and just HDD2U. And if they're to do two properties again, then Happy Death Day 2 U and... The Girl? Since it's in Hollywood's house this year, I could see them doing The Girl.


    Rating: 3/5



    I guess you can love the house if you love the movie, because as someone that does Not care at all about the movie and found it boring, the house is just as boring. 

    it was very boring and tedious to see the same room over and over again. it felt like a waste of space, like a waste of a house. as a Non fan of the movie, it was lame to get to see the same room over and over again. there was nothing cool about it. it might be one of the most boring things about this year. 
    I do totally undertand your love since the house is faithful to the movie, but, i mean really , seeing the same room over and over, thats just really boring and annoying. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tman875 said:

    I have a question:


    What is the draw to film/photograph scareactors walking to and from set? We are (for the most part....at least in Trick 'R Treat) in black robes with our costumes and faces covered. There really isn't anything cool to see, so why would you film or photograph that. It really baffles me....


    the wind, the wind as you walk by shows off the costume. Ive seen it many times. Ive never taken pictures of video, but i've gotten clear glimpses of the actors costumes and ive noticed details that were not noticeable in the house. your head alone will show the mask or make up, since you have to look where you are going. Or, sometimes the actors will do something funny like walk funny or dance or jump or something, ive noticed little funny moments like that. 
    Also it might just be interesting for people to have the recording as kind of an inside footage of something no one else sees. i guess people might think it is like a glimpse into the inside of HHN. even if it really is just people in robes, it is still something no one else gets to see

  8. 10 hours ago, zombieman said:


    I agree 100% with your assessment.  The audience participation part was a turn off for me.  A good show doesn't need to beg the audience to have fun.  And the wave? It hasn't been a thing for 30 years.  Oh wait, it's a slow motion wave!  That's totally different.  Whatever.  That mental hospital storyline was brilliant, as it was set in Shadybrook.  Is there any better way of being accepted as a new show than to tie into a fan favorite of the event?  This year is devoid of anything HHN related, and it's just not hooking me.  Been to HHN 4 nights and only did this one time.  Had no desire to see it again.  I saw the 2016 show every night, and 2017 most nights.  And this is not my B&T bitterness showing.  I wanted to like this show.


    8 hours ago, jorgito2001 said:

    Clash and Zombieman hit the nail on the head!  As Clash said, the playfulness from years past (most memorable being HHN 26) didn't translate and I didn't get instantly "energized" when wtching the show the way me & my teens did the first year...we stopped and watched it 3 times I remember and obsessed over downloading most of the songs from the show. :)


    Like zombieman, I went 4 times this year (Rush of Fear), saw it our 2nd visit & when returning the 3rd & 4th times took a consensus with my kids...should we watch AOV again? We all agreed...naaah!


    That said, the show isn't HORRIBLE by any means, loved the screen/anime style fight & the laser light fingers was awesome...but was definitely a one & done.


    the event this year is an 80s event, and they could have done SO many retro things with it.... they could have had a vampire show that connected to Vamp 85 scarezone, they could have had so many other things that tie to the 80s, so many cool ideas for costumes or make the show a party style show. make it fun and quirky and enjoyable

    the terminator show is such a drag in an otherwise fun event. even Dead Exposure has a  quirkiness to it. everything else in the park feels retro or fun and quirky, and then you go to this show and the story is so serious and dark.... but then you have dance numbers in this terminator style story... ugh... even the high energy dance numbers dont make sense with the story and tone they set up. 

  9. the show this year is annoying and a little bit boring. adding a story and being so closed to it hurts the show. One of the highlights and one of the biggest strengths of the older shows was their playfulness and the guest interaction with the audience.  The reason it was cool to watch them before was because not only were the dance sets cool, but their attitude was very likable. 

    The new show cancels all that out. they lost a lot of the appeal with the terminator storyline. and with the way the stage is set up. they totally got an upgrade on the visuals but the show lost its soul. 

    the terminator stuff is kinda boring to be honest. is not as cool as the mental hospital of 2 years ago. the dance sets are kinda silly within this story too. 
    Reminded me a lot of Captain EO but not in a good way. its like a more annoying and less charming version of Captain EO 

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  10. 3 hours ago, Ueeediot said:

    Vin Diesel in Pitch Black confirmed for HHN29!  Just a maze of black hallways that then feeds you into the F&F ride where the horror intensifies! 

    I so wish the Fast and Furious ride ended up with an animatronic the same size as Kong but with a giant Vin Diesel head saying Familia over and over.... Familia, La Familia La familia 

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  11. 1 hour ago, littlegreenghouls said:

     The entry to blumhouse is terrible why do you need three people in the façade of Happy death day?  I RATHER TAKE THE BLACK HALLWAYS OF HOLLYWOOD, COMPARED TO RIOT GEAR OPS MEMBERS.

    you take that back right now. Right NOW. 

    Halloween has black walls and that's just really awful. I can't even imagine what a house full of black walls looks like. you can at least ignore the OPS but black walls are just a waste of space 

  12. 14 hours ago, CNYHHN315 said:

    haha they will never sell out of express. They want everyone inside to buy one. Telling people they can sell out makes for panic to get one. Brilliant marketing


    they already sold out one of the opening days.... 

  13. On 9/15/2018 at 9:30 AM, Vampyr said:

    I really hope they revise Chucky’s dialogue in the “mini-show.” It was so boring and some of it cringe worthy.


    They’re going more towards the original films-Chucky (which I appreciate), but I feel the “Bride”-era Chucky would fit better at the event (sarcastic, rude, FUNNY).


    Also, some more guest interaction would be nice. Maybe bring a guest on stage to do something fun or embarrassing.


    I’ve only seen two renditions of the show. Anybody know how many in total there are?


    if he says rude things someone will complain and then close the show.....

  14. 8 hours ago, sadbunny said:

    I'm just putting it out there I feel like they could have moved this into the big open area in front of Fast and Furious for more space and to balance out that side of the park.


    yes, it would have worked so much better over there. the size of this zone is pitiful. 

    This zone is so small, it should just be called a mini  horde and not a zone. even the clowns over at Springfield are more of a zone than this area was. 

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