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  1. Legendary truth:1 Hades: 1 Psychoscarepy: 1
  2. Im like incognito tonight cause my fiancee is very antisocial but if anybody see me anything this weekend, look for my signature bow on the right side, holding my bangs back.
  3. Last night was cool especially having the original Jack on the panel. I like that with the cookie knowing where the tree supposed to tie into the event. Also the jack interaction was hilarious. My fiancee was a little upset that I couldnt get in the front but it was okay. Best part for me was TJ answering my question about taking icons from regional legends and when the little girl called A&D out for the jack totem being incorrect. Worth every penny.
  4. If anyone is looking for a lantern pin the universal store at the entrance of the park had a limited quality last night
  5. Last night when we were leaving from the area by Havoc and Hallowd Past we saw a huge fight that everyone was watching so you couldnt get around and security and Orlando PD didnt show up until after the fight was over
  6. I wasn't able to tape it I had a guy in front of me with too big of a head sorry
  7. I could try and record it using my iPhone and upload it to YouTube
  8. I'm planning on going to the Lounge tomorrow I dunno which time I'm going though
  9. So I'm currently en route, stopped to take a nap being traveling 7 hours now and the GPS says were gonna get to the resort at 12:30pm that's a long time why is Louisiana so far away from Florida?
  10. I'm leaving out for Orlando tomorrow night!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
  11. The Mummy was the first ride I rode on Halloween and there was no line or waits
  12. Okay after seeing that the commercial that I saw on the 1st and looking at the website, I think that the promotional materials this year are lackluster. When I live in Florida and was too young to go to the event, the commercials were the reason I want to go. Then I got into the websites, 2008 being my favorite. But it feels like Uni is alienating the devoted fans and catering to getting more general public in the park by the marketing that they are using.
  13. I got mine last year as part of the UTH tour
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