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    Toronto, Canada
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    Hi, I'm a nerd.
    I like animation, drawing, plushies, computer stuff, things I'm too old for, etc.

    ...and I actually have never been to HHN. I was *supposed* to go last year, but complications arose. Nonetheless, I find the entirety of it awesome, especially the concept of guest/Scareactor interactions and immersive plot/character stuff. :)

    Wish I had gone in 2009 for LITC... >_< Now one of the biggest regrets of my life, especially because I can't find a video of it anywhere.

    As for theme parks, in all honesty, I can say that Disney World is the only place on the planet I truly feel at home, like I can be my true self, and not have to worry about being seen as immature or strange.

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About Me

My name is Pirka, as I am known on most of "teh interwebz". I am a total animation nerd, applied to both Western Animation and Anime. I love to draw and I aspire to working in an animation-related career someday.

The Animation Age Ghetto is my arch nemesis. I shall destroy you! My second-biggest animation related pet peeve is 'Animation Discrimination' - i.e. people who say '2D is better than 3D', 'Eastern is better than Western', etc. I am not an animation racist.

I am also an internet nerd who frequently mentions things that are listed under Memetic Mutation in public; though any form of in-joke (internet or not) is a surefire way to make me happy. I am also a huge fan of the Science Fiction genre, and tend to speak in technobabble when nobody's looking. I spend all my time on the computer. It is a rare occasion indeed when I am offline and happy as well.

I am probably the least perverted person I have ever met. laugh.gif


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