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  1. Or Charles and Checkmate are the same property. In the Q&A Murdy was asked if he would make a maze based on a Stephen King book or film. He said he would absolutely if he were allowed to - an open ended answer. He did not say " we can't we're not allowed to". The next question should have been "are you allowed to this year?"


    King famously will not give the rights to his books for haunts. But what about the rights to films based on those books? How much control does he have over the films? Particularly how much control would he have over film rights he sold at the beginning of his career before he became the power he is today? The Shining was shot by Stanley Kubrick for Warner Brothers and King has said many times he was not happy with the film. He had his "own" version made for television many years later. The rights would be controlled, I believe by the Kubrick estate and Warners. And they just succeeded in a difficult negotiation with Warners last year for The Exorcist - a property they had pursued for years and years. The contract allowed the maze in three separate HHN events last year. So Warners has now gotten into a comfortable place with Universal for HHN rights - could they have circumvented Stephen King entirely and got The Shining?


    As someone pointed out Murdy said he was surprised they are even doing Charles  which would point to a property long thought impossible to acquire, and the elevator scene indeed fits quite well with what he had been saying as well. So why Charles?


    Charles is the name of the future King.


    Odds are if they have gotten The Shining it will be a shared IP, how could they not use it wherever they can? I'd expect it in Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka like with The Exorcist.


    So could Checkmate be for The Shining as well? 


    Checkmate is what you say when you finally take the King.


    All of this is, of course, mere speculation.

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  2. 16 hours ago, ForeverEvil1 said:

    The cardinal rule of John Murdy clues is that you can make basic guesses for them but should neve put an ounce of confidence in the answer. I'd argue you get better info for Murdy talking technical aspects of certain mazes than clues about the fancy code names.

    Indeed. From just such a Q&A he gave on Twitter we now know that Charles contains an "iconic scene" that was very hard for him to realize in a maze. He says the code name refers to the property but is "personal". He also said about that one that he was surprised they got the property. Hmmmm.


    He also said Lemonade refers to something the filmmaker of the property said to him about the film. That at least reveals the property for the first maze IS a film, rather than a TV series like AHS.

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  3. Murdy's second maze has the code name Charles. 


    He has confirmed all the Hollywood mazes will be IPs again this year, but also that there are "no direct repeats".


    Last year all IPs used in Orlando were also in Hollywood, therefore there is a good chance of shared IPs this year.

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  4. On 11/9/2016 at 5:17 PM, Jediwhit82 said:

    IPs I want before I die.




    The Shinning


    On 11/9/2016 at 11:51 PM, hhnfan95 said:


    Hate to break it to ya, but we're never going to get The Shinning due to Stephen King being a butthole about his IPs :(







    Unless he actually did mean The Shinning, rather than the Shining. 


    As in The Simpson's Treehouse of Horror parody.


    "No beer and no TV makes Homer something something"


    "Go crazy?"


    "Don't mind if I do!"


    I will likely post an HHN 27 spec video in the near future.

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