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  1. Please don't kill me for asking this! I really want to get into Legendary Truth because I didnt do it in 2008. I read the website. But What are we doing exactly? What is the puzzle we are trying to solve? How do I research it? If someone can answer these questions for me i will be extremely happy!

    You are doing it just by posting :) You're best bet to catch up so far is to read through the thread and through the timeline of events on facebook. Right now we're kind of in a holding position while we're waiting to get the next bit of info to act on, until then you're best bet is just to jump in, read a little to catch up and wait for the next clue to drop

  2. D'aww, I'm sorry. I hope everything ends up alright for you and your dad. :(

    .....quickly switching gears from that....

    Now, not to be spammy or be crazy with shameless plugs, but I'm entered in an art contest that could win my high school's art program much needed money and laptops. It would be lovely if any of you guys could just go on this link http://www.dosomething.org/make-art-save-art/design/daytime-city-art and use the buttons on the bottom to either share it on Facebook or Twitter?

    My high school has been having bad budget cuts and we have so many talented art students there that deserve the best, so it would be great if you guys could help.



    I'll check it out

    Can you believe that it's THIS close??!! :o


    Can NOT wait

  3. From the LT facebook:

    So while on a scouting job at the park (purely for curiosity, as we still haven't been contracted for a job), I stumbled across a bit of property that looked a little FAMILIAR...


    Anyone at Legendary Truth wanna comment on how one of our Ghost Traps got to Universa...l Studios? Also how our phone number got changed on it?

    Anyone want to explain to them that they aren't Ghostbusters, don't own the copyright and the real Ghostbusters had a home at Universal for many years? lol

    I'm hoping well get some more useful info before the weekend's over....

  4. I've read the post from last night on facebook and been reading this thread but I gotta say this........please dont tell me that guy who saying LT is a bunch of Ametures either A.) believe that Legendary Truth is an actual Paranormal Investigation Agency or B.) believe that he's actualy a Ghostbuster and that he fought a Voodoo preist because he may need mental help

    Thank you, i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt that way lol

    I second the notion. Besides, it's not like guests attacking scareactors is something new. God forbid they actually think it's for a just cause.

    Wouldn't it be nice if people just behaved and kept their hands to themselves, heck we could get some really cool sets and stuff if they didn't have to deal with people touching, hitting or stealing everything and everyone. Too bad most people in the world make this just a dream

    that guy was talking about showing up with a pack and a trap, and seems sincere about it like he realy believes he is a ghost buster all I can say is WTF and Please if any of you guys see security escorting some guy with vacume hose attached to a backpack and a Ice chest connected to Wii controler please let me know and take a picture

    I go to comic cons in Orlando and i've seen these guys that think they are "official" Ghostbusters and actually pay to have their own location to meet people and offer their services and such and it just amazes me, i'm all for being a fan, heck i'm a HUGE Ghostbusters fan myself, but there is only so far i'll go. I've had more than one "fandom" turn me off things I once loved (Star Wars, G.I. Joe and BTVS just to name a few) I can't even watch Star Wars at this point, but that's not as much the fans fault as George Lucas' lol

    So THAT'S what they are doing with the old Robosaurus framework...turning it into the mighty morphin Icon Ranger...

    Mighty Morphin' Icon Rangers!

    I think we know what the Portametus really does now. Case closed, everyone go home.

    Damn, I guess now I can show the concept art I found


  5. Also... that really wouldnt work or make sense... what would they do to them? especially in todays litigious society... Remember folks... THIS IS JUST A GAME. IT IS NOT REAL LIFE.

    This is something I sadly feel like I need to say, as many people have gotten a little TOO into this game this year and lines are being blurred.


    people were asking in the chat last night if they should attempt to subdue or restrain Fear or his allies at the event, which common sense would say NO, you dont touch any performer or guest... however common sense is not that common it seems.

    People are getting very personal in disagreements and taking things wayyyy too far.

    and It seems some people are behaving like this is actually REAL. What do you possibly think the "Senior Staff" are going to do to park guests?

    They are all ACTORS and we are all playing a GAME.

    Its a shame that this needs to be said, but unfortunately the way some people are taking this i'm afraid people will do real world things that have real world consequences and ruin the fun for everyone.

    Dont touch, threaten or in any other way assault or attempt to bring harm to anyone else involved in this event... or anyone in general.

    thank you.

    Wait are you saying this isn't really Jack I have locked up in my closet? Man that clowns gonna be pissed........

  6. In a totally unrelated to anything I had said before post, my favorite part of last nights' little gathering was when someone asked that, If they should run into Fear or any of the other Icons, they should physically subdue them to bring them in for capture.

    Immediately LT/A+D were all "noooooo, that's ok though, thanks. we'll take care of that part.

    I was just thinking "yeah, that would be a real quick way to turn any future LT things astray, beat up the people at HHN itself to "bring them in"

    Yeah I noticed that too, I actually started to get heated over they guy claiming that him and his "Offical" Ghostbusters were the only ones capable of handling this and no one else should try. I love Ghostbusters, heck it's my favorite movie, but I'm not dragging that love into LT as it's two different worlds (well maybe it could interconnect if they hadn't let GB rights lapse, but that's besides the point) and I just felt it was kind of annoying to keep posting GB related responses and questions into a totally different thing that had nothing to do with Ghostbusters roleplaying. But then again I eventually thought better and just decided to let it go before I said something i'd regret or pissed someone else off myself lol

    Really I didn't get most of my questions responded on (most in reference to Goth Wackee and the physical location and actions of the devices), but I did really find interesting thee whole "timepiece" concept and enjoyed the meeting as a whole, just wish it was in a more organized fashion where we could've avoided some of the repeat/unnecessary questions

  7. maybe eddie, cindy and BM are the good guys? LOL just a guess

    That would be EPIC

    Received message fom IH, thought I'd share:

    Although the Device is not linked to the current events, it does indded seem to do much more than store information. More when we know it...


    I have been trying to figure out the purpose/function of this "Device". I keep bouncing back and for the with the significance of it and how it plays...

    Glad to see you got some results from IH, i've asked about the device, but didn't receive a response

    ill gladly help summon it in, they can count on me.

    I'll help summon it, but only so I know where and what it is when the time comes to stop it

  8. LT wasn't originally a bad company, It's original purpose was to investigate dark instances. only when it came under the leadership of people like Ignatia and Fell did it become something much darker.

    How do u message Richards? I can't add him as a friend and messaging him is not offered as an option on his main page.

    Same here, i've tried and so far....nada

    oh, you keep making it sound like what they are doing is BAD..... maybe its a good thing.

    If it's a good thing why not some transparency? Let us know so we can help

    Random question: Anyone wonder what's happened to the infected MNA?

    I've been wondering ever since we never heard anything else after the infection was announced

    Edit: Not necessarily literal demons per se, Zokoke. Prophecies have a habit of using misleading wordplay, it's a big thing in a lot of literary works.

    Told you guys Mary was coming back.

    The infected MNA was probably Richards trying to break into the system, actually. It may come up again. I think it will, in fact!

    Actually I think I remember reading somewhere that it was Goth Wackee that did the system attack, but i'm sure Richards had something to do with it, just we knew what they found

  9. Not altogether convinced that LT is the "bad guys" yet. They stopped and fired staff after using The Device.... what if The Device not only scanned you but also stored what it scanned. Perhaps it an amplified method of extracting and storing fear.... for this. If so, LT wanted that stopped.

    Exactly what i've been saying for a while now! That device is TROUBLE

  10. Another


    and another


    Weird they both contain mirrors..... wonder if that means something?

    JW I really like the theory about LT being the one to lead us wrong and Universal being the ones to be trying to keep the Lantern under control. I think you're onto something

    I'm still on board with that theory and the fact that the "device" from 2008 was something they were using to make the Collective sort of batteries. They are using us to power whatever it is they are planning

    jus got a message back from IH

    Mr. Fell is a man destined for success. I would suggest that you, like I, trust him.


    Notice she doesn't say what his success will bring...I had to bring this up to her as well, we'll see what she has to say.

    Fell is crooked, i'd bet anything, I wouldn't be surprised to find Fell being possessed, turned into or controlling the big bad this year

  11. I can see it now.....a long foggy walk down Production Central fraught with encounters from characters past. You come to the stage and see a man in a black hood chanting spells in front of a giant glowing lantern....the fog & lighting effects are amazing......the unveiling.....

    An audioanimatronic is seen. It is Michael Roddy pulling levers. He yells, "Pay not attention to the man behind the curtain!" A further inspection of the area reveals the tree we've been speculating about. The levers MR is operating are causing the tree to come to life. It pulsates and moves. The arms reach out like tentacles. GASP! It is THE TREE OF LIFE from DAK. The legendary truth......Roddy has always worked for DISNEY and DISNEY has been running the show all of these years. Music reaches a crescendo.....a hoard of Pixies burst from the tree and take over the park. The final horror.....Marvel Super Hero Island has been turned into Pixie Hollow! Oh, the humanity!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I will melt (in a bad way) if MR is in any way at the center of this event. A friend suggested to me that MR leaving was a media hoax and set-up for this year's event. If it turns out that he is the employee at the center of the LT scenario or the grand puppetmaster....it would be a bit too much for even this die hard fan. I really do hope this is a year where we move on from the past and start reaping the benefits of the LOADS of talent at Universal for the future.

    One problem, why would Disney replace Marvel Superhero Island since they already own Marvel anyways (and Men in Black but that's a whole different issue), i'd assume they'd turn something else into Pixie Hollow lol

  12. Q. A few weeks ago, the first set of photographs were updated, showing further deterioration and more apparent markings. Will the same be done with the more recent photos, or have they not deteriorated further?

    A. We release as necessary. By the way, your contributions to this process have not gone unnoticed. Your contributions will be noted too. We are close to identifying the Universal employee who has been the source of this evidence.


    I'm jealous, i've yet to have heard from IH, much less get a glowing compliment lol, then again most of my ideas about the images and evidence so far have led to dead ends.

    Anyone have any more info on the Pierced Circle (or Sphere of Chaos)?

    I like the idea about our past icons representing a pantheon, but we have eight (if we include Cindy & Eddie)? We're a few short of matching up with the Greek/Roman Gods with a pantheon of twelve, what pantheons have eight? I know the Taoist Pantheon has eight, what other pantheons?

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