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  1. Im extremely excited about this Scarezoze and can't wait to see Sam!  There's a lot of stuff from the movie I'm hoping to see and can't wait to see how they pull it off. Yes, I too can't wait to see hot girl werewolves dressed as Disney princesses (wow never thought I'd say that lol)

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  2. On 6/25/2017 at 0:26 AM, Jediwhit82 said:

    Horror nights house version of Disney's haunted mansion with the original full backstory of the bride and everything.



    Although this idea would/could never happen I love the idea of bringing the haunts of Gracey Manor to HHN!  Combing my favorite ride with this event?  Yes please

  3. First year was 1997, I remember being crazy scared despite the fact I was 16 lol. I remember wearing my nWo t-shirt and seeing a Kiss Tribute Band of some sort in concert during the night, plus I remember a fat woman stepping on my foot and breaking the nail on my big toe in one of the houses, despite that bad part I loved it and i've been back whenever I could in the years since

  4. I love animatronics and I'd love to see more of them at Universal during HHN, heck i'd love to see more of the next gen animatronics like Lucky (whom I used to work with) and the Muppet Mobile Lab anywhere! I love the whole concept of the Living Character Initiative at Disney, but I agree anytime these type of characters are used they must be protected because the public ruin just about anything cool. I always wondered about that singing animatronic at HHN in 2007, I remember seeing it but it didn't do anything the whole time I was around it, even have a pic of it here somewhere. I'd love to see some creative animatronics at HHN as long as they are protected, even something as simple as the interactive Jack last year was a lot of fun, imagine that to the next level

  5. Deter them from what?! What's they're goal that they COUNT on Floyd and Nurni to keep them focused on? Hosting? XD

    The midnight hour is usually when a) a creature in human form takes they're original form or B) a nightwalker arises from sleep. And though it wasn't capitalized, I remember The Midnight Hour being a cheesy horror show from the 80s I believe.

    A Creature Feature type house would be awesome. I hope there would be a nod to Dr. Paul Bearer.

    I'm am incredibly psyched for the idea of a Monster Host Creature Feature type house. It sounds like the midnight hour thing might just refer to the time when many of those types of shows were on, but who knows i'm probably wrong. I can't wait to see what comes next

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