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  1. Ok, so I’ve done both HHN Orlando and HHN Hollywood within two weeks. Orlando Pros: - Elaborate Set Design of houses - Beautiful, well designed scarezones - No horror-less deadzones - Blinky Cups - Nice 80s theme (besides the houses) - Dark and spooky lighting - Lagoon show Orlando Cons: - Party Atmosphere/Music - Not scary - Very generic and repetitive costumes - Crappy dancing show Hollywood Pros: - Much scarier than Orlando (more startling noises) - Agressive scarezones scareactors - Costume Design - Creepy Atmosphere/Music - Generic Crypt TV Que Videos Hollywood Cons: - Crappy facades - A lot of black walls and hallways in the houses - No “real” scarzones. They’re all very basic with not much design. Toxic Tunnel? Just a bunch of lights. - Horrorless Deadzones. It really takes you out of the atmosphere of the event. Too much light as well. The whole event needs to be darker like Orlando. - No overall theme. Just the merch is 80’s - Crappy dancing show Overall, Hollywood is lightyears behind Orlando but Orlando could take some notes from Hollywood on their scare factor and “Horror” atmosphere. Hollywood really doesn’t feel like HHN. It’s a completely different vibe than Orlando.
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