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  1. My opinion needs to be on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite house of the year, and if it weren't for Dream Warriors, it'd be my favorite house I've ever been to since I started going annually back in 07. Here's why: it doesn't lose anything in repetition. Other people have said that this house isn't meant to have scares in it, but meant to be fun and trippy to walk through. It is. But I think it has scares - one of my friends was SO SCARED by one of the cardfolk that he praised him to guest services, his pulse still pounding like 4 hours later. It also has an awesome storyline that gets deeper and deeper (tee hee hee) the more you know about it and think about it. Put these two things together, and here's what happens if you're a jaded HHN vet: the first time you go through, you know where all the scares are coming from and you just look around this CRAZY house with awesome gorgeous visuals (with or without the glasses btw). You'll see something new every time in every room. Because you can tell that they spent a million hours planning and painting. This is a definite labor of love ...... Vs something like The Walking Dead, which I kinda get the feeling the people who build it had the same feeling as myself and some others of like 'oh this again.' And then you can go through again, and the experience in the same place will be different. And again. And again. And again with a different friend. And again in a different part of the line.... Hell, I did the tour today with the lights on (though it's still really dark) and it was awesome, and I can't wait til I can do it again with the lights out. Then again. And again. I hit this house every time I go. I can't say that about any other house or scarezone ever, including this year.... There's just no way you're not going to have a good time in here. Scares or no. And to me ...... I go through the houses only to have fun, since I don't really get scares. I haven't gotten one since .... I honestly can't remember. It's all about atmosphere and fun for me, because that's what it's about for the scareactors too for the most part. You'd have to be a sociopath to get that job with a Reason #1 not being "cus it's fun." Ever watch Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show? It's impossible not to enjoy it - he's just having SO MUCH FUN. I feel like this house is the Jimmy Fallon of houses. Comedians like Daniel Tosh just say that it's butt-kissing when Jimmy Fallon just always acts like the world's biggest fan of everything, but I think it's just to amp up the intensity and joy of everyone involved. I mean ... The first Wonderland scareactor you see is on a TRAMPOLINE. Yah this ousted Dollhouse as my 'favorite but for freddy07' because dollhouse was just ... Creepy. The whole way through. Just.... Like.... Get me the hell out of here. Even/Especially with the lights on. It was pretty much the worst thing that ever happened. PS -- I highly doubt that my friend's comment at guest service got to the scareactor so ..... If anyone knows the scareactor(s) that play the cards that stand still until some dummin like my friend walks up to them then SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.... Tell them they rule.
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