#HHNatHOME 2023 Ultimate Horror HHN Tournament: Elite 8

by Mark Massarone

Welcome to HHNatHOME 2023!  A month long celebration of Pride month and fundraiser for The Trevor Project.


Ultimate Horror will be two tournaments featuring 64 Houses and 64 Scarezones from Halloween Horror Nights past. We will have 6 rounds. The Final 8 begins today and the two champions from each tournament being announced on June 21st.

  • June 1-4: Round One
  • June 5-7: Round Two
  • June 8-11:  Top 16
  • June 12-14: Final 8
  • June 15-17: Semi Finals
  • June 18-20: Finals

Ultimate Horror 2023 House Brackets: Elite 8

Ultimate Horror House Brackets - Elite 8

Ultimate Horror 2023 Scarezone Brackets: Elite 8

Ultimate Horror Zone Brackets - Elite 8

All voting will be conducted on horrornightnightmares.com, with results being updated on this post and Twitter.  Please don’t cheat and ruin the tournament for everyone!

What house and what zone will win Ultimate Horror? It’s up to YOU!  Elite 8 polling will close at 8PM EST Wednesday June 14th with the Final 4 beginning on Thursday.

We’d like to thank coaster101.com for the idea of this tournament which is based off the March Madness Tournament.

Ultimate Horror House Polls – Elite 8

Ultimate Horror Scarezone Polls – Elite 8

Thanks for voting for the Elite 8, polls will close on June 14th at 8:00PM EST.


HHNatHOME 2023

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