Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

by Erik Yates

If you’re reading this, then I can explain. You see, what happened was…I didn’t know it would do that, if you applied that amount of pre..uhmmm…This was not the screen I was typing on a minute ago.

Let me start over.

Hi, my name is Erik. I like long walks off of short piers, gazing into the eyes of needles and banging my head against brick walls. In case you haven’t guessed by now, I also like to write. I also love the smell of fog on a hot September night, the growl of chainsaws in the middle of a crowd of screaming teenagers showing off for their friends, and the sight of hot and fresh speculation maps as they come off of the rumor mill.

I also love theme parks in general, and all things fun. That’s the reason I’m here. I’ve been a fan of Horror Night Nightmares for over a decade, and pretty good friends with the crew here at Nightmares. I also use to run a completely different theme park website that specialized in theme parks, movies, and any plethora of subjects…but mostly Thrills and going behind them…or something like that.

I love Horror Night Nightmares, but like all of you, I would only come to them during haunt season, and for haunt related news. But there’s a bigger, brighter and scarier world out there! There are coasters, and festivals and …dark rides. There are movies, and music and so much more than just haunted attractions.

I know, haunted attractions are the world. I get it, and agree, but that doesn’t mean that the Nightmares crew doesn’t have more to say. Contrary to popular belief, Mark doesn’t sit in a coffin and wait for the first drop of haunt news to come across the board…well, I mean he does…but that’s not ALL he does. Like many of you, he has a family, and loves to check out the latest theme park attractions, movies and festivals. Yeah…he wants to cover more. Again, haunted attractions are great, but there’s only so much you can do with that the rest of the year.

And that’s specifically where I come in.

I have almost 20 years of experience writing and podcasting about theme parks, and travel, and entertainment in general. I’ve been at almost every theme park attraction opening in many states, or at least had someone there to cover it. I’ve heard so many rumors that have come to pass, so many rumors that haven’t yet been revealed and so many rumors that have fallen into oblivion. Long story short, I kind of know about this theme park stuff.

Yes, it’s a completely new direction for the Nightmares crew to go into, but I promise you, if you go in this new direction with us, you just might like it.

No, Mark isn’t going anywhere. Yes, you can still expect the same amazing coverage of haunted attractions and rumors that you’ve come to know and love from Horror Night Nightmares. No, I’m not that amazing. Yes, you can still give me lots of money. Yes, I know how much I suck. But too bad, your kind of stuck with it. I work for free, and that’s the best flavor, isn’t it?

Welcome to your nightmare. Now, with fresh lemon scent.

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