Movie Night Watch Partys on TWITCH!

by Mark Massarone

This past week we introduced something new for us and our Discord members!

Movie Night with Horror Night Nightmares!

We are scheduling a weekly movie night every Thursday for the HHN community to watch a flick together. Are you interested?

Ok, I’m in! But how does this work?

We will be streaming movies through Watch Parties on Amazon Prime and Twitch! We will be opening up a watch party chat channel here on discord or you can use the chat on the twitch stream directly, your choice!

Is there anything I will need, besides ghoul juice and some popcorn?

Yes! In order to join us for movie night, you will need 2 accounts. You will first need a Twitch account and you will also need either an Amazon Prime Video account or an Amazon Prime account that is connected to your Twitch account. Once you have these, you are good to go, just join in when the stream is live!

Got it! Now, what movie are we watching?

Each week we will change up the flick, or have a Poll featured on the Discord Channel! Have a prime movie in mind? Let us know!

Where can I vote for the movie of the week?

We have a dedicated channel setup on our Discord at Join the following channel #palace-horrorthon and VOTE! That simple!

When and where can I watch and join the watch party to chat?

Every Thursday night at 8:00 PM EST on our Twitch Channel at!

We look forward to seeing you in the chat!

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