Universal Orlando Resort Reveals Complete, Unforgettable Lineup for Halloween Horror Nights 32

by Mark Massarone

Fear Comes to Life Select Nights at Universal Orlando Resort September 1 – November 4 and at Universal Studios Hollywood September 7 – October 31!

The countdown begins for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood as the destinations announce additional all-new terrifying haunted houses, including “The Exorcist: Believer,” inspired by the new Universal Pictures film from Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Entertainment, “Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count” based on the popular USA & SYFY series, and “Universal Monsters: Unmasked,” inspired by Universal’s legacy of iconic cinematic monsters.

The terror kicks off at Universal Orlando Resort on Friday, September 1 and at Universal Studios Hollywood on Thursday, September 7. Below is a sneak peek at what to expect:

The Exorcist: Believer
Inspired by Universal Pictures’ terrifying new horror film from Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Entertainment (in theaters Friday, October 13), “The Exorcist: Believer” haunted house will unleash an entirely new level of terror to Halloween Horror Nights. In this new chapter, guests will be transported to a bustling street market in Haiti, where an innocent purchase of a strange folk doll with three eyes leads to the opening of a demonic portal, the awakening of sinister spirits and the subsequent disappearance of two 12-year-old girls in the U.S. The girls are found three days later with no memory of what happened to them. After the girls begin to exhibit unsettling behavior, it soon becomes clear that only an exorcism can save them – and everyone who comes in contact with them, including unwitting guests, is suddenly at risk of losing their souls.

HHN32 - Chucky Ultimate Kill Count

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count
Inspired by the hit USA & SYFY series and cult classic films, “Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count” casts this killer doll as the star of his very own haunted house for the first time. A true sadistic killer, Chucky has been mired in the agony of disrespect he feels from his peers at not being taken seriously. Thus begins his quest to turn his haunted house into a living slaughterhouse by killing every person who enters.

HHN32 - Universal Monsters Unmasked

Universal Monsters: Unmasked
Lurking sixty feet beneath the bustling streets of the City of Lights, the dank Catacombs of Paris house a much darker secret. . . The all-new haunted house “Universal Monsters: Unmasked” takes guests down into the infamous burial grounds where every corner and crevice overflows with millions of skeletal remains and even more sinister secrets. Deep within the Catacombs, Universal’s most notorious creatures – The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll and his deranged alternate personality Mr. Hyde, and Dr. Jack Griffin, aka The Invisible Man – also lie in wait as they bide their time and seek vengeance against guests after the opening of the Catacombs to public visitation. These desperate and dangerous fiends have become filled with a rage toward guests navigating the twisted tunnels of their underground labyrinth home. It is here, in the darkness, where they hunt these trespassers and where the sounds of guests’ screams will go unheard.

Once again, GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, SLASH, is collaborating with Universal Studios Hollywood on an original score for the west coast version of the “Universal Monsters: Unmasked” haunted house.

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights at Universal Orlando Resort from Friday, September 1 through Saturday, November 4, and at Universal Studios Hollywood from Thursday, September 7 through Tuesday, October 31. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com. Due to popular demand, event nights are expected to sell out and tickets should be purchased in advance.

Universal Orlando Resort reveals the complete lineup of terrifying horrors guests will face at Halloween Horror Nights 2023, including five all-new, chilling original haunted houses and five unnerving scare zones. The world’s premier Halloween event celebrates its 32nd year with a record-breaking 48 nights of immersing guests into the eeriest of experiences that could only be endured at Halloween Horror Nights – including a circus that’s spiraled into chaos, the long-awaited emergence of Halloween Horror Nights legend, Dr. Oddfellow, and a dark, resurrected story that delves into the haunting history of Universal attractions past. In the midst of the screams, guests can experience a disturbingly entertaining live show, an all-new Tribute Store, take a bite out of the horror with scary-good food and beverage, and so much more.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s lingering in the fog at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2023:

Five formidable stories await to unfold in original haunted houses where willing guests will succumb to:

HHN32- Dr. Oddfellow Twisted Origins

  • A demented, late-night circus led by an evil ringmaster and notorious icon looking for human souls to fuel his dark intentions in “Dr. Oddfellow: Twisted Origins”

HHN32 - Dueling Dragons Choose Thy Fate

  • A horrific twist to a frightening, yet familiar tale and sinister battle between Fire and Ice in “Dueling Dragons: Choose Thy Fate”

HHN32 - YETI Campground Kills

  • Blood-soaked campgrounds deep in the trenches of mountains where vicious, bloodthirsty monsters have returned with a vengeance in “YETI: Campground Kills”

HHN32 - The Darkest Deal

  • Selling their souls for fame in “The Darkest Deal” where they quickly learn a deal can be more than they bargained for

HHN32 - Bloodmoon Dark Offerings

  • A colonial cult looking to slaughter those who dare refuse to worship the Bloodmoon in “Bloodmoon: Dark Offerings”

As the sun sets on Universal Studios Florida and ominous clouds fill the sky, Dr. Oddfellow steps out of Halloween Horror Nights past to fill the streets with hordes of taunting scareactors in five all-new scare zones where guests will:

HHN32 - Dr. Oddfellow's Collection of Horror - 1080

  • Come face to face with the devious legend who is promising immortality for those who dare to enter “Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror”

HHN32 -Dark Zodiac

  • Cower in fear as the signs of the zodiac come to life in “Dark Zodiac” where Dr. Oddfellow uses his power to transform the zodiac signs into horrifying horoscope creatures

HHN32 - Jungle of Doom Expedition Horror

  • Venture into the “Jungle of Doom: Expedition Horror” where Dr. Oddfellow’s twisted and bizarre experiments combine elements of nature and animals to create vicious jungle creatures looking to satisfy their cravings

HHN32 - Vamp'69 Summer of Blood

  • Attend a music festival crashed by bloodthirsty vampires let loose by Dr. Oddfellow in “Vamp ’69: Summer of Blood”

HHN32 - Shipyard 32 Horrors Unhinged

  • Stumble upon Dr. Oddfellow’s crates and cages that once housed monsters of all kinds who have escaped in pursuit of chaos in “Shipyard 32: Horrors Unhinged”


HHN32 - Nightmare Fuel Revenge Dream

  • Guests can enjoy the all-new disturbingly entertaining show, “Nightmare Fuel Revenge Dream,” that features a new dreamer confronting the creature that’s been turning her dreams into nightmares.
  • While shopping the latest Halloween Horror Nights merchandise and treats in an all-new Tribute Store, guests can enter a mysterious NYC Comic Book Shop and experience the “Tribute to Terror” by stepping into the pages of this original, terrifying, horror comic book.
  • Guests can enjoy a drink at the Red Coconut Club as it will once again transform to the Dead Coconut Club donning a new theme and menu.
  • When guests want to take a bite out of the horror, they can enjoy a monstrous menu of all-new food & beverage items, including Bloody Campground Poutine, El Pastor Torta and Sour Apple Pie Funnel Fries, in addition to returning fan-favorites like Pizza Fries.
  • New this year, Peacock’s Halloween Horror Bar will feature themed libations within an ominous nightclub vibe, photo opportunities, and more.
  • For those dying to experience this year’s “killer” food & beverage before the event even opens, Taste of Terror will offer guests an exclusive preview of select items that will be featured at Halloween Horror Nights select nights from August 10 through August 26. For more information and to purchase tickets to Taste of Terror, click here.

Universal Orlando hotel guests can stay near the fear and receive exclusive benefits, including Early Park Admission to the theme parks during the day and access to priority event entrance to Halloween Horror Nights at night as well as complimentary transportation to the theme parks and Universal CityWalk.

Vacation packages are available that include one-night admission to the event, Universal hotel accommodations and admission to all three of Universal Orlando’s thrilling theme parks. And for the first time ever, the fog has spread to all eight of Universal Orlando’s hotels with exclusive activations and experiences for hotel guests inspired by this year’s event, including Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort’s exclusive “Chucky’s Twisted Playground” photo illusion experience based on the USA and SYFY series, plus, the Universal Monsters Gallery of Legends lobby photo opportunities in all other hotel lobbies and more.

Additional vacation packages and discounts on hotel stays are available for the ultimate fall getaway. Guests can also purchase single-night tickets or the popular Frequent Fear and Rush of Fear Passes, plus event upgrades like Express Pass, R.I.P. Tour and the daytime Behind the Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour. Click here for more information and to book a fall getaway.

Listen to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2023 Full Reveal

The countdown to Halloween Horror Nights 2023 has officially begun! We’re just five weeks away from my absolute favorite time of year. When the smell of fog and pizza fries fills the air. When wearing all black every day really makes sense. When eating pumpkin flavored everything is normal. (who says I don’t do that all year round?)

For me, Halloween Horror Nights also kicks off my favorite time of year. Which includes wearing flannel, pumpkin spice everything and most importantly, my birthday. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with just about two full months of my favorite annual event.

As we started the Discover Universal podcast, this episode tradition is becoming one of our absolute favorites. And this year, we not only have two parts to this episode, we broke it up into three! Kari and David welcome the creative team behind Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) at Universal Orlando Resort to dish on all the gory details for this year’s event. Hear the stories behind the haunted houses and scare zones from the creators themselves. Be sure to listen to all three parts of this reveal episode to not miss a dreadful detail!

If you want to learn about the haunted houses from movies, shows or video games, this Halloween Horror Nights 2023 episode is for you.

If you want to learn about the original content houses brought to life from the creative minds of our incredible Entertainment team, listen to this episode for original content houses coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Are scarezones your favorite? We got you. Listen to this episode to learn all of the details of the scarezones coming to Halloween Horror Nights 2023.

And if you loved Haunted Tales last year, you’re in for a treat. Haunted Tales is coming back with a whole new twist. We have another five original stories for you to enjoy.  Prepare yourself for this year’s event or save the episodes to hear the story after you experience the event! Stay tuned for new episodes every Friday!

Discover Universal presents, Halloween Horror Nights: Haunted Tales, an anthology series exploring the stories behind Halloween Horror Nights‘ chilling original creations.

We’re so excited to bring back Haunted Tales for the second year! In this collaboration between our Entertainment team, we hear the stories of some of our original haunted houses and scarezone at the event. This year, we have five new stories. Four about some incredible haunted houses and a story about a scarezone.

WARNING what you are about to hear may be disturbing for some listeners. Discretion is advised.

Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror

An immortal creature recounts the malevolent rise of a horror icon, tracing a path of carnage through decades of evil events. In a story that threads its way throughout Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2023.

Click below to listen to “Dr. Oddfellow’s Collection of Horror.”

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