October 20, 2020

HHN XV Logo | 2005



Guests will be transported to a twisted netherworld where chilling rituals will startle even the bravest visitors.

Grotesque beasts will trek through foggy streets searching for unsuspecting travelers whose blood will nourish the macabre inhabitants. And the High Priestess, the half-woman, half-beast ruler of the society, presides on her throne where she delights as her minions pay homage to her during the terrifying bloodletting ceremonies.

Halloween Horror Nights 15 will feature seven all-new haunted houses, new shows, scare zones with no boundaries, and hundreds of new stalking characters created for their particular island and for the event.

This year featured the first “immersive” story line to the event. Each house and scare zone was tied in to each other in one shape or form, the back story of the event created an entirely new world titled “Terra Cruentus” that was controlled by the “Terra Queen”. The time in which guests visited this realm (each event night) was deemed as “The Season of the Queen”, in which the Queen emerged from the roots of the Gorewood tree to claim her sacrifices.

While the “Storyteller” was featured in television and billboard ads, she served only as a gateway into the world of “Terra Cruentus” – acting as the one telling us this dark “Tale of Terror”. The Storyteller was featured in the only house that appeared to take place outside of the overall theme – “Where Evil Hides”.

Tales of Terror was the first year Universal offered a behind the scenes tour of the Halloween Horror Nights event. The tour, at the time, was $20 and featured a walk through of Blood Ruins and Where Evil Hides. At the time, the tour was simply a test to see how fans and the general public would react. Due to its popularity, the tour would officially return the following years as the much more expanded and in-depth “Unmasking the Horror” tour.

“Where Evil Hides” featured two sides. Both sides were identical to each other in every way possible, from the facade to the finale – the only difference is that one side was accessible to wheelchairs (an alternate route was created during the “attic” section) while the other side wasn’t. Because of this, Universal technically featured eight houses in 2005.


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September 30, October 1, 7-9, 12-16, 20-23, 27-31
October 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29: 6:30 PM – 2:00 AM
All Other Nights: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Single Night Admission: $59.75 + tax
Frequent Fear Pass: Unknown



Blood Ruins Logo | HHN XV 2005Blood Ruins
Location: Sound Stage 22

Still ruled by defrocked monks, the ruin at the old Blood Abbey serves as prison, hospital and asylum to a population of fresh mankind “donors”. In centuries before its walls began to crumble, the Blood Abbey was the place where terrible tools of torture were invented. Now these instruments have found new use as Ore Mongers fanning the flames of Dragon Forge demand a never-ending supply of blood for the tempering of the Blade.

Body Collectors Logo | HHN XV 2005Body Collectors
Location: Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Deep in the recesses of blood soaked Gorewood forest, a storage facility has been built to warehouse, store and process what remains of the unfortunate victims of the Terra Throne rituals. Drained of blood, withered and pale, the corpses are piled, prepared and rendered by the Collectors.

Cold Blind Terror Logo | HHN XV 2005Cold Blind Terror
Location: Sound Stage 20

Bone-chilling cold and blind terror numb the sensed as one cannot see, one cannot hear… and one cannot escape. In and out of total darkness, mankind find themselves shivering from both fear and the icy cold blackness. Strange sounds split the darkness, but one cannot be sure the source… one cannot be sure what lurks behind… one cannot be sure of what lies ahead. One cannot be sure if they’ll ever see light again.

Demon Cantina Logo | HHN XV 2005Demon Cantina
Location: Carnage Warehouse (B285A)

Mankind tempts fate if any one is foolish enough to step inside the Demon Cantina, flagrant trespass on the turf of the ferocious Bone Choppers of Ironbone Gorge. Celebrating their own last Season of the Queen, the meanest of the Queen’s Black Guard enlist chainsaw-wielding maniacs to provide entertainment and seductive creatures to supply amusement… and all take one last taste of sweet warm Bloodberry wine.

The Skool Logo | HHN XV 2005The Skool
Location: Thunder Falls Terrace

The children of the Collectors, the children of the Mongers and the rest of the children of Terra Cruentas celebrate The Season of the Queen in their own very twisted manner. It’s dress-up time at The Skool in Gorewood Forest and mankind turn out to be their “treats”, tricked in the worst, weird, and wicked ways.

Terror Mines Logo | HHN XV 2005Terror Mines
Location: Poseidon’s Fury

Long rumored to be the underground source of a vast power that fuels Terra Cruentas, the Abysmal Deep can only be reached through the twisting tunnels of the Terror Mines. Inadvertently unearthed in a terrible tragegy, savage subterranean creatures now live in constant battle with Dragon Forge miners and mankind interlopers.

Where Evil Hides Logo | HHN XV 2005Where Evil Hides
Location: Sound Stage 18

Beyond Maldaken Pass lie the very places in mankind’s worst nightmares where night terrors are real. The places where the monsters live, the skeletons are stored and the bodies are hidden. The places in the imagination where terror plays hide-and-seek with the unfortunate dreamer. Once inside, one faces all of those dark hallways, passages and doors that open to exactly what one had hoped they did not.


Blood Thunder Alley Logo | HHN XV 2005Blood Thunder Alley
Location: Marvel Superhero Island

Hidden in the thick exhaust of Ironborge Gorge, thunderous Bone Choppers celebrate the Season of the Queen as the gangs of Blood Thunder Alley, deranged chanisaw-wielding creatures, lurk in the shadows… waiting as mankind is hypnotically drawn to the seductive pulse of pounding rhythms from The Fatted Calf and The Demon Cantina.

Cemetery Mines Logo | HHN XV 2005Cemetery Mines
Location: Jurassic Park

In the shadowy pathways of the Gorewood Forest where thick growth rises slowly from blood-soaked soil, escaped Knuckle Grunts dart in and out of the Cemetery Mines tunnels, terrorizing and attacking anyone and anything that comes their way. The unnatural resources of the mines, the long buried remains of mankind, lie in wait for harvest, processing and shipment to nearby realms.

Fire Pits Logo | HHN XV 2005Fire Pits
Location: Lost Continent

Illuminated by blazing bursts of hellfire in the brimstone and smoke of Dragon Forge, sadistic Ore Mongers smelt Gorewood Iron from a nearby realm and hammer precious molten metal into shields, weapons and the ultimate creation of the Gorge, the Terra Throne Blade. Tempered in vats of fresh human blood, The Blade making requires fresh “donors” to refill the vats on a nightly basis.

Terra Guard Run Logo | HHN XV 2005Terra Guard Run
Location: Port of Entry

On a dark pathway surrounded by the Queen’s Black Guard, this is a horrifying gauntlet of the terrors ahead. Picking victims carefully, creatures from each and every realm wait in the shadows and fog as unsuspecting mankind enters.


Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Logo | HHN XV 2005Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Toon Lagoon Amphitheater

On stage in South Hallow, bizarre is the sight, In ye olde amphitheater, Fools rule the night.

Theodore and Will make the thespians prance, They mock all ye Royals in jest, joust and dance.

Terra Throne Logo | HHN XV 2005Terra Throne
Location: Port of Entry

Writhing in their chains and hanging from the gnarled branches of the towering Gorewood Tree, those deemed “Pure of Heart” twitch and twist in their final throes, flames at their backs, a vat of blood filling at their feet. Under the watchful eye of the Terra Queen herself, the creature Eelmouth directs the fiery Rituale de Blud, a non-stop sacrificial ceremony in the Queen’s honor.

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