October 24, 2020

HHN VII Logo | 1997


Halloween Horror Nights VII: Frightmares featured three haunted houses and the return of the popular “Midway of the Bizarre” scarezone.

One strong point of interest to this years event was the actual logo – to this day it remains one of the most recognized pieces of Halloween Horror Nights artwork, the image depicts a green demon biting the eyelid of a frightened victim.



October 3, 4, 10, 11, 16-18, 22-31 November 1

Gates opened at 7:00PM till 2:00AM.

Single Night Admission: Unknown


Hotel Hell Logo | HHN VII 1997Hotel Hell
Location: Nazarman’s

Check into one of the trendiest hotels in New York…at least, it was before it became the crumbling home to hostile ghosts, menacing phantoms, demented staff members and violent bums.

Tombs of Terror Logo | HHN VII 1997Tombs of Terror
Location: Earthquake Queue

A terrifying journey into a New Orleans cemetery leads you deeper and deeper into the dark world of blood-thirsty vampires, murderous mutants and deranged, chainsaw-toting maniacs.

Universal's Museum of Horror Logo | HHN VII 1997Universal’s Museum of Horror
Location: Sound Stage 22

The world’s only museum where the guards have to warn the exhibits not to touch the visitors! Here, all your favorite Classic Universal Monsters and present day horror icons come to life…much to your dismay.


Midway of the Bizarre Logo | HHN VII 1997Midway of the Bizarre
Location: Amity

Beware the knife-wielding clowns and horrifying sideshow acts. Try your luck and win a prize of lose your life.


Abra-Cadaver Logo | HHN VII 1997Abra-Cadaver
Location: Animal Actors Stage

Evil magicians take to the stage in this horror magic show where members of the audience can “Volunteer” to help be sawed in half…and thirds…and quarters…and sixteenths…

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Logo | HHN VII 1997Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Wild West Stage

Party on with Bill and Ted as these two most excellent dudes encounter awesome heroes and bogus villains from the movies and TV.

Festival of the Dead Parade Logo | HHN VII 1997Festival of the Dead Parade
Location: Parade Route

The streets come alive with the walking dead in this ghoulish procession of nightmarish floats, costumed creatures and ghostly surprises.

Frightmares Logo | HHN VII 1997Frightmares
Location: New York Streets

Party loud enough to take the dead! Your worst nightmares take center stage as some of your favorite stars gather for an all night, tongue-in-your cheek rock ‘n’ roll spectacular.

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