October 20, 2020

HHN V Logo | 1995


Halloween Horror Nights V was the first year to have a palpable mascot, “The Crypt Keeper” from the HBO series “Tales From the Crypt.”

This year was the first Horror Nights event to use a Roman numeral character in the logo. The roman numeral titles, as well as the general yellow logo, would carry until the event moved to Islands of Adventure in 2002 for “Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Fear.”

Another first for Horror Nights was to make mention of and use the term “scareactors,” in reference to the actors.

It was also the first year to feature the now-infamous Midway of the Bizarre Scare Zone. This year, the well known “Dungeon of Terror” house was re-named “Crypt Keeper’s Dungeon of Terror” in honor of the new mascot.



October 11, 12, 17-19, 23-28, 30, 31, November 1, & 2
Gates opened at 7:00PM till 12:00AM.

Single Night Admission: $37.00 + tax


Crypt Keeper’s Dungeon of Terror
Location: Earthquake Queue

There is no apparent escape! Will you become the next victim of the night? Journey down dark passageways into your worst nightmare!

Terror Underground: Transit to Torment
Location: Nazarman’s

The subways of New York twist and turn with terror. Underworld dwellers are waiting for you as the subways scream to life!

Universal’s House of Horror
Location: Sound Stage 23

Hollywood’s most famous horror film legends are back from the grave and waiting for those brave enough to visit! Come face to face with some of the most famous horror film legends…if you dare!


Horrorwood Blvd.
Location: Hollywood Blvd.

Hundreds of wicked “scare actors”!

Midway of the Bizarre
Location: Amity

There is terror at every turn as you journey through this demented carnival of horror! Evil is everywhere! You’re at the mercy of this fiendish cast of carnival “scare actors”!


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Wild West Stage

Check it out…The boys are back, with a host of infamous characters. The action is bigger and better than ever!

The Price is Fright
Location: Animal Actors Stage

Come on down! With Beetlejuice, your ghost host with the most…if you dare to take the challenge of the wildest game show in the world!

Rock of Ages
Location: New York Library

Experience the “Crypt Jam” with music legends from this world and beyond! It’s a street party like no other!

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