August 06, 2020

HHN ICON: The Storyteller

“Remember the moral of the story dear, one man’s treasure is another man’s PAIN!”

Name: Elsa Strict
Aliases: Legend


The Storyteller (Elsa Strict) was introduced in 2005 as our narrator for this “Tale of Terror,” hypnotizing her listeners and transporting them right into the story.

Terra Cruentus: A dark, hideous realm of unspoken terrors that lead to the demise of thousands of human-beings during the “Season of the Queen” – in order to forge a blade that would eventually be used for the Terra Queen’s own sacrifice.

Once inside the event, the Storyteller was virtually unheard of (with the exception of an appearance in the haunted house “Where Evil Hides”) and the Terra Queen became the main master of horror.

The Terra Queen would often be spotted driving her motorcycle in front of her throne – capturing unlucky victims that she would “sacrifice” in many different and painful ways to the giant Gorewood tree. At the end of the event, on the final night at the stroke of midnight, the Queen herself was sacrificed to the tree, thus ending the month-long “Season of the Queen.”


For the following year at Halloween Horror Nights XVI: Sweet 16, The Storyteller was featured alongside Jack, Caretaker and The Director in the show The Arrival. She also appeared in a new house, unrelated to “Where Evil Hides “, called Dungeon of Terror: Retold. This was where Elsa reopened the infamous Dungeon of Terror as a tourist attraction, and invited guests into the depths of her newest “story”.

She returned as part of Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear as one of Fear’s minions: Legend, and at the end of the haunted house, Horror Nights: The Hallow’d Past.

The Storyteller was featured at Halloween Horror Nights 25 in the HHN – ICONS Scarezone.

No One Will Live Happily Ever After


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