September 27, 2020

HHN ICON: The Caretaker

“Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe, catch a body by the toe, if he hollers, cut him low, eenie, meenie, miney…. moe”.

Name:  Dr. Albert Caine
Aliases: Caretaker of Souls, Death


Dr. Albert Caine was once a respected surgeon who later in life became the Caretaker of the Shady Oaks Cemetery. As well as all of the standard practices that a Caretaker employed, Caine and his family used the deceased as guinea pigs in unnatural and bizarre experiments, even going so far as to use the corpses as playthings in elaborate funeral parlor parties.

The terrible sight was seen by two teenagers who decided to take a walk through the cemetery telling ghost stories. Walking past the gravestones and various monuments they heard music carried on the wind. Following the sound, they came across the Shady Oaks Cemetery which is where they witnessed the Caine family dancing with the rotted remains of decaying corpses.

Word of the grisly goings-on quickly spread and the Police launched a massive investigation but before it could be completed an angry mob comprised of the relatives of the deceased used in the Caretaker’s experiments took matters into their own hands. Setting fire to the whole area they destroying the funeral parlor and the Caine Home, with the entire family inside. After the policy investigation had been completed they discovered that the Caretaker and his family had desecrated more than two thousand graves. They found an intricate series of tunnels underneath the ground that ran for miles and miles.

Ten years later and the Shady Oaks Cemetery has been off limits for all comers until now. Although neither the body of The Caretaker or any of his demented family were discovered there is a legend that the strange noises that emanate from the decaying ruins are somehow connected to the horrors of it’s past. Could the Albert Caine and his family have escaped that fire? As the Shady Oaks Cemetery is reopened an intrepid research team will enter to discover it’s terrible secrets. You, the guests of Halloween Horror Nights: Islands Of Fear, have been volunteered as members of that team.


The Caretaker appeared as the icon for the Islands of Fear event in the opening show, torturing a victim, and in his manor: ScreamHouse.

He returned the following year for Halloween Horror Nights 13 in ScreamHouse Revisited.

For Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16, he returned with Jack, The Director, and The Storyteller in the opening show, The Arrival. He also had his own house again, ScreamHouse: Resurrection.

The Caretaker would appear with his daughter, Cindy Caine in the Shadows from the Past Scarezone for the last week of Halloween Horror Nights XIX: Ripped from the Silver Screen.

He was also revealed as one of Fear’s minions: Death at Halloween Horror Nights XX: Twenty Years of Fear in the Fear Revealed Scarezone.


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