August 05, 2020

HHN ICON: Lady Luck

“Red you win, Black you lose!”

Lady LuckLady Luck is a shape-shifting entity who can take form in any time period. She is based on Fortuna, the Roman Goddess, who had two faces. Lady Luck also has two faces. She can appear to be beautiful and tempting. She can also appear as a monster. Throughout history, Fortuna is often represented with a wheel. The spinning wheel and the Ace of Spades, or “Death Card” are symbols associated with Lady Luck at HHN 21.

“I’d like to take some time to introduce myself – I bring you choice and fate. I was there when man first tasted fruit served up on a golden plate. He had his choice and made it. All I did was wait.”

“I was there when Columbus sailed. A rival captain as his mate. A simple coin toss seemed so innocent. Then he turned his crew to hate.” – The Forsaken

“I look for those with fortune made. With everything to lose- A gamble here. A proposition. The chance for more and more. I seek out those with reputation. Opportunity knocking at their door.” – Nightingales: Blood Prey

“I watched the poet wander. More talent than those who’d come before. I offered him a choice and he chose Baltimore.” – Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

“I am there when students cheat. Or play instead of learning. All work and no fun, I said. Go on and take your turn.” – The In-Between

“Do you want Utopia? Your goal is just ahead. Roll the dice. Pick a card. Or take an easy test. The end result is you’re alone, whichever one you guessed.” – Saws N’ Steam: Into the Machine

“Curiosity is motivation for those who have to know. I watched them ponder this and that….and which way to go. But those things were not what they seemed beneath the frozen snow.” – The Thing

“The wealthy young newlywed wanted land to build and I offered several to decide. His final choice was a fateful one and cost the groom his bride.” – Winter’s Night

“The easiest are those so vane, that ego guides their way. Offered fame and adulation, the actors always play.” – H.R. Bloodengutz

“Some find my ways so puzzling, the purpose of my games. But really it is so simple really….I am a lady through and through, and Luck is my last name.”

All of the houses at Halloween Horror Nights 21 have a connection to Lady Luck. Hints were given to us via the interactive games on the official HHN website and via the RIP Tours.

The Thing Logo HHN 21A research assistant named Juliette is in Antarctica flying a helicopter and needs to get to the Norwegian Station, but only has enough gas to just make it! A horrible storm is coming! Juliette has a choice, try to make it to the station or land in a nearby town and wait for gas. The air traffic control tower asks Juliette if she will try and make it to the station or head for the nearby town. Juliette makes the choice to head for the station, which ends up being the WRONG choice as things go horribly wrong and she becomes THE THING! The voice on the radio from the tower was, LADY LUCK!

Nightingales Logo HHN 21Edmund Clarke is an American who is thinking of enlisting with the British Troops during World War I. His family owns a dry goods business in the US and they try to convince him to stay in the states to run the business. He is more interested in humanitarian efforts than the wealth he could accrue from the family business. Edmond sees a poster about supporting the war from home and he sees a poster which encourages him to enlist. LADY LUCK is on the poster for enlistment. Edmond chooses the WRONG poster and enlists. He eventually faces the shapeshifting banshees in the medical hospital.

The Forsaken Logo HHN 21The Philippa Muniz (actually the name of his wife) is the little known 4th ship in Columbus’s fleet. The ship was captained by Antonio Cabot. Columbus and Cabot were rivals. They went before Queen Isabella, who commissioned the expedition, to ask for a decision about who would lead the expedition toward the New World. Lady Luck, in the guise of Queen Isabella, gives Cabot the choice between heads and tails in a coin toss. Antonio Cabot selects heads….but the coin comes up tails. Columbus leads the expedition and Cabot captains the 4th ship. Cabot and the crew aboard the 4th ship become angry at the decision and decide to mutiny against Columbus. The 3 remaining ships sink the Philippa Muniz. They all sign a pact to never speak of the incident. It is now 100 years later in 1592. A huge squall has brought the sunken Philippa Muniz up from the depths of the sea. The ship has landed on a Spanish fort and the crew is back to seek revenge.

Nevermore Logo HHN 21The Nevermore maze has been in development for the last three years. It tells the story of Edgar Allan Poe….with a twist. Edgar Allan Poe was born Edgar Poe. He was never adopted by the Allan family after the death of his parents. He was very close to them and he eventually took the name Edgar Allan Poe. He was a pioneer American writer. He moved around the country and eventually settled in Baltimore at the age of 26. He married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia. Virginia died of TB at a young age. Her death is thought to have influenced many of Poe’s works. A day before his death in 1849, Poe was found disoriented and wandering the streets mumbling madly about “Reynolds”. No one knows who this individual was and Poe died mysteriously a day later….presumably from his madness.

The choice in Poe’s life came when he had to decide where he would move next. He had the choice to move to Boston or he could move to Baltimore, where he had some family and connections. The person who sold Poe the ticket that led him to Baltimore was…LADY LUCK. His choice led to his madness.

The In Between Logo HHN 21Louis and Bubba are college students. Louis is the assistant to his college professor. The college professor is LADY LUCK. Louis has the keys to the professor’s cabinet. The cabinet contains the “answer keys” the tests for the courses. Louis decides to help out his friend Bubba because Bubba is not doing well in class. Bubba and Louis find the test answer keys AND an ancient relic in the cabinet. The relic is a summoning board, which is similar to a very old OUIJA board. They take the summoning board with high hopes of using it to impress some girls. The professor, Lady Luck, calls the guys and gives them a choice to keep or return the summoning board. She warns them that it is dangerous. They make the WRONG choice to invite some women over to play the game. It opens a portal to another realm and they face the demons that haunt the realm. Everything surrounding the portal is burned…

Saws n Steam Logo HHN 21The Horizon is a beautiful Utopia that is a front for a huge lie. Those entering The Horizon do not reach Utopia and live happily ever after….they are eventually killed and the liquid from their bodies is harvested so it can be used to power The Horizon’s machines. (There is no more water in this alternate universe!) An aptitude test is required to become a citizen of The Horizon. The questions at the bottom of the “test” ask you for height and weight. The Horizon uses this to decide how much “water” your body will yield. The person who administers the test is actually LADY LUCK. Once you are a citizen you can choose to go to the facility where extraction will take place OR you will be taken there forcibly at age 30. There is a group of citizens over 30 who are known as The Elite. It is The Elite who run the facility and decide who lives, dies or becomes another member of The Elite.

Winter's Night Logo HHN 21This is the story of Jonathan Hawthorn and his betrothed, Elizabeth. An old spinster woman, LADY LUCK, appears and offers Jonathan a choice between two plots of land on which he could build his future home. Jonathan chooses the WRONG plot of land. Elizabeth becomes ill and dies in 1831. Jonathan builds a memorial garden for her. It eventually becomes a cemetery. When Elizabeth was ill, Jonathan had turned to a controversial alchemist named Malcolm Trumbull to try to save her because traditional medicine had failed. Upon her death, Trumbull embalmed her in a way that would not allow her soul to rest. Elizabeth’s spirit has awakened other spirits in the Hawthorn Cemetery. Jonathan was so distraught that he took his own life on the third anniversary of his wife’s death. Malcolm Trumbull took over the caretaker and funeral director duties of the cemetery. He was succeeded by his son in the 1930s. Each October a strange glow returns to the cemetery as Trumbull illuminates the graveyard with special lamps and oils that burn blue to contain the apparitions as they glide among the mausoleums and gravestones.

H.R. Bloodengutz Logo HHN 21Larry Kurtzberg was a famous Broadway star in the 1930s. His career has fizzled out. Larry seeks the help of a talent agency in the 1970s in order to try to find work. The talent agent representing Larry is LADY LUCK. She contacts Larry with a choice: take a job as a Creature Feature host for Channel 21 WKNB (Carey, Ohio) OR go without work and be dropped from the talent agency. Larry makes the WRONG choice and takes the job. He is initially successful, but goes insane when his producer tells him that he is being fired due to low ratings….the result of Larry’s rampage can be seen in the maze.



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