July 04, 2020


“Nineteen Years… Nineteen cycles… It is the Twentieth… Cycle… I am the darkness of your shadow.”


Fear is the icon of Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear. He has been revealed to be the mastermind of the past 19 years of horror. Influencing events through an old Lantern kept in the Universal Studios Art & Design Department, Fear has been slowly using others to prepare the way for his eventual return.

Early in 2010, around twenty photographs of previous Halloween Horror Nights were discovered with strange burn marks forming a bizarre pattern. An online paranormal research group, Legendary Truth, analyzed the photos and discovered that they were each a piece of a puzzle depicting a symbol. Assembling the puzzle at around 9:00 p.m. on August 24, the Art & Design building at Universal Orlando suffered a blackout, as the Demon inside was unleashed.

Soon after his release from the lantern, Fear began to manifest himself over various electronic media in the month leading up to Halloween Horror Nights. The first evidence of this was in a soundbite from a security camera in the Universal Art & Design building during the blackout. At first, the noise sounded like a voice speaking gibberish, but when played backward, an ethereal, gravely voice could be heard speaking a message: “Nineteen years… Nineteen cycles… What has been decades for some has been Eons for me… On the Twentieth cycle… I shall be revealed!”

Not long after, Fear began to appear in video clips, revealing that nearly all of the previous Icons were merely pawns to help draw him into this world and that soon he would change Halloween Horror Nights forever.

On September 16, during the filming of one of the Production Die-ries in the upcoming Horror Nights: Hallowed Past haunted maze, Art & Design team member Heather Summers was possessed by Fear, demanding that all those watching come to the event so that he could feed on their terror. Fear claimed that he is inside everyone and that soon they would all bear his “Mark”, holding up a red-hot branding iron with an XX brand as he said this.

Soon after, videos began appearing on the HHN website, where Fear began speaking through the previous Icons, his Five Heralds: Jack the Clown, representing Chaos; The Caretaker, Death; The Director, Sacrifice; The Storyteller, Legend; and The Usher, Vengeance. They claimed that the previous 19 years were only the beginning and that a new era of darkness would soon arrive.


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