September 23, 2020

HHN 16: Sweet 16 Logo: 2006



This year, for the first time ever, the most demented fiends of Horror Nights past have returned to terrorize you again.

You’re invited to celebrate our Sweet 16 as Halloween Horror Nights return to Universal Studios where it all began with a horror-filled homecoming featuring new twists on the most frightening scares from the past 15 years.


Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16 acted as a homecoming celebration in honor of the event returning to its rightful home, Universal Studios Florida, for the first time since it left in 2002.

“Robosaurus,” the fire-breathing, car-eating monster made a comeback appearance to Horror Nights since its last appearance twelve years prior during Halloween Horror Nights 1994. The show was written around the storyline of George A. Romero’s “Land of the Dead.” The show used elements created in the film, from the diversions of the zombies by deploying fireworks into the air, to even posting a sign on the back of Robosaurus with the title “Dead Reckoning.” Dead Reckoning was not only original title of the film, but also the name of the armored tank used to slaughter and overtake the zombies on excursions.

Cindy, the original icon for Horror Nights 2002, was featured in “Screamhouse: Resurrection.” Cindy could be spotted on portraits within the house, as well as inside of a casket in the funeral parlor scene.

“Psychoscareapy: Maximum Madness” featured a “power outage” effect, in which the power to the entire house would shut down, suspending visitors in total darkness for a few moments at a time.


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HHN Sweet 16 Event Dates | 2006October 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28: 6:30 PM – 2:00 AM
All Other Nights: 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Single Night Admission: $59.95 + tax
Frequent Fear Pass: $59.95 + tax



All Nite Die-In Take 2 Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006All Nite Die-In: Take 2
Location: Sound Stage 23

They say “Pain is temporary, but film is forever”.

For the Director, film is forever but pain is everlasting. The Director takes you on a cinematic journey through horror which has been spliced together. So grab your ticket and prepare to come face-to-face with film’s greatest evils.

Dungeon of Terror Retold Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Dungeon of Terror: Retold
Location: JAWS Queue

Off the beaten path lies an old roadside haunt.

In its day, it would lure tourists by the thousands. Now, it is only visited by the occasional lost traveler. Enter the Dungeon of Terror, where mysterious whispers call you deeper into hell. A place where the Teller of Stories demands the undivided attention of her “guests”. Once you make the mistake of entering the Dungeon, you’ll wish you had not because no one can leave until Her story has been told.

People Under the Stairs: Under Construction Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006People Under the Stairs: Under Construction
Location: Sprung Tent

Can a home contain evil even before it’s finished?

With the only light coming from a source you possess, you will investigate the skeletal form of a home so demented that even it’s incomplete walls bleed. Wipe your feet off before entering this home-sweet-hell.

PsychoPath: Return of Norman Bates Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Psycho Path: The Return of Norman Bates
Location: Sprung Tent

There is a vacancy once again at the legendary Bates Motel.

Unlocking the door reveals a portal into the darkest depths of insanity. Your eyes prove to be useless as your mind takes over and leads you through the macabre nightmares of a pathological killer. A killer named Norman Bates.

PsychoScareapy: Maximum Madness Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006PsychoScareapy: Maximum Madness
Location: Sound Stage 22

Shady Brook Hospital has been plagued with rioting inmates off and on for years.

These small incidents of chaos have always been resolved quickly and contained with minimal casualty. However, Shady Brook’s newest resident is about to change all that. If you think you know insane you don’t know Jack. Step inside an asylum where the sideshow is death and the “big top” has padded walls.

RUN: Hostile Territory Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006RUN: Hostile Territory
Location: Disaster Queue

An underworld exists where anyone can furfill their most ghastly fantasies.

Where the innocent can be tortured, dismembered and killed, all in exchange for a credit card number. Choose your path and bear witness because when the lights go out, the voyeurs become the victims and there is no amount of money in the world that can save you.

Scream House: Resurrection Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Scream House: Resurrection
Location: Sound Stage 23

Through blood, bone and ash, evil has risen again.

Abandoned for years, this gothic mortuary contains the eternally tormented souls of the Caretaker’s victims. Aided by a cultish group of Followers, the Caretaker assures that you will enter on your own two feet, but leave sealed in a casket.


Blood Masquerade Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Blood Masquerade
Location: Shrek Alley

Sensuous vampires beckon you into their terrifying, blood feast. This celebration gathers the faithful to renew their vows to a darker power. You will become their prey, from which they will vanquish their thirst for blood and immortality.

Deadtropolis: Zombie Siege Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Deadtropolis: Zombie Siege
Location: New York

A greenish fog crawls in pockets along the streets. Hunched forms cut through the haze slowly. These silhouettes appear human, however, the moans and cries they sound chill you to the bone. This is the new reality. A new dynamic has evolved for the phrase “us” and “them”: Us being the living and them being zombies. View the haunting sites of a new metropolis populated by the undead. A Deadtropolis.

Harvest of the Souls Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Harvest of the Souls
Location: Central Park

Unsettling and unnatural sounds fill the night air. Lanterns cast flickering light and shadow on a twisted landscape. Herein dwell bizarre creatures celebrating the Harvest of the Souls. Within these shadows creep the soul harvesters in search of souls to quench their insatiable thirst.

Horror Comes Home Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Horror Comes Home
Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Take a macabre walk down memory lane with the haunted sights and sounds of previous Halloween Horror Nights. Keep your camera handy as some of the most infamous characters prowl the streets, looking for prey.


The Arrival Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006The Arrival
Location: Mel’s Drive-In

Witness Darkness and his Minions as he brings forth the ashes of Halloween’s past and summon truly iconic evil. Jack, Caretaker, Director and the Storyteller join for the very first time and invite all to experience the greatest Horror Nights ever.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
Location: Fear Factor Live Theater

Don’t forget the all NEW live stage show, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Join Bill & Ted as these two most excellent dudes encounter awesome heroes and bogus villains from the years most memorable TV shows, movies, music and more! Party on!

Robosaurus Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Robosaurus
Location: New York

Deadtropolis has become a quarantined zone for the undead . Out of the chaos, something orderly is happening. The zombies are organizing, ready to break from their detainment. Returning from Halloween Horror Night’s past is the fire breathing, car eating, monster Robosuarus, sent in to stop the zombie uprising.

Sweet 16: Director's Cut Logo | HHN 16: Sweet 16 2006Sweet 16: The Director’s Cut
Location: Lagoon 360 Show

Celebrate a scare-filled sweet sixteen as the Director, The Caretaker, Jack, and the Storyteller host a horror filled homecoming incorporating some of the most intense scenes from Universal’s fright films.

Combining film with pyrotechnic effects, music and all-new content filmed exclusively for the show, this scareabration is to die for.

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