October 24, 2020

HHN Announcements List

We sit and wait, and wait!  When will that first announcement come?  How long has it been since the last one? The Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Announcement List is an archived list of when it all happened!  Now you can remember those days of what was to come at Halloween Horror Nights!

Before 2012 Universal used to reveal everything regarding the event in late August.  They would give us teasers, and various interactive things on the webpage leading up to that one night!

We’ve done our best to collect this data from our own and other various sources. If you see something listed incorrectly or have something to add, please contact us.

Halloween Horror Nights 29 (2019)

March 27Stranger Things 2
April 12Nightingales: Blood Pit
April 29Universal Monsters
May 21Depths of Fear
June 24Yeti: Terror of the Yukon
July 17Ghostbusters
July 25Killer Klowns from Outer Space
August 7US
August 8Graveyard Games
August 12Academy of Villains & Scarezones
August 14House of 1000 Corpses
August 15Halloween Marathon of Mayhem

Halloween Horror Nights 28 (2018)

April 3Stranger Things
April 26Dead Exposure: Patient Zero
May 16Trick 'R Treat
June 7The Harvest, Twisted Tradition, Vamp '85 & Academy of Villains
June 21Slaughter Sinema
June 28Revenge of Chucky & Killer Klowns from Outer Space
July 25Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces
August 8Seeds of Extinction
August 9Poltergeist
August 14Halloween 4: Return of Michael Myers
August 20The Horrors of Blumhouse
August 21Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After & 2 Extra Event Dates

Halloween Horror Nights 27 (2017)

March 19American Horror Story
May 19The Shining
July 27Ash vs. Evil Dead
August 14SAW
August 17Scarezones & Shows
August 29Blumhouse of Horrors
August 30Original Content

Halloween Horror Nights 26 (2016)

April 14Texas Chainsaw Massacre
April 26The Exorcist
June 6The Walking Dead
June 8Chance as the ICON
July 7Halloween
August 4Krampus
August 10Original Content, Scarezones & Shows
August 12Repository VR House
August 16American Horror Story
August 23Repository VR House Tickets on Sale

Halloween Horror Nights 25 (2015)

May 19Jack as the ICON
June 10Freddy vs. Jason
July 16Insidious
July 30The Walking Dead: Living and the Dead
August 17The Purge
August 27American Werewolf in London
August 27Original Content, Scarezones & Shows

Halloween Horror Nights 24 (2014)

June 9The Walking Dead: End of the Line
July 14From Dusk Till Dawn
July 17Face-Off
July 22The Purge: Anarchy
August 5Alien vs. Predator
August 7Dracula: Untold
August 12Giggles & Gore Inc., Roanoke: Cannibal Colony, Dollhouse of the Damned
August 12Masquerade: Unstiched, Bayou of Blood
August 28Halloween

Halloween Horror Nights 23 (2013)

June 27Cabin in the Woods
July 16Evil Dead
July 25The Walking Dead & Street Experiences
August 19American Werewolf in London
August 29Resident Evil, La Llorona, Afterlife, Havoc 2
August 29Rocky Horror Picture Show

Halloween Horror Nights 22 (2012)

July 14Silent Hill
July 18The Walking Dead: Dead Inside
July 24Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare
August 26Universal's House of Horrors
August 30Original Content, Scarezones & Shows
August 3Penn & Teller New'kd Las Vegas

Halloween Horror Nights Full Reveal Nights (Pre-2012)

August 27 2009Full Reveal for HHN 19
August 25 2010Full Reveal for HHN XX
August 31 2011Full Reveal for HHN 21
August 28 2008Full Reveal for HHN 18
August 30 2007Full Reveal for HHN 17

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