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What houses are you most amped for?

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Here is my anticipation list:


1. Pandora's Box - ORIGINAL!!!

2. Holidays in Hell - ORIGINAL!!!

3. Frankenstein vs Wolfman - Last year was great; I assume this will be great, too

4. Killer Klowns - Having recently rewatched, this has a lot of potential.  Very concerned about Mummy queue being big enough.

5. Creepshow - This has arguably the largest venue of the backlot.  Hoping this will translate well.  If it's like Trick r Treat, we're screwed.

6. Ghostbusters - I don't have high hopes for Murdy's interpretation.  Poltergeist was a disaster, and this is a small venue.7. House of 1000 Corpses

8. Stranger Things - I expect it will look great but not offer many scares.

9. Us - I am expecting so little from this. Considering what Us was about, I don't see how this one will be good.  Movie not made for a house any more than Truth or Dare was.

10. Walking Dead - Um.....


What I THINK will end up being "the best" in terms of Hollywood execution:

1. Stranger Things - I predict big $$ going behind this one.

2. Frankenstein vs Wolfman - I predict Murdy will put the lion's share of the remaining budget here, because he loves Universal Monsters and did so last year.

3. Pandora's Box - I think I will like this one because it's an original, but it will pale in comparison to any Orlando original.  Predicting black hallways and strobe transition scares.

4. Walking Dead - Sadly I think this will look better than the rest because....

5. Holidays in Hell - I think this will end up being not much different than the metro sets maze/scarezone.  It will be fun, but have a big "I've seen this before" feel to it.  I'm also predicting black hallways and strobe transition scares, not just because it's Parisian Courtyard.

The rest - I think that Murdy will have run out of budget, and the black hallways and strobe transition scares will be abundant throughout.  Ghostbusters will be wasted as a property in Hollywood, but will go down in Orlando as a smash hit.


I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I predict 2019 will have more black hallways and strobe transition scares than ever, with the budget going to two houses.

You just can't do giant properties like Poltergeist, Ghostbusters, American Werewolf, Shining, Creepshow, and even Killer Klowns in a tent.  Stranger Things gets a Sound Stage for a reason, and it will look amazing.

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