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Delusion 2019

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On 8/22 a few Delusionals got an Email from Jon Braver, where he discussed the plans for 2019.

Delusion has always taken place in a real life mansion or in the case of Blue Blade, a commercial building.

Blue Blade marked a different chapter for Delusion, as it was not a horror based story.  


Jon wants to return to a horror-driven story but doing so requires a suitable venue.

Unable to lock down a venue for 2019, Jon revealed plans for this year will be a mini-Delusion.


This will be called "Alt Delete: A chapter from the Blue Blade saga".  The flyer indicates it is PG13, as was Blue Blade.  That rating doesn't mean it's a kid story; Blue Blade had the most complex storyline yet.  It's just that those of you who recall the first couple of rooms of His Crimson Queen will understand how non PG13 the event could be.


We don't know more than that at this time, other than it will be a very limited presentation, with very limited guests.


Tickets are now on sale here.


As this is a 20 minute show rather than the usual 60+ minute show, ticket prices are lower.  $38 per person, plus an outrageous Ovation ticket fee of about $4.50.

The venue is The Dragon & Meeple (a pub for geeks who play D&D), in LA, near the LA Coliseum.  

As this is a pub, they offer a "show and dinner" option for $73, which includes a dinner claimed to be a $35 value.

As with Blue Blade, age limit is 13 and older.  Delusion is usually 18 and older.  Again, don't let that fool you into thinking this is a kid show.  It is most definitely not.

Dress comfortably, as you may be doing all sorts of activities.  Blue Blade had you swing across water Tarzan-style holding onto a rope!


Here is the interesting thing: I looked at the calendar for the pub, and regularly scheduled events are still happening there.  So it doesn't look like Delusion is taking over the venue.  My guess is there is a large storage area or nearby vacant place that will host Delusion.  One thing is for certain - NEVER underestimate Jon Braver.  His team can make a small garage feel like a four story mansion.  I've been in every Delusion venue and they seem cavernous even if they are small.  I don't know how he does it.  Point is they don't need a huge place to tell a fantastic story.  The only thing to be concerned about the venue is the location - parking will be a nightmare, so you are warned many times during the ticketing process to arrange transportation.  Uber, etc.


There are 16 20-minute timeslots per night, from 5:40pm to 11:20pm, each accommodating up to 8 people.

The dates are Wednesdays through Sundays, from September 18 through December 15th (excluding Thanksgiving week).

That is a total of 60 evenings x 16 timeslots per evening x 8 people per timeslot = 7,680 tickets for the entire event, assuming it is not extended.


Tickets will go fast.  I am seeing slots filling quickly.

If you have never experienced Delusion, this is a great (and inexpensive) opportunity to get a sample before the next full show.







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Went to Alt-Delete.  Once by myself and once with my 16 year old daughter (I always attend two Delusion shows).

It is very short.  Very.  Essentially one room where all the action takes place.  Story is very much out of the Blue Blade storyline.

Two actors.  One is masked and makes a very brief appearance.  The entire show rests on the other one.

My daughter understood this plot but was completely lost in the Blue Blade.

It's always fun hanging back on the second run and watching the others in the group solve the puzzles.

In each group, we were the only ones that had experienced Delusion before.


If you know and love Delusion, you will enjoy this one.

If you heard good things about Delusion and always wanted to try it, this might turn you off to it, and that is very unfortunate.

I feel people would think this was just ok, but very short.  After my run through I stayed at the Dragon & Meeple for some excellent food (short rib poutine - nom, nom nom!) and heard group after group exit saying "that's it?".  People in our groups said the same thing.


I can appreciate Jon's desire to have at least something every year, but in my opinion, you either go all out or skip the year.   Delusion has skipped a year before.  It was sad, but we survived, and should able to survive another year off.


Without spoiling Alt-Delete, it takes place in the 80's (sure seems to be a lot of 80's theme stuff these days).

There is a stunt pulled off during the show, but here's the thing - someone in your group is the stuntman!  Coolest part of the show.

Feels more escape room than Delusion.  I mean, every Delusion has had some puzzles to solve; this just seems to have a few more because it's one room.


If you still plan to buy a ticket, I'd opt out of the dinner+show.  The food is great, don't get me wrong.  The portions are large enough to share and the food is really really good (I had the schnitzel on the second visit).  It's just that I don't see how one person could eat $35 in food, let alone two people.  I ordered from the menu each night and wouldn't get nearly to that point unless I had wine.  Order from the menu and save some $$.  The desserts are underwhelming, in my opinion.  If you are a party of two, maybe order ONE dinner add on?


Parking - if you are unlucky enough to go on a night when Staples and/or Colloseum have an event, good luck.  Your best bet is a tiny lot at the corner of W 38th and S Flower.  Just set that in Google maps and trust it.  It is a very out of the way lot but is a 2 min walk to Alt Delete.  Tell the person running the lot you are going to Alt Delete at the Dragon & Meeple and they should let you park for FREE.  Otherwise it will be upwards of $35.   On a night when nothing is happening at either venue, both W38th and Flower should have parking on the street.



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