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Haunts to consider if visiting LA in 2019

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For those planning a California trip just to do HHN Hollywood, here are some other haunts to consider if it works with your schedule


Listed in no particular order:


Knotts Scary Farm - Approx 30 miles SE of HHN

Full reveal Aug 29.  Many houses.  Great add on for HHN


Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest - Approx 30 miles NW of HHN

Appears to have several new houses for 2019.  Not a must see unless the theme park is a must see during your visit.


LA Haunted Hayride - Approx 7 miles E of HHN

Newly designed for 2019


Queen Mary Dark harbor - Approx 35 miles S of HHN

Haunt on board a famous luxury liner.  Something different to try.  Around 6 houses.


Reign of Terror Haunt - Approx 33 miles W of HHN

If you love HHN, you will love this.  One very long haunt (30+ min with around 6 themes)


Sinister Pointe Haunt - Approx 55 miles SE of HHN

This year's house will be called "The Mist".  Sinister Pointe puts on a hell of a house.


Delusion - Approx 10 miles SE of HHN

2019 has not been announced yet.  Tickets sell out instantly.  Best event in West Coast, hands down.


The Willows- Approx 10 miles SE of HHN

2019 has not been announced yet.  Tickets sell out instantly.  Fantastic immersive haunt


Creep- Approx 10 miles SE of HHN

2019 show was announced 8/14.  It is called Haus of Creep.  It will be a 60+ minute experience, based on a pop up art exhibit (presumably gone terribly wrong).


Alone- Undisclosed location

Very unique haunt.


17th Door - Approx 35 miles SE of HHN


It Experience: Chapter 2 - Approx 3 miles SE of HHN

A free 10-room immersive haunt, but tickets are gone.  Standby only


Zombie Joe's Urban Death - Approx 2 miles S of HHN

Mini-haunt and a creepy show


The House at Haunted Hill - Approx 6 miles SE of HHN

This is a home display, but the best you will ever see.  Effects that surpass Haunted Mansion.  Neil Patrick Harris appears in it.  AMAZING, must see.


The Basement - Approx 13 miles N of HHN

Horror based escape room.  Live actors.  Very scary experience.  More than one horror room available.


Murder Co - Approx 44 miles E of HHN

Horror/haunt escape room.  Live actors.  Very scary experience. 


Warner Brothers Festival of Frights - Approx 2 miles N of HHN- This event is skipping the 2019 season

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Thanks again Zombieman. My wife and I are seriously considering checking out the Haunted Hayride as it looks like it is open on Wednesdays. We start our So. Cal trip with Knott's Scary Farm on Thursday and Friday. We usually drive down from Las Vegas on Thursday morning every year to start our weekend Haunts, but I have to admit driving for 4+ hours takes a little wind out of my sails for our first night of the Haunt. Being able to take in something like this and get a decent amount fo rest before Knott's is extremely appealing. 

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Consider doing VIP for Hayride.  The lines can be horrific.  And eat before you go, because the stuff they sell there is not very good.  Parking can also be pretty bad.  They usually park you on dirt and the walk is long.  Use your GPS to set a waypoint at your car, as the parking lots spider web out from the event.

The hayride itself is the premier attraction.  I haven't been there in around 8 years, but the extra house (may have two this year) was so-so.

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Thank you again Zombieman, I'll post a review of this year's event and will be sure to take your advice good sir!

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