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Queen Mary Dark Harbor 2019

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  • Rogue [NEW for 2019 - theme is a rogue wave hitting the ship]
  • B340
  • Feast [New feature surrounding Door 13]
  • Lullaby [Redesigned for 2019]
  • Intrepid
  • Circus



New for 2019 - [New hidden bar]




Sep 26,27,28,29 (Thu-Sun)

Oct 3, 4, 5, 6      (Thu-Sun)

Oct 10,11,12,13 (Thu-Sun)

Oct 17,18,19,20 (Thu-Sun)

Oct 24,25,26,27 (Thu-Sun)

Oct 31,Nov 1,2  (Thu-Sat)


Tickets (prices include at least $6 of fees):

Happy Haunting Hour (Before 8PM only!?!?): From $26.  Supposedly they kick you out after 8 or make you but a full ticket.

Single Night Admission: From $40

Admission+Fast Fright: From $82 [Fast Fright is for "faster" maze entry]

Admission+Evil Express: From $102 [Evil Express is for the "most expedited maze entry"]

Ultimate Scream Experience: From $221 [Admission+Evil Express+Guided tour through mazes+RIP lounge access+2 drinks+Guaranteed access to one secret bar]


I don't understand that Happy Haunting ticket at all.  It is impossible to park, get through security, get your wristband, and get into the park at 7PM.  That gives you time to perhaps RUN to one maze (which might not open until 7:30).  For $26.


Speaking of parking: BE CAREFUL.  Parking for Dark Harbor has been a disaster for years.  Recall last year it made the news.  Back in the day I used to park on site, but I guess they don't allow that anymore.  Do your research if you are going.  Might be worth driving somewhere nearby and using Uber (if they let you).


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Applied for Knott's as Assistant Stage Manager. Got an interview after receiving a no. Then didn't get a single thing after the interview. Not even a no. Just nothing. Called, they didn't know. KOOL.

Applied to the same thing at Queen Mary and got Support Usher instead.


Think my scareacting days are over (just not feeling it this year at all, which is why I didn't apply).


But I'll be here. Supporting. I don't even know what my literal duties are yet.. Lol.

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