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Haunts in Hawaii?

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I am on vacation in Hawaii (island of Kauai) for three weeks.

Hawaii is having an Orlando-like heat wave.  Miserable, even for a beautiful place like this.


So while I'm hanging out in the A/C room, I thought I'd search to see what they do during October.

Also listing Escape rooms; they don't qualify as haunts, but there are a LOT of them.


Island of Oahu:

Haunted Plantation - This seems to be THE ONE to see if you are in HI

Scare Hawaii - looks like this one gets really bad reviews (i.e. "Just girls in jeans and T-shirts")

Skeleton Key Hawaii - they have an actual website!

Honolulu Ghost and Mystery Tours - Not really a haunt, but could be better than one

Dole Plantation Haunt - Okay, this one is OLD, and may not be happening anymore.  The Dole Plantation is an actual pineapple plantation you can visit year round.  They have the world's largest outdoor maze (like a cornfield maze) that takes about 40 minutes to solve.  I can attest to that time. They also have a train.  Back in the day (and maybe still today) they would turn both into a haunt experience in October.  I see no evidence of this happening since 2013.  the problem is almost every search ends up with the Haunted Plantation.

ESCAPE ROOM: Adventure VR Escape Room

ESCAPE ROOM: Hawaii Escape Challenge - A chain!  Another located on Maui

ESCAPE ROOM: Breakout Waikiki

ESCAPE ROOM: Solve the Room Hawaii Escape Room - A.K.A. "All the good names were taken already"

ESCAPE ROOM: Room with a Clue

ESCAPE ROOM: Scaventour - more like the Amazing Race than escape room

ESCAPE ROOM: Chambers Escape Hawaii - looks like another VR based escape room

OF INTEREST: Wet & Wild Hawaii, located a few miles from Disney's Aulani, is the ONLY waterpark in Hawaii. Hawaii has NO amusement parks.


Island of Maui:

Hyatt Regency Maui Spooky Haunted House - Yep, a haunted house at a resort...

Haunted Haiku Hike

ESCAPE ROOM: Hawaii Escape Challenge - A chain!  Another located on Oahu


Island of Kauai:

Kukui Grove Haunted House - Kukui Grove is "The big mall" on Kauai.  And it's a small mall.  

ESCAPE ROOM: Kauai Escape Room -  Curse of the Tiki Lounge is GREAT!  Honestly, don't miss it if you're there. One of my top 5 Escape Rooms.


Big Island of Hawaii:

Kona Haunted House - The Big island has two sides.  Kona on the west and Hilo on the east.  Not too much happens on either, as this is the most laid back of the islands.

ESCAPE ROOM: Escape Hilo


Islands of Lanai, Molokai, Niihau:

These sparsely populated islands have no haunts.  Head into the jungle at dusk with a flashlight that is nearly out of juice.  It will be the best haunt you ever had.  You will probably be eaten by insects before you return.


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