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A New York Nightmare I - The Animator

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- Eclipse Gardens Presents -

A New York Nightmare:

“Painting Your Demise”

Year One Lineup

Icon - The Animator


Mazes - 8


- ink! -


- Midnight Snack: Gateway Drug -


- Tomb Of The Cosmos -


- Esoterica: Hivemind -


- Sea Souls: Epsilon -


- Pandemonium -


- Uzumaki Mountain: Delirium Defined -


- Hallows Eve: Risen -


Scarezones - 5


- The Sketchbook


- Requiem For A Scream


- Full Moon Bayou -


- Excavation X - 


- Cemetery Of The Damned -


Shows - 1


- The Vault Of Horrors -


- Maze Descriptions -


* * *


ink! - Trident Animation Studio is starting to regret firing Ed Hawthorne. Enter the studio and fight for your life as Ed Hawthorne breathes new life into his art.


Facade -Trident Animation New York Headquarters


* * *


Pandemonium - Set in the 1990’s, a new renovation at in the NY Subway reveals a strange opening, releasing evil forces to wreak havoc on New York.


Facade - Family pizzeria , hellish overgrowth, people impaled on pikes, a car crashed into a lamp post.


* * *


Esoterica: Hivemind - A mansion burns on a cold September night, as ash flies the fire breathes new life into a dormant beast long forgotten.


Facade - Victorian mansion, flames seen billowing from second floor windows as ash fly through the air. *Soundstage*


* * *


Tomb Of The Cosmos - A failed tomb robbery, lights and sounds from beyond, and creatures cloaked in the dark desert night. Something horrible is happening in Cairo.


Facade - A pyramid on its side buried in the sand, a makeshift entrance blown up in the middle.


* * *


Uzumaki Mountain: Delirium Defined - They say never to travel up that mountain, that only the deranged live upon those hills. Make the trek and discover true horror.


Facade - A Large misshapen Cathedral lying on the edge of a cliff.


* * *


Sea Souls: Epsilon - The murky history of EPSILON Vacation Club comes flooding back to them as portholes into strange worlds begin opening up in their facility.


Facade - EPSILON Vacation Club, a cyberpunk-styled New York facade. Vines grow on the building as if it’s abandoned.


* * *


Hallows Eve: Risen - The people of Oak Valley take Halloween a bit more seriously than most, it just so happens tonight is Hallows Eve. The Witching Hour is upon us.

Facade - A country bar, motorcycles in front.


* * *


Midnight Snack: Gateway Drug - After taking a strange new drug you go to Don’s for a midnight snack where you discover a portal to weird and horrifying worlds. Can you survive the multiverse?


Facade - Don’s Convenience Store


* * *


~ This Topic will be updated weekly with full maze treatments, stay tuned! ~


- Midnight Snack: Gateway Drug -
Treatment Script:




Synopsis: After taking a strange new drug you go to Don’s for a midnight snack you where discover a portal to strange and horrifying worlds. Will you survive the multiverse?


Facade: An average looking Convenience Store, an advertisement for a new medicinal drug plays on the sprung tent wall.

Room 1: You enter a convenience store, the shelves are packed and the clerk is friendly. A CCTV monitor in the corner plays a loop of “you” walking around. The shelves are placed in a way so they lead you to the freezers. The freezer door is wide open and inside is an icy portal.

Room 2: You step out of another freezer into a Malt Shop. The rooms are covered in thick strings of ice cream that pulsate. Two customers lay on the floor, their faces covered in a breathing wad of ice cream. A clerk hides behind the counter, scareactor wears an ice cream mask.

Room 2½: You step into the back room, where a huge moving piece of ice cream is coming out of a large vat. Multiple scareactors, ice cream workers.

Room 3: You step through a broken piece of wall into a summer camp bunk cabin. It’s covered in brightly colored, blacklight tags. A trail of blood leading outside. A scareactor waits on one of the bunks. 

Room 3½: You step outside to a large “outdoor” area. You first step past a campfire where a human is being roasted. Clowns hide behind the trees. You walk over an artificial lake into a small cafeteria.

Room 4: You walk past a clown dressed as a lunch lady, handing out human remains. The tables are pushed to the corner because a clown-decorated school bus is crashed through the side of the room. You walk inside it, passing many clowns-some real, some fake.

Room 5: You exit the bus doors into a Pet Shop, the place is a disaster. Cages are battered, glass is shattered. In front of the door are two rabid dogs feeding on bodies. A giant rabbit puppet in one of the cages to the back of the room. The exit is an ashy, burnt wall. 

Room 6: You step out of a fireplace and into a suburban living room. The window is shattered and wind blows the curtains. A scareactor with a gnome on his head. You step out into the hallway.
Room 7: You walk through a small suburban hall, door panel scare.

Room 8: You enter a child’s bedroom, vintage toys strewn about. Gnomes cover him on his bed. A giant gnome scareactor bursts through the window. The exit is surrounded in toys.

Room 9: You’re on the working floor of Killjoy Toys. Conveyer belt to one side, a long table to your left. Catwalk above you, scareactor. Scareactor in conveyer belt disguised as corpse. You step into the foreman’s office, he’s been turned into a giant teddy bear. Exit is surrounded in trophies and hay.

Room 10: You exit through lockers into a 1960’s High School corridor. Hay covers the tiled floor, a bloody path left by a pitchfork. Prom queen with hay stuffed in her head is pinned to the wall by a pitchfork. A scareactor in the locker. Body parts inside the trophy case. 

Room 11: You step inside a classroom, the teacher is now a scarecrow holding a sharpened ruler. You are chased around the maze of desks by a scarecrow with a chainsaw. An icy hole in the wall leads back through the freezer. 

Room 12: You exit back into the convenience store, the neon is flickering. Blood is everywhere. Final scare is clerk with a bullet wound in his head. The CCTV plays a loop of “you” shooting him.


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I'm very impressed with your ideas! Is there a chance you could provide further info on the backgrounds on the mazes and scarezones? As well as to provide any other ideas you have in mind? I would like to expand on these ideas by writing the scripts for them...  

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