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I saw a youtube video saying that they might be removing the soundstages holding paranormal and trick r treat  area for a coaster or some type of ride. 
 Does anyone think this real?  
 I would like to experience paranormal inc before it might be over for good.

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Not sure how they could utilize that space for a ride, as it's really truly backstage.  They'd have to tear down quite a bit.  There are four houses back there, with Paranormal and TrT being in the middle of the set.  Seems to me getting rid of the Employment center would yield larger space that is much closer to front of house.


In any event, YES get out and see paranormal before it goes away.  However, the way Cedar Fair works these days, it could be transplanted to a different park.

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Following this thread as I'm going to try and go to Knotts Scary Farm this year for the first time!

Any tips and pointers?

I've been crawling the 2018 thread as well. Looking forward to discussions with you all! :)

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I've got extensive recommendations for first timers in the forums.


Here is the Cliff's Notes version:

  • Follow MiceChat and HorrorBuzz.  They each do a Haunt event (HorrorBuzz does a lot of events).  They are a GREAT way to see the event, as they include dinner, Fright Lane passes, a walk through a maze or two with lights on (last year they did Pumpkin Eater), and a panel by the haunt designers.  It is THE BEST way to see Haunt.  Cost is around $130.  They usually do a Fri or Sat late Sep and and announce any time now.  It's a better deal than you will get with Knotts directly, and you are under no pressure to stick with the group.  
  • Do a VIP pass.  Sometimes called a Skeleton Key pass.  It includes admission and a Fright Lane pass, which is like a Fastpass.
  • Fright Lane is sold in two forms: Houses only and Houses + Rides.  It has always been unlimited entries.  That of course could change.
  • Using a VIP pass (Fright Lane) means it doesn't matter what day you go.  The house lines will fluctuate wildly.  Fright Lane is usually a walkon.  Could be 15 min peak wait.  In such a case, find a walk on.    On a packed night, Fright Lane could be a 15 min wait at all times.  LOTS of people buy Fright Lane nowadays.  Not a necessity, but unlikely to do everything without it.  Can always buy it in the park.
  • There is a clump of houses to the left, past Ghost Town.  These get immediately slammed when Haunt opens.  Toward the end of the evening, they will empty out.  Best path is to go toward the right when you enter, and take the event counter clockwise.  After around 10PM, everything will thin out.
  • With VIP pass you won't be rushed at all.  You should be able to see all shows and all houses one or two times each.
  • If you plan to stay at a hotel, Knotts hotel is highly recommended.  Walking distance.  Plus, many hotels in the area are crappy.  If you stay at Knott's hotel, make sure you check in there and park there BEFORE walking to Knotts.  In other words, don't pay to park at Knotts or you will double pay to park at hotel.  
  • Pre Scare buffet at Knotts is quite good, as are buffets at the Hotel.


HorrorBuzz typically also does these events:

  • Queen Mary Dark Harbor
  • Delusion
  • Something in Northern CA (i.e. Winchester House)

They don't usually do Horror Nights (Universal isn't really too friendly with tour groups for some reason)

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