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Halloween Horror Nights 29 Speculation

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6 hours ago, itsabee said:

Also, I think it’s important to consider the toll that gun violence and internal terrorism has had on the United States and the world at large in the last decade, just as we did with 9/11; from dozens of school shootings to the Ariana Grande bombing to the horrific events of Pulse only eight miles away from Universal, it’s sort of difficult to tackle gore in a way that doesn’t drive people away.

Your post is really good.  What a few of us want the event to be vs what works for the masses is not always the same thing.  I do hope the highlighted statement is not influencing creative at HHN.  We go to USF for HHN to escape the news and the influence of (politics, media, whatever you want to call it) and enjoy focus on the two of us and I want at least a couple of the houses to keep the extreme levels of gruesomeness.  

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