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Visited Fri Sep 21 - I think it was opening night.

I was on my annual HHN Orlando trip and decided to hit Howl O Scream one night.  Saw this on the web and visited along the way.  Screamageddon is a bit remote, but was about 15 min from HOS.  I purchased the VIP option, but turns out I didn't need it for that night.  Howl O Scream was also quite empty.


Screamageddon has 5 mazes and Zombie Paintball (which I did not do)


The layout is a central midway with the 5 mazes circling it.  There are MANY wandering monsters throughout the midway, and they all do an excellent job.  The costumes and makeup for these is top notch.  You won't be finding many silly masks at Screamageddon.


Two of the mazes have an "extreme" option.  It is free, and if you choose to accept it, you are given a glow necklace to wear.  Wearing the glow necklace means you can be touched, grabbed, and physically moved from place to place.  I don't know what more they are allowed to do to you, but that was my experience.


It's been a couple of weeks, so I will try to recall the houses without spoilers.  Since the crowd was light, I was able to do all of these by myself.  


This applies to all of the houses - they are long.  About 50% longer than HHN or HOS houses.  HOS houses used to be much longer, but not anymore.

One more thing before I get to the houses....  The scares here are so very much like HOS.  I have a feeling most of these actors used to work for HOS.

The actors here are people of every age.  And their spiel is almost the same for every house.  They scream at you.  In your face and in your ear.

"What are you doin' here?"

"Why are you in my house?"

"Git outta here!"

"Wait till my pa gets back!"

"My brother's gonna keeeel you!"

Look, I'm not knocking this.  It's just that there should be some variability.  These lines don't make sense for a prison house or a clown house, for God's sake.  Likewise, HOS doesn't seem to have changed in 6 years, as there are still people that jump out and scream in your ear.  Scares should be better suited to the theme of the house. 


Rage 3D (new clown house for 2018) - As far as 3D houses go, this was not bad.  I was impressed by the house overall, as I am not a big fan of 3D.  There were a few spots where I was actually saying "Wow!" out loud.  


Infected ("Extreme" option) - This is a zombie outbreak house.  It seemed to be staffed fully by female actors.  As such, there was ZERO extreme shenanigans. No touching, shoving, etc.  It's as if I was not wearing the necklace at all.  I have no idea what was supposed to be happening on the extreme side.  Glad that was not an upcharge...  The house itself was divided into three sections: The medical camp, the house attack, and the escape through the camp ruins.  Of these, there was a STUNNING moment as you exit the medical camp which is essentially a bunch of army tents.  You go through the last tent flap and find yourself in an open field in front of a house.  And everything is still for a moment - until all the zombies notice you and come toward you from everywhere.  This was an OMG moment for me.  It was straight out of an excellent zombie movie.  The house seems too far away to make it.  The area is too open.  You are surrounded.   VERY COOL.  I'm not sure this is what everyone would experience, especially on a crowded night.  But this was a rare case of the planets aligning and I happened to get a perfect experience.  Outside of that one thing, the house was average.


Demon's Revenge - Kind of a cursed church theme.  Expect to see some impressive animatronics.  Solid scares.  Sets are fairly the same throughout.  


Blackpool Prison ("Extreme" option) - this met the Extreme expectation.  They rough house people.  I saw elderly ladies being pushed around.  You will definitely be split from your group.  The prison theme is pervasive and very well done.  This is probably the best house they have.


Dead Woods - This is a VERY big attraction.  VERY long.  It's more of a haunted trail with single room houses along the way.  You are given a glowstick as your only light source.  And aside from some dim lights that create a trail, it's pitch black.  I think this replaces a hayride from past years.  Expect every single house to be full of backwoods folks.



Overall impression:

Because I had zero lines, I was in and out of the event in 45 minutes.  That's about 7 minutes per house, or just over 30 minutes of actual house time.  That's on par with HHN in overall house scare time.  I think this is a fun event and you should go IF you are also going to HOS.  While there are no scarezones, the roaming monsters are very fun.  Judge if you need a VIP pass when you get there.  If you were visiting Orlando primarily for HHN and were looking for a second haunt to do, I wouldn't say this is worth a 60 mile drive.  HOS is not worth the drive this year either.  However, the Blackpool Prison Extreme option may be something you would like to try.  Its is absolutely more extreme than the "Extreme" house at HOS.


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Nice review.  We did the media event last night!  Great event overall, we'll have a full review up soon!

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Lovely review. I've been meaning to check it out for a couple years now, and this past season my boss' daughter kept trying to get me to go with her, but since I just buy HHN's ffp every year, I mostly just do that. Next year, I'll definitely make a point of visiting, especially since Dade City is more-or-less on my way to Orlando anyway. 

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