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Fright Dome (Las Vegas) not returning for 2018

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Started in 2003, Fright Dome was a haunt that took place in the Adventuredome indoor park at Circus Circus in Vegas.

It had grown to be a pretty large event, with 6 houses per year, some well known IP (Saw, TCM, Halloween, and even Five Nights at Freddys) as well as a collaboration with George Romero on a zombie house.

The houses were usually quite long, but it was the addition of a guide that set these apart from other haunts.

There were usually no conga lines.  People were put into groups, each group having a guide.  The guide was there to make sure groups stayed together and to oversee each room.

You were led into a large room by the guide and told where to stand. Then something would happen.  Usually a choreographed sequence of animatronics and sounds, culminating in scareactors popping out of several spots.  Then off to the next room, with monsters chasing the group along the way.  This notion of a guide was cool...at first.  By the end of the evening, it grew weary.  And it never changed.  Ever.  No matter the theme, you had guides.  

It was a really fun event to attend maybe once every six years.


No word if it will return for 2019.  This announcement was quite a surprise, as the website seemed to be live till a few days ago.  Now it just asks you to be put on a mailing list.

Here is an article from the Las Vegas Review Journal.  All news is treating this as "not happening in 2018" rather than shutting down for good.


However, Jason Egan (the creator of the event) opened "The official Saw Escape Experience" a couple of months ago.  Perhaps he is setting his sights on new things and will revisit Fright Dome?

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