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HHN 2018: Universal Monsters: Music by Slash

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4 minutes ago, WESKER69 said:

Designated thread for this announcement. I'll edit this once the video/logo go "live" when I get the chance. Heading up to the park for a brief visit.





Has it been announced somewhere outside the website?

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Was there a need to quote that? No. And yea, its called it was technically announced when the website was updated, just look at the screenshot in the spec thread. Murdy confirmed the official announcement is today so he can discuss it at the ScareLA panel on sunday.

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Info from ScareLA. (major spoilers)




movies will include





The Mummy

The Invisible Man

Bride of Frankenstein

Son of Frankenstein


house will start in graveyard inspired by highgate cementary
grafitti will be laid out in the gravestones
Frankenstein is the first movie you're see.
After you go through the Cemetary you go inside a crypt like Bride of Frankenstein. There will living statues inside. You going inside Maria's crypt [flower girl who was drowned] and Frankenstein goes inside there looking for her. The Wolfman will be there too.
After you exit the crypt you enter Castle Frankenstein going to Hell like Bride of Frankenstein and it will be on fire with smoke coming out. The villagers will be scare actors outside.
You will see Frankenstein for most of the attraction.
The Villagers will try to burn down the Film Vault inside the UCM maze and Frankenstein will come out of a projection of the Frankenstein trailer. 
invisible man room will be similar to the pumpkin room in halloween 2.
the Phantom's Lair with Organ Music Playing will be there.
After that you will enter the Blood Feast with Dracula and his Brides. The concept art for the Scene.
there will be a Collection Room and will have projections of Spiders and Reinfield will be there.
you then enter the Lab. Frankenstein's Assistant [think it's ygor] will scare.
Dr. Frankenstein will be there and he is trying to reassemble the Bride. will be like the body effect in ahs 2016
There's 19 different tracks to Universal Monsters. Each room will be a different score. so 19 rooms.


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Here is a link to the entire ScareLA presentation, along with link from a different vantage point.  Slash was in fact one of the guest stars.  They played quite a bit of the music you will hear near the end of the video.  Unfortunately, ScareLA was completely different this year.  Very small and only in one big room.  So no dedicated presentation room for HHN.  Instead it was out in the open, next to an eating area, with all the noise from the booths spilling in.  And to make matters worse, the only projection screen was far offset from the stage.  No doubt about it - Midsummer Scream has become THE event to go to; ScareLA is stumbling.


Gotta say, this is easily the most intriguing house of the lineup for me.  They are treating each of the monsters in an original way, so I'd count this as an original.  Orlando did their original take on Frankenstein and Dracula years ago and those were great, so I see no reason why this would not - except for the fact that it is in Parisian Courtyard which necessitates long black hallways.  Please o please let them not just resort to drop panel/strobe scares.


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One thing kinda confuses me, so when guests enter through the main entrance, that being Frankenstein’s lair. 

Do they immediately enter through the film vault portion? Or is that in the gauntlet section of the beginning of the maze? 


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